Alex in Wonderland by Max Monroe

Alex in Wonderland by Max Monroe | Review on

Alex in Wonderland by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comAlex in Wonderland by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comAlex in Wonderland by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: I am a huge fan of the duo that calls themselves Max Monroe and I’m sure we all fell in love with them when we fell in love with Kline and Georgia and everything Billionaire Bad Boys. . .we swooned, we escaped, our toes may have even curled, and we certainly laughed our asses off, but my warning before I get started is this. . .Alex in Wonderland is not Billionaire Bad Boys, I suppose I should probably elaborate a bit. If I had read the entire Billionaire series, then read this book, without first knowing who wrote either. . .I would’ve never guessed that they were written by the same author. While there were portions of Wonderland that were reminiscent of the wit and humor that Max Monroe brings to the pages, this story was so different than what I was expecting. . .but don’t worry, different was good. . .real, real good.

Alex in Wonderland will be told through the POV’s of both Alex and Matt.

Let’s kick this off with Alex Little. Needing a restart, Alex is fairly new to the L.A. area, transplanting herself from San Diego. We meet her after she was fired from her job as a bartender, recently picking up a job as Sparkles the Rabbit. Working for a princess party company was never high on her aspiration list, but bills need to get paid and food needs to be eaten, so at this point, rabbits can’t be choosy. But no worries, if it wasn’t for a sweaty ass. . .her life would’ve never changed.

Matt Hadder lost his mother, his only parent when he was just six years old. And because of this life altering event, John Hadder waltzes in and introduces himself. . .as Matt’s father. Matt Hadder is the head of Wonderland, Inc., an organization that can do about anything one would want and get about anything one would need. And no clarification is needed on “anything”, it literally means. . .anything.

Eventually the likes of Matt will meet up with Alex and all of this goes down when Alex is masquerading as Sprinkles the Rabbit. Well, she is actually sitting in her bra and panties and Sprinkles is laying next to her. . .apparently it’s hot as fuck in those costumes. Without giving too much away let’s just say that Alex may or may not have heard something that wasn’t meant for her ears and it’s up to Matt to find out if the rabbit knows anything, because if she does, he may or may not have to “take care” of it, and by “take care”, I mean it may be time for a BXTCHE to swim . When he finds her sitting in nothing but her underwear, Alex hits Matt’s radar and she has certainly piqued his curiosity. 

Alex’s life takes a giant step up when Matt offers her a job and she accepts. For Matt, one of the reasons for the job offer is to keep a close eye on a liability, for Alex one of the reasons she accepts is pure intrigue. That intrigue, well that and the need for nutrition. The interest only grows when she has the opportunity to witness her first Wonderland party and decides to come back for more.

If that seems vague, it’s because it it. Even if I wanted to tell you BXTCHES what it is that Wonderland does, I couldn’t, it was too much to keep up with. Just know that not all is on the up and up and there is a shit ton of money involved. It’s got lots of drugs, parties, pleasure girls, and not to mention a presidential race is at stake, so is your curiosity peeking out yet? And that BXTCHES is all I’m gonna share, but just know this. . .expect the unexpected.

Max Monroe may be brilliant when it comes to creating a leading couple that makes your heart patter a bit, but they are as equally brilliant when it comes to creating a cast to support those leads and Wonderland gives us a bit of everything. There are those you will love and there are those you will hate and those that you will love to hate. The layers that each character created didn’t allow for downtime. Chapter after chapter, page after page, you will be longing to get just a little bit more and not only from Alex and Matt, but we get Aunt Delores and Deena (the cat) and Cal and Jessie Cat and a whole slew of individuals that will keep you turning the page and make it almost impossible to put down.

Once you dive into Matt Hadder’s inner dialogue, there will be no doubts left when it comes to his bedroom abilities. And once you get a peek inside of Alex’s, there will be no doubts left that she is dying to have Matt throw her up against the wall and wear her out. And when the time comes that they get a taste of one another, their chemistry is crazy hot. Max Monroe was able to bring together the raw passionate fucking that accompanies lust mixed with tender, sweet moments that come with love. What a fan-fucking-tastic cocktail that was, one that I could imbibe over and over again.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I first dove into Wonderland. I think a part of my imagination had a desire for the laugh out loud humor we got with the Billionaire gang and while I’ll admit humor certainly accompanied the likes of Matt and Alex, though more Alex. . .it was different, don’t worry it was in a good way. But when it was all said and done, the last page was turned and the hangover had set, Max Monroe did what they do best and that’s create characters that you wish you knew and a story that made it impossible to escape from. Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingAlex in Wonderland by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comMax Monroe |



