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Big Brother 19 | Re-Cap | www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Look, I’m gonna have to move this post in a different direction (hopefully just this particular post, not future ones) and let me offer some sort of explanation. This show is stressing me the fuck out and truth. . .I haven’t even watched Thursday’s episode, but no worries, I do know the ins and outs. It appears that I was an eager whore, I went from having my cherry popped straight to getting double penetrated. And as any good girl will tell you, you gotta save anal for a bit later. And by anal, I am of course referring to Big Brother After Dark and those goddamn live feeds. If I could do it all over again, I would just go straight vanilla, straight missionary and stick to the shit that CBS airs. Because of my whorish ways, this post may be filled with spoilers. And when I say spoilers, I mean things that CBS has yet to air. . .consider yourself warned.

Let’s talk about what we already know. Prior to the live eviction that sent Dominique home, America gifted Jessica with the Halting Hex Temptation, which gives her the power to halt any eviction over four weeks (from the time she received it), but she is only allowed to use the temptation one time. She made the choice to not use it during week one, even though she was on the block. But that decision worked out well for her, because the votes that night went 10-0, in favor to send home Dominique. Luck was still on her side when her boo won his way back into the house. She probably should’ve tried to sneak out and buy a lottery ticket, because with her ride and die by her side, she not only captured the HOH, but she also took the Power of Veto. When it was all said and done, Josh and Ramses remained on the block and even though Jessica’s intention was to send Josh packing, she opted to not use the POV, her Halting Hex also stayed unactivated for the second straight week, which means that she only has two more weeks to unleash that power. Anyone watching BBAD or the live feeds knows that Paul was busy orchestrating behind the scenes making sure that Josh stayed planted and Ramses was the one to walk out the door, while continuing to allow Jessica to believe that the pain in the ass that is Josh, would be heading back to Miami. In case you’re not keeping score, side A in the house includes: Jessica, Cody, Mark, and Elena. While side B represents: Paul, Alex, Jason, Josh, Christmas, Matt, Raven, Kevin. So to say that the scale is unbalanced would be an understatement.

To date, we have seen. . .Cameron, Megan, Jillian, Cody, and Dominique all leave the house, Megan leaving on her own accord and Cody earning his way back into the house.

This brings us to the next eviction. . .Josh vs. Ramses. Jessica has her reasons for wanting Josh out of the house, the main one being. . .he’s an asshole, plain and simple. But Paul has his reasons as well, the main one being. . .Josh sucks cock better than a pornstar, in particular Paul’s cock, hence the “Save Josh campaign”. Mark and Elena have been left out of the loop and when the it came time to vote, Ramses was sent home. Now, this triggers something, especially since Jessica was pretty convinced that most, if not all of the house, would be voting her way. . .so imagine the blindside. In a move that I’m not too sure of, Jessica reveals after the live vote, that she does possess the last temptation and something about being safe for a few weeks. Because of this admission, the whole house has turned into fucking Sherlock Holmes and they are doing their damnedest to figure out whether or not she is telling the truth. Paul and his minions do believe that she has some sort of safety, they just don’t think that Big Brother would give her the power to save more than one person. Apparently, Paul’s Pendant of Protection was the strongest and since his dick is the biggest in all of the land, no one would be granted more power than that. Well Paul, let me show you power. . .Pussy Power.

Paul wins the next HOH.

