Big Brother 19 | Wednesday Re-Cap | 08.02.17

Big Brother 19 | Re-Cap | www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Fuck me runnin’, this show is becoming too much. Not too much that I’m gonna stop tuning in. . .let’s not get crazy. . .just too much in terms of, this BXTCH may need something a bit stronger than iced tea to get through it. I am super far behind right now (like a whole week), but life combined with some laziness has put me in the weeds. I will do my best to power through the entire week tonight, so I will be totally caught up for tomorrow night’s episode (that’s Wednesday 8/9). Let’s do this.

Last Time On: After Paul claimed the HOH position once again, he decided to call Jessica’s bluff and put her and Cody up for eviction. The first of three Temptation Competitions takes place with Mark coming in first, earning safety for the week and Jason finishing last, becoming the third nominee.

Tonight On: Power of Veto competition goes down.

FULL DISCLOSURE: A lot of shit happens during this episode and those of you who tune into the Live Feeds may have already gotten a dose of it. While I’ll cover what it was that CBS decided to air, I’ll Live Feed that shit in my final thoughts sometime this week.

Once again, we pick up with the closing of the nomination ceremony. I’m guessing HDIC Paul thought that God himself was going to make an appearance and declare the ceremony null and void and yet again because of this, he thinks Jessica’s nose should be growing, he’s just gonna have to wait that out. In the meantime, other houseguests are offering their condolences to #teamjody and if looks could kill, they would certainly be dead because Jessica has got that face down pat. 

Now, here is where details are important. Paul comes to Jessica, asking her to follow him to the HOH room and have a discussion. Cody, making himself some refreshing Sprite Zero is hanging out in the kitchen UNTIL Paul extends the invite to him as well saying “Cody, that includes you.” Cody responds with “What’s the point?” Jessica throws in “Just come” while Cody is reiterating “There literally is no point.” Once in the HOH room, Cody opens his mouth to say “This week means nothing.”, just to have Jessica tell him not to speak. Jessica begins by telling Paul that his nominations were the worst case scenario for him, going even further by saying that his HOH will now mean nothing. I covered this argument in my 07.27.17 re-cap, since a lot of it went down on the live feeds, but I think it’s important to cover it once again because this blow up was pretty epic. It starts when Cody reminds Paul of how much he brags about how well he knows the game, I don’t think he could’ve gotten a bigger reaction from Paul if he would’ve said “I thought you said you had a big dick Paul.” It appears if one is looking to hit Paul where it really hurts, insult his game play. In the meantime, Jessica is just trying her best to explain the Temptation to Paul, without giving away the details. It’s when Paul tells Jessica to lower her voice that the escalation occurs. I am here to say that there wasn’t one point where her voice actually got higher, but it’s important for Paul to remind those who are unwilling to drop to their knees, that he is the Head Dick in Charge. Cody gives zero fucks where that is concerned because I suppose like any Alpha, ain’t no one gonna tell his girl to lower her voice and that’s where the cock off begins. Paul tells Cody to calm down, Cody tells Paul that he can’t tell Jessica to lower her voice, Paul then tells Cody to exit his room, Cody responds with a “fuck you Paul, what are you gonna do about it?”. Jessica then takes Cody by the elbow in an effort to remove him from the situation. As the couple are exiting the room, Paul is continuing on with “leave the room”, even though they are in fact leaving, he throws in “you’re an emotional pussy” for good measure, which has Cody turning around with some more “fuck you’s” and “what are you gonna do?”. Paul responds with “nothing, nothing, because I’m an adult”. I think he should probably look up the word, because I don’t think it means what he thinks it does. Paul tells Jessica that if she wants to still talk, they can, while Cody throws in a “you always have to have the last word Paul”, to prove Cody’s point, Paul follows #teamjody, but this time since the whole house is watching, he’s playing the part. Not very well, but giving it the ole’ college try. Hold on to all of what I just re-capped, I will be using it at some point.