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Rake’s Redemption (Wind Dragon’s MC Series, Book #4) by Chantal Fernando

Rake's Redemption (Wind Dragons MC Series, Book #4) by Chantal Fernando | Review on

Rake's Redemption (Wind Dragons MC Series, Book #4) by Chantal Fernando | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comRake's Redemption (Wind Dragons MC Series, Book #4) by Chantal Fernando | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comRake's Redemption (Wind Dragons MC Series, Book #4) by Chantal Fernando | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: First things first, I bought and read this book back in September 2016. I have since read it about 4 other times, all with the intention of getting my thoughts out when I turned the last page, but for whatever reason (ahem. . .laziness), I never was able to get around to it. So, I finally committed myself and finished this book over the last couple of days and viola, here we are. It’s no secret that the MC genre is one of my favs, it’s also no secret that I am a firm believer that in order to immerse yourself in a really great MC series, you should read them in the order in which they were written. This happens to be a great MC series, hence. . .you should start from the beginning.

Rake’s Redemption will be told mostly through Bailey’s POV, however Rake will stop by and let us in his head every now and then.

We have actually already met Bailey. She was first introduced to us in Tracker and Lana’s story (book #3) when the girls have themselves a night out and run into her. Well, that night is where this story picks up. Anna and Lana are out at the MC owned Rift, when they run into Bailey, who is not only Rake’s ex, but was also very good friends with Anna and Lana and because of a very bad break-up between the Rake and Bailey, it has been years since they have seen her. Cue the excitement here. The problem? Rake is none too happy to see the one that he thought was The One.

After running into Rake, who happened to have his hands full with two women, the last place Bailey wants to find herself is in the past or standing in front of the man who broke her, regardless of how well he has aged over the past seven years. So when Rake gives her explicit instruction to keep her ass out of his club, she is happy to oblige. It becomes more difficult to keep that promise when Anna and Lana convince her that a night out is what they need and Rake will be none the wiser. Famous last words. . .

While Bailey is satisfied to keep a friendship with the girls sans Rake, unfortunately Rake’s inability to keep it zipped up is gonna force a relationship to happen regardless of how unwanted one is. I should probably go ahead and let you BXTCHES in on a secret. . .Rake and Bailey were supposed to get the Happy Ever After, the love at the time may have been teenage love, but it was real and it was suppose to be the kind that took them into kids and grandkids. But, sometimes things don’t unfold the way they are supposed to and it only took one night to shatter whatever was meant to be and because of that night, two very different roads were paved. Rake went down the road where his dick barely got put away and it took an unexpected pregnancy for Bailey to straighten herself out. Now it’s seven years later and even though Rake has a lot of pent up anger towards Bailey and vice versa, old feelings are beginning to resurface and the tension between them is growing thicker and thicker, the question is. . .what will they do about it?

The first two books in this series were pretty loaded with the MC grit and drama, the kind that sucks us in and takes ahold of and while I LOVED book #3, it was certainly lighter on the MC side and I gotta say that it’s not gonna pick up too much here. We will get some moments, but the story is more focused on the second chance romance side more than it is on the outlaw side of the MC.

Chantal Fernando does a wonderful job of keeping the characters flowing from book to book. You will not be left wondering what’s happening with the ones we have already fallen for, we get great updates with Sin and Faye. . .Arrow and Anna. . .Tracker and Lana. We also get to drop in on Talon and his world, while being introduced to some new faces. Every character is perfectly placed and while you will fall in love with Bailey and Rake, as you should, no one will get neglected in the pages of this story. 

We have already been introduced to Rake’s history with women. He has sampled them all. So even I was interested to see how the action was going to unfold in the bedroom and this BXTCH was not disappointed. She did a great job combining the Alpha dominant side of Rake with the romantic side of him and not just showing it on separate occasions, both personalities were brought into the bedroom and he wore them very well.