As of Friday night (7/28) the house is in utter chaos and that’s me putting it nicely. The live feeds were down for a chunk of the day (I believe it was because of the nominations) and when I finally got tuned back in, it was like a daycare gone horrible wrong. Here’s what I know (SPOILERS!!). . .In an effort to flush out the temptation, Paul has put Jessica and Cody up for eviction. I should probably stop here and share the following. When Thursday’s episode was coming to an end, we learn that there will be some sort of Temptation challenge. Now, it appears that this is the consequence that is coming because of Jessica accepting the Halting Hex, I don’t think it is, but since I didn’t tune in, I don’t really know. But this challenge was entirely voluntary, with the the person finishing first earning safety for a week and the person finishing last going up on the block, making the total number, three. From what I can tell (and from what I have read), Mark finished first and Jason finished last. Back to the nominations. Post nomination ceremony, Jessica and Cody are pissed. Why? Considering that they still have a plan B, I have no idea, but Paul asks to speak to Jessica in the HOH room. And while Cody was going to just stay his ass in the kitchen, Jessica and/or Paul, thought it was important to include him as well. When they arrive in the room, Jessica proceeds to tell Paul that he just wasted his HOH. And she’s right. If Jessica decides to use the Hex, the eviction stops there and Paul’s HOH was for naught, because he can’t compete again and his arch nemesis is still in the house. Which would make the second time his HOH has been wasted. He may have gotten Cody out during his first run as HDIC, but Cody is back, so he is technically still without a HOH win under his belt. Paul is trying to get out of Jessica the details of her Hex, but she isn’t biting. And up to this point, whenever the minions have discussed this Hex with Paul, he has continued to tell them that Jessica doesn’t have to give details, but she cannot lie about it, which is why they are just not biting with the bait she is throwing. Okay, back to the HOH room. The conversation quickly escalates, with some “Fuck you Paul” and “Fuck you Cody” being thrown around, Cody tells Paul that he thinks he is the king when it comes to playing the game and he treats his minions like dogs, which eventually leads to Paul telling Cody to get out of his room. Paul denies being all-knowing, although he does take a moment to remind Cody that he has been in the house for 130 some odd days and it should be pointed out that after Jessica placed Josh and Ramses up for eviction, she asked Paul if he has her back and he tells her that she really doesn’t need to worry about that until the POV has been won. In fact, anytime Paul is dishing out game advice, it is done so with an “I played last year, so I know” attitude, so I don’t think Cody is stretching it too much when he calls Paul out. In dramatic fashion, once Cody reaches the door, Paul calls him an “emotional pussy”, that leads to some more back and forth, with Cody eventually walking out of the. LET’S PAUSE RIGHT HERE: Can we please stop with the “pussy” insults? Pussies are pretty fucking fantastic and I think the last adjective one could use to describe one is weak. Tough, beautiful, resilient, appetizing. . .all better than weak. It’s clear that pussies don’t line up with Paul too often or he would know these things. If you barely graze a dick, it either gets hard or tries to climb back into itself. . . now that’s emotional. This whole debacle has Paul telling the entirety of the house that Cody exploded and got into his face. . .blah, blah, blah, when in reality they were both assholes who were looking to have a cock off and since I’ve already seen the outline of Cody’s, I’ll go out on a limb and assume that Paul is packing much less. Check mate motherfucker.

Here is where things start to take an embarrassing turn. Josh has decided to go full on 12 year old boy and walk around the house banging skillets together. In doing so, he gets all up in Mark’s face, which triggers Mark. Now, no punches were thrown, but it did send tensions in the house sky high. Apparently something maybe went down with Cody. I have no idea if it was the man-off in Paul’s room or if something went down between Cody and Josh as well. For the record, I was able to find the footage of Cody vs. Paul and Mark vs. Josh, but unable to find anything Cody vs. Josh. The only reason I even suspect something went down is because when I tuned in, Cody was behind a closed door and Josh was screaming in that direction, just insult after insult towards Cody. So, I don’t know if it was in defense of Paul or if it had something to do with Josh. Also during this time, Jessica seems pissed and is gathering her things for a shower and Paul lets her know that she can use his. When Paul gets into the room, Matt, Raven, Mark, and Elena are in the room and he just starts in about Cody. About how he has a small dick complex (see notes from above) and how is was currently crying in whatever room he was in and he insinuated that he was legit shedding tears. We eventually see Christmas and Jessica lying in bed, while Christmas is offering some comfort. Jessica’s concern is Cody’s temper and Christmas is trying to assure her that she is better without him. So, at this point, everyone believes that Jessica is gonna dump Cody and at the same time, it’s looking like Elena may lose Mark.

I wanna take the time here and say that if I were the one who brought Josh into this world, I would first kick my own ass for not swallowing him instead, but second, I would be on the first plane to LA, knocking on the Big Brother door and evicting his ass myself. He did get called into the DR and was told that he could not instigate a fight, which is what he was trying to do with Mark. And unfortunately, I will not be able to buy into the excuse of being in the house made him do it. What you’re seeing is what you get with that man child motherfucker and I think this is a perfect time to flashback to the first episodes of this season. While I don’t think Megan should’ve quit, she only did so when Josh attacked her and continued to attack her. Here is what she says about her early departure:

“When I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, I was sexually assaulted and I got really bad PTSD from it,” said Lowder who served in the Navy.