Jessica is pissed that Cody took it to the level he did. And this kicks off what could’ve been the end of that particular showmance. She feels that Cody took it too far, that it’s just a game. I think her bigger problem is Cody having words with Paul instead of just laying low. She’s already had to deal with him leaving the house and even though there is a target on his back, he not only made his bigger, but her’s as well. She continues with her rant by asking Cody if this is how he reacts to life in the real world, if he’s a hot head. Did she really ask that? Now, I realize that I may be a different breed of BXTCH than Jessica, but the words that were exchanged in that room weren’t all that heated and voices didn’t even get raised, I have louder arguments on Facebook, so I feel like she’s more irritated at the entirety of the situation. . .being nominated. . .Paul not listening. . .Cody exchanging words with Paul. . .it’s just a combination of everything that eventually blew up and Cody was the easy target. But is she couldn’t see this side of Cody from the beginning, she may need to invest in some glasses, because even I could’ve told you that Cody doesn’t appear to be the kind who’ll just stand there and allow someone to berate him or attack her.

In the meantime, Paul is busy trying to convince his minions that Cody is just looking for a confrontation, one that he invited him to. And this is where Josh chimes in with his opinion, calling Cody a douchebag and how unfortunate it is that Jessica is caught in the middle. Mark tells Josh to shut the fuck up and another battled has been brewed. While Mark did start it by telling Josh to shut his pie hole, Josh just unleashes verbal vomit. Telling Mark to go hide behind Cody and he didn’t step up when he should’ve and verbal threat after verbal threat. Now, this time there was yelling and eight people watching the festivities, including the HDIC and not one of them spoke up and attempted to calm Josh down, not one time did Paul tell Josh to lower his voice, not one of them complained about how Josh was trying to draw Mark into a confrontation. NOT ONE. If you wanna know what it looked like. . .Big Brother 19 | Wednesday 08.02.17 Episode | Re-Cap on

During the whole debacle, Mark sat there and did not engage all the while Josh called him a “joke” and a “bully”. I think maybe a dictionary is in order for both Josh and Paul, they are clearly struggling with the meaning of the words that they are throwing around. We should rewind back to the Thursday 07.20.17 episode, this was the infamous pickle juice/hot sauce incident. During that showdown, Josh just kept on going at Mark and even when Mark apologized, even when Mark agreed to not speak to Josh, Josh kept on. Tonight, the same thing, Mark sits there and because he is not engaging, Josh asks Mark “What’s the face for?” Mark responds with “I’m just enjoying this so much.” Josh then believes it’s a good idea to continue with “You suck. Your personality sucks. You’re bland as fuck” Then since Mark has a smile on his face, Josh asks “What’s funny?”, to which Mark answers “So much”, this is when Josh grabs those fucking skillets and says again “What’s funny?”. Now on the outside looking in, it looks as if Josh is about to go at Mark with cooking equipment, because he grabbed those skillets like my dad would’ve grabbed a belt. Mark does get up and moves towards Josh, with Josh saying “Don’t touch me” and Big Brother saying “Opposite sides of the house”. Mark eventually leaves and Josh continues to be a child but I think it’s important to remember how Josh is behaving, because I’m gonna come back to it in the future. Also pay attention because when Josh explodes and tries to go all hard on other houseguests, it is only when he has an audience. 

In the Diary Room, we do learn that Mark was bullied as a kid and it didn’t stop until he found about what he could do in a gym. I think what really pushed him over the emotional limit was the fact that eight grown ass adults, stood around and not one tried to stop it. I should point out that two of the culprits are fathers, Jason and Kevin. But, in the Rose Room, Cody confesses to Mark that he believes that Jess is done with him because of the way he handled the situation with Paul. The only thing missing from their chit chat was two beers and a football game. On a side note, it was kinda difficult to take Mark seriously in his canary yellow tutu and tights. You gotta feel it out a bit better next time Mark.

With trouble in Jody world, Paul uses his time to once again approach Jessica. She comes clean about the Hex, telling him that when she uses it, all three nominees will come down and since Paul can’t compete in the next HOH, his week in power was for naught. Since Paul kinda knows that trouble may be brewing in paradise, he’s gonna try to convince Jess that Cody is not beneficial to her game and if she saves the Hex, she will be safe, Cody will go home. He puts the decision square on her shoulders. When all the students are called to the principal’s office, he enlightens them and glee is felt all around.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that our girl Jessica hasn’t been in too many relationships or she hasn’t been in a lot where her boo stood up for her, because once again, she seeks out Cody and is itching to pick a fight. Now, this comes after Christmas dug in her claws and told Jessica that when she flies solo, she comes in under the radar, but when she adds Cody to the equation, she makes the hit list. Jessica did defend Cody some, but I do think that some seeds were planted. We just now have to wait and see if they get watered. If you were ever curious to know what a defeated Cody would look like, this conversation is it. 