I fell in love with this series from the very first book and have continued to fall in love with every book since. Usually when I become addicted to a MC series, it’s the men of the series who do me in and have me coming back for more, but with this series, the women are the ones captivating me. They are written with fierce independence, the humor is fantastic and the bond that they share with one another rivals the men. If you are looking for a MC series that is heavy on the outlaw, this may not be the one. If you’re looking for some hot alphas, great camaraderie, really good humor, and a very well rounded story. . .then let me introduce you to the men of the Wind Dragons MC.Bxtches Be ReadingRake's Redemption (Wind Dragons MC Series, Book #4) by Chantal Fernando | Review on

Chantal Fernando |     

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Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland

Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland | Review on

Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBeautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBeautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Look, if you have yet to be swept away by the words that fly from Vi Keeland’s fingertips. . .well, you need to jump on board that train, ASAP. I think she has a total of 17 books (that includes collaborations) and I have fallen in love with 11, though you wouldn’t know it based on how many reviews I have done, but I promise, it’s been love. And if you think she flies great solo, then check her out when she buddies up, it is heart stopping. While she does have some series, the majority of her books are stand-alones, which bodes well for those of us who have the patience of a toddler and just can’t wait for a part two. Well, with all of that out of the way, let’s dive in.

Beautiful Mistake will be mostly told through the POV of Rachel, but we will get some POV’s from the teenage Caine as well as some chapters from the current version.

We might as well start from the beginning, even though I’m sure you have read the blurb. . .Rachel and BFF (Ava) both work at O’Leary’s, a local bar and on this particular night, Ava is busying drowning in her sorrows via her liver. Why? Because guys are assholes. Well one guy to be precise. . .Owen. The one whom Ava was dating. . .the one who told Ava that she could be the one. . .the one who Ava ran into while walking through the park. . .the one who was walking with his wife and kid in said park. See? Asshole. Now Ava is drunk and Rachel has ran into the Asshole and in BFF solidarity, she is about tell him exactly how he feels. The problem? The one who got the wrath of Rachel wasn’t actually Owen. The lesson? Never trust a drunk girl’s ability to distinguish colors.

Rachel is late for her TA job. . .with a new professor. . .one who hates tardiness. Any guess on who this new professor is? Yeah, it’s Owen the asshole, well who Rachel thought was Owen the asshole, it’s actually Caine, Rachel’s hot new professor and Rachel’s semester just took an interesting turn.

I’m quite sure you can certainly see what lane this story is going to go down. Hot professor, beautiful TA, sexual tension. . .I mean there really is only one correct way to turn, and that turn was never in question. The question is how many roadblocks will there be once the turn is made.

Caine doesn’t have the best history when it comes to TA’s, but what he is laying down (both figuratively and literally) with Rachel seems to be plotting a different course. Now, as much as it’s expected that the two of them will come together and it’s no spoiler that they will. . .there has been a web that has been weaved. . .one that is so tangled, you will wonder how it will ever be unraveled. . .just hang with it. . .this story will bring the humor we love. . .the angst we crave. . .the drama that drives us crazy. . .and the love that makes us fall. In short, it is Vi Keeland.

I am usually a sucker for an ensemble cast, but now and again one will get me where the sole focus is the two we’re supposed to fall for and I find that is all I need. That’s not to say that Vi Keeland didn’t write some phenomenal supporting characters, she did, but they are ones that are there to enhance, not spotlight. The BFF, the boss, the ex-boyfriend/friend/potential future boyfriend (all the same guy), all fantastically written, but whose presence continue to add to some very meaty layers in a beautifully told story. There really wasn’t a time while I was turning pages, that I craved the story of any of those written to support. And truth? I didn’t need it. This wasn’t the type of story that could hold the weight of a supporting character being moved front and center. 

If there is one thing that Vi Keeland excels at, it is how to write a scene that gives you goose bumps. I mean she excels at just about everything on the page, but good Lord can she make your skin tingle. It takes a lot to really blow my mind and Caine and Rachel did that and more. The sexual tension that builds and builds between them grows so thick, that either the bizness gets had or something is going to blow. Everything from the tension, to the dirty talk (YUM!), to the actual act. . .it’s hot, it’s passion, it’s love, it was addicting.