“So in the house… I had a lot of guys yelling at me and attacking me and it started really affecting me and making my anxiety severe and I was starting to get physically ill. I was throwing up, I had diarrhea, I was nauseous all the time.”

What I find interesting is no one taking into consideration that not only are individuals in the house encouraging the constant antagonizing of an individual who has killed people, but who are also allowing some childish shit, like banging skillets together, PTSD is a real thing and Cody is a war veteran. Do we now think Josh is a fun guy? And he claims that his dick has been encased in 35 pussies. . .I call bullshit.

Eventually we see Elena talking with Cody in the Have Not Room and Cody telling her that he’s gonna tell Jessica to save the Hex and just let him get evicted because he is just holding her back in the game. He also goes as far as to say that he thinks her (Elena) and Jessica would go much further without him or Mark. I’m supposing somewhere during the night, Jessica asked Cody if he was this hot headed outside the game, because he tells Elena that who he is in the house, is who he is outside the house. LET’S PAUSE AGAIN: This is why I’m wondering if something else went down other than the confrontation between Cody and Paul, because while I think that the whole ordeal was a bit ridiculous, I don’t think that Jessica should be alarmed by the behavior AND if something did go down between Cody and Josh, I’m assuming it had something to do with the banging of skillets. I am pretty non-violent person, but if some motherfucker gets into my face banging skillets together, they’re gonna need to get comfortable cooking eggs from their asshole since that’s where that skillet would be. So, while I know it doesn’t help, I really don’t know if anything further happened. But, we do get to witness Jessica give Cody a verbal smackdown and Cody laid there and took it. This was the point in which I thought that #teamjody was done. But, later a much more calm discussion did take place and that one ended with Cody lying down with Jessica while she fell asleep. So, maybe there is life left yet for the love birds.

IN MY OPINION: The final three in the HOH competition was Paul, Matt, and Raven. We know that Paul wins HOH and we now know that Matt and Raven threw it so he could win. We know this because when Paul says it, they agree. I find it ironic that Paul not only claims Jessica made an emotional nomination when she put Josh up, but also when he called Cody an “emotional pussy”, because in my eyes it seems that Paul is the one making the emotional moves. At this point in the game, there is not one person in that house that Cody could beat and I’m including Mark. So, I understand trying to flush out the Hex, but that’s not really what’s happening here. Paul put up Cody just because Paul doesn’t like him, because anyone really wanting $500k, would recognize Cody’s value in the house. And if you are really wanting to stick it to Jessica, force her to waste the Hex. If Paul would’ve put Elena and anyone from his side up, the power of the Hex has yet to expire, so I don’t think Jessica would’ve used it on Elena, Elena would be out so that’s one less on the other side, and Jessica would only have one more week to use the temptation. And even though there’s the possibility of Cody, Jessica, or Mark to win a HOH, I think it would be a Matt vs. Raven eviction, because even they know that the other side will not send Paul home.

Maybe this isn’t the right place, but we gotta discuss Cody for a hot second. I wasn’t a fan initially. While I can recognize beautiful people, I do think it’s not the wisest to place someone’s worth in their looks and that’s what Cody did. And while I laid a ton of blame on Josh where Megan is concerned, Cody does own some of that BUT in defense of both Cody and Josh (and I vomit a bit in my mouth having to defend him), Megan made it clear from the beginning that she was not going to reveal her military resume, she was more comfortable with everyone in the house believing her to only be a dog walker. So in regards to her PTSD, which I feel for her having to go through that, maybe a bit more truth regarding who she really was would’ve helped. Maybe not, since they all know that Cody is a Marine and still have no fucks to give, but it was the beginning of the game, so I guess we’ll never know. To my second point. When Cody was a guest on Dominique’s talk show, he was asked about Megan and why it was he didn’t like her. One: she came into the kitchen one night, when everyone was being somewhat rowdy and asked them to hold it down because she was trying to sleep. Legit complaint? Maybe, but more so if you’re at your own house and this was going down. You’re not even a week into a social experiment and everyone is trying to get to know one another, expect noise. But the other reason Cody had an issue with Megan was because she made a comment about how she doesn’t like Marines. Pretty good reason, right? But here’s what I think. If Megan would’ve exposed her military background from the time introductions were made, then she maybe would’ve bonded with Cody and things could’ve played out differently. I recognize that Cody told her he didn’t like her and I can also recognize that Cody was an asshole when he said it, but the line between being an asshole and a bully may be thin, but there is a line. I don’t think it was Cody who crossed it. CBS and Big Brother should’ve done a much better job at vetting these contestants, because I’m thinking that this social experiment is really a good idea for someone who was sexually assaulted. I guess what I should say is someone who suffers from PTSD because of a sexual assault. Because from the outside looking in, she was no where ready.