In case Christmas didn’t get the message across, Elena is going to tag in and try her hand at convincing Jessica that the best move this week is to let the house send Cody home. Jessica is explaining to Elena how Cody was in Paul’s face “screaming” at him. Now, either my hearing is beginning to fail me or we are watching two different shows. It’s when Elena says that she felt the same way when Mark got into Josh’s face, that I realize we are not only watching two different shows, we are on two different channels. I’m sorry, but she was sitting right in front of Josh when he went and lost his damn mind, what kind of fuckery is she playing with to put that on Mark’s shoulders. While the girls are going on some bat shit crazy mind fuck, at least the boys are seeing some sense. Cody confesses to Mark that him out of the house is what’s best for Jessica’s game. Not one time did he talk about her in a negative light, he accepted full responsibility for what when down and even recognizes that he has no shot at walking away with $500k, but she still does.

Just when we thought #teamjody was going down faster than a hooker, all may be saved, it’s just gonna require us to sit through another conversation. Jessica starts in with “you can’t get in people’s face and call them losers”, Cody comes back at her with “I think he is a loser”, he then tells her that he cannot have another conversation with him or he will act like that every damn time. I’m not sure Jessica fully understands the male psyche, because her rationale is since you live with people, you can’t behave that way. Well Cody bookends it with. . .he’s gotten this far in life. . .maybe that’s why he’s single. . .maybe that’s why he has no friends. . .maybe that’s why he’s not close with his family. . .he does remind her that he didn’t even want to go up to Paul’s room. . .if you were ever gonna feel any sort of sympathy towards Cody, this was it. Don’t worry, they made up. 

To prove that he is freaking the fuck out, Paul decides to tell Jessica that during the first couple weeks of the game that Cody told Matt the only reason to keep Jason and Alex around is so they can take out Jessica and Raven, because there is no way that Cody and Matt could do that. Paul is opening up this can because he is trying to prove to Jess that she cannot trust Cody. Proving that she’s not just a bundle of #whitegirlweave and fake lashes, Jessica tells Paul that if she chooses to not to use the Hex, then she wants some shit in return. She wants safety for two weeks and wants Alex gone. Those are her conditions and Paul claims that he can make the first happen, but the second one may prove to be more difficult. That BXTCH ain’t gonna budge, she wants Alex gone more than she wants the safety. Checkmate Paul.

I’m gonna try to keep this short and sweet. The competition this week has the houseguests standing in as meteorologists and the name of the game is Under the Weather. The BB Storm Watch Updates come through sporadically and they need to remember the details to have a chance at the Veto Power. Raven and Kevin will be joining Paul, Jason, Cody, and Jessica. When it’s all said and done, Paul wins Veto complete power is his. It should be said that this Paul won this exact same competition last year. . .way to shake things up Big Brother.


“You treat those people like they’re dogs down there. Don’t say it to Jessica either.” -Cody

“That’s why I’m single.” -Cody

“I just want you to be happy.” -Cody

“The money I make from this show is going to a big Xanax prescription.” -Jessica

Big Brother Weekly Re-Caps | www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSo much shit goes down on the live feeds, this BXTCH is gonna have to start taking notes. I will cover more tomorrow, because the stuff that actually went down versus what was shown, could be vastly different and that just ain’t cool. If you’re not tuning into the live feeds or the very least After Dark, you are missing out. I don’t recommend either if you are not good with spoilers, but if you really want to know what’s going on, then jump on board, because it’s been a while since I have able to experience so many emotions all rolled into one. Twitter is another place to fill in some gaps, just do a simple search of #bb19 or #bbad and you will be overwhelmed with a wealth of information.

Why do these fuckers insist on using outside voices inside the Diary Room? Really, can’t a sound person just have them turn it down a few notches? I’m mainly talking to Paul, Raven, and Alex. C’mon guys, we are right here.

I don’t know what kind of message is being sent with wearing the same clothes day in and day out, but I’m worried about their ability to adult if they have no interest in using a washer. Cody and Matt, you know who I’m referring to. Cody claims that his dick is the cleanest part of his body, as often as he wears those basketball shorts, I’m beginning to question that.




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