Each and every time I see a preview of a Vi Keeland book come across my Facebook feed, I get downright giddy. I know that whatever storyline lies ahead, I will love it. . .I know that whatever feisty lady unfolds, I will love it. . .I know that whatever alpha is within the pages, I will love it. She does not fuck around with her words, she is able to infiltrate you imagination and take you on a journey that leaves you surprised and exhausted and exuberant and in love. We give lots of love to the men between the covers and it’s deserving, Caine makes one helluva #bookboyfriend, but that BXTCH takes leading lady to a whole other level. Rachel sets the bar and she sets it high and for that, I say. . .Thank you Vi Keeland. 

The only thing I can think to say in order to convince you to check it out, well maybe two things, because HELL-OOO, look at that cover, that could and maybe should be reason enough. But, as crazy as it sounds for me to just say “read it”, that’s what I’m going with. Read it, because she has yet to let me down. Read it, because we all need a summer vacay, even if it’s only in our mind. Read it, because it could be time that you just trust a BXTCH. Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingBeautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland | Review on

Vi Keeland |    



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Dr. ER (St. Luke’s Docuseries Series, Book #2) by Max Monroe

Dr. ER (St. Luke's Docuseries, Book #2) by Max Monroe | Review on

Dr. ER (St. Luke's Docuseries, Book #2) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comDr. ER (St. Luke's Docuseries, Book #2) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comDr. ER (St. Luke's Docuseries, Book #2) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: I am so about to shock the shit out of all you BXTCHES and even I can’t believe that I’m about to utter type the following, but. . .this book can absolutely be read as a stand-alone. While I loved Dr. OB (book #1) and I highly recommend that you read it, the only thing really tying these two book together is the reality show that the two (and eventually three) doctors become a part of and even that is just a whisper in this story. Other than that, the main ones from the first installment do make some appearances, but it’s not enough to take away from Scott, Harlow and any other facet that makes this book so fucking great. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Dr. ER will be told through the POV of both Harlow and Scott.

If you skipped straight over the introduction to Will (book #1), no worries, Max Monroe does a good job with a quick hello during the prologue. This is where we also meet Scott Shepard or what he soon becomes known as. . .Dr. ERotic. Now, I’m all about being somewhat of a polite BXTCH, so in case the whole OB/GYN scene wasn’t for you or maybe you’re just now discovering the genius that is Max Monroe and you decided that this is where you want to start, we are gonna have to play a quick game of catch-up. Will Cummings, Scott Shepard and Nick Raines (coming to us in much greater detail on August 29) have all agreed to allow cameras to follow them around and star in a docuseries. It didn’t go too well for Will, but he did get the girl in the end, so all is good. Now it’s Dr. Shepard’s turn, but I think we should kick things off with Harlow, our feisty leading lady.

Frances Harlow Paige is busy living the single life in NYC. She’s got herself a tried and true bestie in Amanda, her parents are happily divorced and she works as a columnist at Gossip magazine, a job she isn’t too thrilled about, but does pay the bills. Except for the fact that it’s been ages since a dick has put a smile on her face, life ain’t too terribly shabby. The needing a dick to put a smile on her face is where we first meet up with Harlow.

Long story short, Harlow needed to get laid, like yesterday, so in her desperation, she agrees to go out on a date with Barron Alexander Conrad III-if someone with a pretentious name like that even knows how to work a cock, I’m gonna need to see it. . .live. Anywho, a vagina that hasn’t been well used lately, will suffer through just about anything, because Harlow’s goal is definitely one that ends with shouty affirmations to our Lord and Savior, but instead all she gets instead is a gash on the forehead and the shouty words to our Lord and Savior takes on a different tone.

I hope you can see where this story is going, well at least see where part of it is going. After Barron the third passes out, too much blood and all that jazz, Harlow finds herself in the St. Luke’s emergency room. Any guess who the head of the ER department and the doctor on duty is? 

So far being the star of a reality tv show has its perks, the job is going wonderfully and the women are lining up. . .when he gets the privilege of sewing up one Harlow Paige, his interest had certainly been piqued, too bad hers wasn’t.

Columnist for a gossip magazine. . .hot doctor who happens to also be the star of a reality tv show. . .this shit can basically write itself, but considering that it’s what Harlow does, then we’ll just leave it our leading lady.

Scott doesn’t do relationships, a previous bad experience has put Harlow off from making any sort of commitment. . .Harlow gets the inside scoop on one fuckhot doctor and Scott discovers that Dr.ERotic loves a good challenge and the feisty columnist is turning him on like no one previous. . .I mean c’mon this is the shit that great rom-coms are made of.