Last night (Saturday 7/29), I was busy all day but briefly turned on the live feeds and I mean five minutes brief, because I could not believe what I was witnessing. Here is what I caught. Cody and Jessica were in the bathroom and Cody was headed to the Have Not Room. I thought he maybe had some lotion or something on his hands because he could not get the door open. So much so, that he repeatedly wiped his hand on the bed next to the door. Eventually he succeeds and once he enters the room, he wipes his hand on a towel. When Jessica walks into the room, she makes a loud jokingly comment about how someone is gonna be mad because of no lube. Cody began to say something about how he had a hard time opening the door as well. The camera then goes to Paul, Matt, and Raven (not sure what room they were in) but Paul is telling Matt and Raven about how Cody was struggling to open the door. What I could deduce, someone put Vaseline on the handle. I know it was Vaseline, because that was the actual product named. Paul then said something about how Cody could use it to go fuck himself and again brings up Cody’s small dick. This has Matt and Raven laughing as if they are at a personal Chris Rock show. I mean this bitch had a toothbrush in her mouth, rolling around on the floor. Now, I’m a funny motherfucker, I surround myself with funny motherfuckers, NOT ONCE has anyone in my life or anyone that I have seen live or on t.v., said something so funny, that I find the need to fall to my back. If I’m on my back, I better either be asleep, watching t.v. or someone better be getting ready to fill me up. So, calm the fuck down Raven, you look like an idiot and more on that bitch later. LET’S PAUSE HERE: When Jessica and Cody were having the make-up talk, Jessica was very concerned about Cody’s daughter watching all of that play out. And that is where I would like to focus, Cody’s daughter. We can argue day and night about whether or not she should be allowed to tune in, either to the show or the live feeds, but the reality. . .this is her only opportunity to see her dad, so chances are, she is watching. And just in case you’re wondering, a couple weeks ago, Alex mentioned that the only family that Cody really has are his sisters and she didn’t even think that they even knew he was on Big Brother. The only reason I mention it is because it could appear that there are reasons why Cody is who he is. But anywho, EVERY person in that house knows that Cody has a daughter. Are we all okay with someone talking about how her dad can go fuck himself or how small her dad’s dick is or what a pussy her dad is? That’s okay with the likes of Jason and Kevin, both of whom have children? Playing the game is one thing, being a bully is a whole other matter. And we debate on whether or not Cody is/was a bully. Should he have verbally smacked Paul around? Probably not, but neither Paul’s dick or pussy got drug into it. Also, Cody isn’t walking around the house banging kitchenware, trying to start a fight. Cody isn’t channeling his inner eight year old and putting Vaseline on door handles. Now, if it would’ve been a teammate on teammate prank, that’s one thing, but to prank someone you hate, is bullying. Paul continues to plague Cody with a small man complex, I personally think he is projecting. You’re not playing a game, you’re being an asshole.

I’ve brought it up before and I’m sure it’ll get brought up again, but for anyone (Alex and Paul) to not only doubt someone’s service to our country but also question their war status is deplorable, not to mention a horrible way to play a social game. Cody may be an asshole, Cody could even be a bully, but Cody did serve his country and for that he deserves his honor.

