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I’m just fucking with you, that’s not even close to being our family motto. Ours is more like:
About Merrie
But with fancy font, because we have class. No worries, my kids are still alive and from what I can tell will need very little therapy.

I am the mother of a 7 year old boy, who truth be told is almost smarter than me and his father, an 9 year old daughter, who if allowed, would be running the household while barking orders at anyone who would listen and actually follow them, but whatever you do DO NOT look at her with “mean” in your eyes, the tears will be worse than a 16 year old whose boyfriend broke up with her on day 2 of her period, and last, but by no means least, a 16 year old daughter, who if she isn’t testing my patience and my belief in “using a stick to beat your child is wrong” daily, would not be fulfilling her purpose in this world. As the t-shirt says: “World’s okayest Mom”, that’s me! I am a wife to a very lucky man, who would do good to not forget that his little slice of Heaven is right here on Earth and I am proud to call myself a BXTCH.

You should probably be warned, that I am not an expert in anything, but that will not deter me from passing on my years of wisdom to you. You can do what you please with that information.  While our purpose here is to be somewhat informative (I use that term very loosely), we are really just trying to have a good time, maybe even get you to laugh a little. If we happen to piss you off in the process, well suck it up buttercup and get over it, I’m sure worse things have come out of our mouth (all puns intended) and if all goes well will continue to come out of our mouths.

About Merrie

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