But don’t worry BXTCHES, Max Monroe does throw some drama our way, I mean you can’t fuck your way through a chunk of the population and not have some of that broken heart not come back and bite you right in the dick. And, Harlow brings her own set of luggage to the party. So, it’s not all fun and games and stitches and dicks, there’s gonna be a part of this book that may have your heart dropping a bit.

Besides the ability to tell fantastic stories, Max Monroe is brilliant when it comes to writing supporting characters. The magic was brought to us first in the Billionaire Bad Boys Series and it continues to be the case for this one. Usually when I dive into a series, I can’t wait to catch up with the ones that I have already fallen for, but we didn’t get that a lot here, it was brief and I wasn’t even disappointed. And to be honest, I wouldn’t be mad if we were able to get some backstory on the parental units that come from any of these series, that is how well they are written. They are witty, they are hilarious, they are inappropriate, they are loving. . .basically, they are everything one should strive to be when the time comes to shit out some offspring. Every character written to tell this story, played the part and played it well. . .they all helped in making the page turn, while keeping the story captivating.

The sex was good, which if you have already plowed through Kline and Georgia OR Thatch and Cassie OR Wes and Winnie OR Will and Melody, then you know how well the dancing goes down between the sheets in a Max Monroe book, but as crazy as it may sound, my favorite part of the panty melting action in Dr. ER happened to be the dirty talk, I’m a sucker for some words that make the toes curl and those words got used in all the right places.  I’m telling you BXTCHES the dirty word dictionary went to work overtime because they hit right when the time was right.

Lots of couples have been brought to life by the two who call themselves Max Monroe and while I don’t know who occupies the top spot (it really just depends on who I’m reading at that moment), I do believe that Scott and Harlow are close to it. In my experience, sometimes it’s hard to top the lead off couple in a series, but Max Monroe managed to pull the impossible. . .so now I guess we have to wait and see how hard we fall for Nick.

I think I’m nine books into the fabulousness that is Max Monroe and I have yet to be disappointed. Every page turned, every story told, every character created. . .was worth the time spent. And while I still may not know who Max or Monroe actually are (though I always think I’m starting to figure it out), as long as they keep giving me the humor mixed with great stories and characters that I fall in love with, not to mention the escape they are so kind to bless me with. . .so in a nutshell, I don’t give a fuck what you call yourself as long as you continue to call yourselves storytellers.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingDr. ER (St. Luke's Docuseries, Book #2) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comMax Monroe |


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The Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg

The Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg | Review on

The Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Book #1 (The Player), left us in a bit of a bind, so before you even wonder, YES, you must read that one before you tackle this one. There is no “but”, if you decide to play catch before you get played, you will be caught up in confusion, which will cause you to not love this series in the way the author intended. The good news? This is the last book in this series, so if you haven’t yet fell in love, you can start from the beginning and not come up for air until the very last page is turned, I certainly will not judge. Let’s get started.

The Catch will be told through the POV’s of both Easton and Scout.

We will pick up here right where we left off there. When the last page of The Player was turned, we knew that Scout was going into the meeting with the Aces all ready to clear Easton to play and Easton was all ready to take the field. Those are the things we knew, what we learned left us most likely uttering a very loud “WHAT THE FUCK!”, because we found out the the Aces were about to trade the prodigal son and unfortunately we were forced to wait it out. . .until now.

It’s gonna seem like I doling out spoilers here, but let me assure you BXTCHES, I’m not gonna reveal anything that you weren’t already gonna learn almost from the beginning. We knew that Scout was all set to clear Easton and not because he was giving her the deep dick, it was her professional opinion that he was ready to go. But something on a piece of paper caught her eye, and it was enough for her to tell the powers that be in that room, that she was unable to do the job bestowed upon her and that Easton Wylder would not be taking the field just yet. Even though Scout believes that her quick decision was what was best for Easton, his interpretation however, is that of betrayal. You gotta also remember that the reason Scout is even in Austin in the first place is to secure the contract with the Aces. By doing so, her dad would’ve had a contract with every team in the league, so she wasn’t only crucial in getting Easton back on the field, but she is the one that can essentially grant her dad his dying wish. So, no pressure or anything.

It doesn’t take too terribly long for Easton to come around and understand the reason Scout did what she felt necessary. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Easton is headed to Dallas and since the Aces offered her a probationary contract, she is keeping her ass in Austin. 