IN MY OPINION: While I may think that this is as close to reality as we can get, CBS is dictating the shit out of this show. Hear me out BXTCHES. When Cody was first evicted and the Battle Back was announced, I said then, that the powers at hand want Cody back in the house and they were gonna gear that challenge to favor him. What happened? The competition was all about hand/eye coordination. Did we really think that a sniper wasn’t gonna be victorious? The only thing that would’ve made him moving back in better would be if  Jessica received the temptation or the only thing that would make Jessica receiving the temptation better would be if Cody moved back in, but surely you get the gist. If you would’ve checked out Twitter or any of the fan boards during this time, Jessica and Cody were enemy #1, why in the world would the fans of this show gift her with that sort of temptation? Then there was the next HOH comp, the first one with Cody back. It wasn’t one that required athleticism, it didn’t require muscle, it only required endurance and no fun would’ve been had if Cody was evicted a week after moving back in. If you watched it, she didn’t move for two plus hours. Is it too far fetched to think that her red disc was rigged to not move?

We gotta start the convo regarding Matt and Raven, more specifically. . .Raven. First, in case you weren’t aware, Matt and Raven now know one another in the biblical sense. That was confirmed when Jessica heard the skin slapping. It was further confirmed during the live feeds when Raven did the ole’ reach around and took hold of Matt’s dick. But on to more important things. I should probably full disclose here that I’m not ever in the business of disease shaming and I actually have no idea whether or not Raven is actually plagued with Gastroparesis. What I do know is that it is no where near the terminal illness that she makes it out to be. First, she has openly talked about how the fatality of this disease, so much so, that at the tender age of fourteen, she had a will drawn up. She has also discussed how expensive care is and how much that care has put a financial strain on her family. Now, here is where I encourage you to head on over to her Instagram page and take a look. . .right here. . .trust a BXTCH, this is not a family who is struggling financially. That’s not to even mention the fact that she is the owner of two dance studios. You don’t open a second one if the first one is failing. From what I can tell, insurance companies will most likely cover the cost of the pacemaker, assuming that they deem it medically necessary. At one point during live feeds, Raven was discussing how her pacemaker is at a nine and it only goes to fifteen and she made it seem that after fifteen comes death. The only things I could find regarding the battery life on a gastric pacemaker is it lasts 5-10 years, depending on the rate of stimulation. The higher the rate, the quicker the battery dies. When the battery dies, you don’t. An appointment is made with your doctor and you get it replaced. I looked for any indication that one would eventually have to stop with the pacemaker because of the battery and could find nothing. The pacemaker is certainly no cure for the disease, it just helps with the nausea and vomiting that comes with it. She has also mentioned that her mother has been cursed with this epidemic and her mother is on video talking about how her brother is also inflicted. Wanna know a secret?. . .It’s not hereditary. Now, you can inherit one of the underlying diseases that may bring on Gastroparesis, but the disease itself, is not. From what I have read, there is a medicinal regimen that could be prescribed and a diet that one should follow. But as anyone who has tuned in knows. . .Raven eats and eats and eats and eats. It’s also time you checked out #RavenExposedParty (here). There is some serious shady shit involving this family and this is pure speculation, but I would ask you to watch the HBO documentary “Mommy Dead and Dearest”, then you will see where I am headed with that speculation, #MunchausenSyndromebyProxyisrealyall. Also, I would encourage you to do some quick Google searches and educate yourself. I’m just gonna have the popcorn ready for when Matt finds out.

Let’s stick with the dancer from Arkansas for a bit. What in the fuck is up with the accent changes. Look, either you’re from the south or you’re not. I’m from Texas and I cannot recall the last time the word ‘rice’ came out of my mouth and it sounded like I was from Deliverance, Alabama. It may be cute inside the house, but since those of us watching have to hear her voice change gears, it’s a bit annoying. Oh and fake.

I know what some will say. . .“this is a game, Paul is doing what needs to be done”, then I would ask. . .“Is it at this point?”. You wanna play the game, use your powers when you can, make sure you evict when the time comes, you can even fucking deceive and lie. This isn’t game play, this is just fucking mean. Mark has apologized over and over again to Josh and still Josh comes at him. Should he have went off on Josh? Maybe not, but are we assuming that because Mark is so buff and Josh is not, that Mark has the upper hand? Because Mark does go on to say that he was bullied as a kid and Josh is causing his shit to wreck havoc. I don’t know how I would play this game, but I hope that through it all, my integrity would stay mostly intact. So I’ll continue the journey that this social experiment brings, but I can say that this show is making me lose some of my faith in humanity, well what little I had left.



















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