While it probably would’ve been easy for Bromberg to just ride the trade cliffhanger she left us on to finish out the story in this book, that BXTCH decided to give us much more, so much more. The trade is only a tiny bit of the drama that is going to pour off these pages. It’s not all dread though. Easton and Scout were at the beginning stages of coupledom when we left them, so we still get to witness a very new relationship unfold and two people discovering one another while falling in love. They may have to continue their ride in two different cities, but the love growing is going to be very difficult for distance to sever.

The cans that got opened during part one of this series, will need to get cleaned up in order for closure to take place and no worries, we get the closure that we will crave, but let’s not forget all the cans that were opened. Besides the Easton and Scout storyline, we have to finish the story of Scout and her dad. Not only the professional side and Scout doing her best to win a permanent contract with the Aces, but there is the personal side and the inevitable devastation that Scout will face once her dad loses the battle that he is facing. Right before Easton is delivered the blow by the trade news, the one responsible for his injury became his teammate and if you were thinking that Santiago was just going to be a blip, well. . .prepare yourself. Easton is still trying to reconcile and figure out the relationships between him and his mother and the one between him and his dad. There will be more, it will be heartbreaking, it will be eye opening, it will be love, but in the end. . .it will be beautiful.

There are a lot of people that bring this story to life with Easton and Scout being at the top. We don’t get a lot from the teammates in this one, but we do get more of Manny, who certainly plays a very important role in Easton’s life. There’s also all of the parents, from Easton’s dad and mom to Scout’s dying father, they all prove integral in who Easton and Scout are, not only separate, but who they are as a couple. And as strange as it may sound, the game of baseball will play a very entertaining, yet important role in this book as well. It’s not just a book that happens to have some baseball sprinkled in. . .this is a book about love, the love between a man and a woman and the love for a game. . .a game that is so magical that it’s able to bring even the most unlikely pair together. And that is where the beauty lies.

K. Bromberg does a great job at bringing the action alive and you BXTCHES know what the action is. You can’t really go wrong when a hot athlete is bringing it between the sheets and Easton certainly does not disappoint. While the sex is hot (and trust, it is), it’s the passion that Easton and Scout have for one another that’s gonna set your book and possibly your bed, on fire. 

I have yet to tackle EVERY single page written by K. Bromberg. There are books that I have read, but haven’t yet reviewed, which just means a re-read is in order (tough, I know). But like most (I assume), I became captivated with this author during the emotional wringer she left me in with the Driven Series. The Player Duet Series, while not quite the emotional juggernaut, was easy for me to enjoy. . .I haven’t read a novel by Bromberg that I didn’t fall in love with. . .I LOVE baseball. . .AND. . .this series takes place in Texas (my home), so lots of boxes checked. The story she told that spanned these two books, unfolded like a great movie, with drama to match. She was able to tangle us up, she was able to catch us off guard, she was able cause our hearts to skip a couple of beats, all the while having us fall in love with not only the man, but the game as well. Everyone needs a great escape and Bromberg delivers it in a perfect package.Bxtches Be ReadingThe Catch (The Player Duet Series, Book #2) by K. Bromberg | Review on




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The Story of Us by Tara Sivec

The Story of Us by Tara Sivec | Review on

The Story of Us by Tara Sivec | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Story of Us by Tara Sivec | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Story of Us by Tara Sivec | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Truth be told, I should’ve been done with this review a bit ago, but. . .Memorial Day weekend. . .end of the school year. . .and. . .good ole’ gut wrenching heartache kept me away (the kind this book induced). So, Memorial Day weekend, the hubby was off, which isn’t really a terrible thing BUT it’s hard to read a book where emotional noise is required, whether it’s laughing or crying, while he is laying next to me (he’s an overnight worker FYI, so usually I have the bed to myself), because he tends to look at me like I’ve grown extra body parts when tears are streaming down my face all because of something that I’ve read and after getting just a glimpse of the reviews that were pouring in, I figured that was bound to happen. Now, funny enough this judgement is coming from the same man who when we went to see Titanic (all those years ago) was so emotionally moved that his contact was on his cheek by the time Jack sunk to the bottom. . .that is a true story, BXTCHES. But, whatevs, I just decided to hold off my nighttime reading routine and squeeze in some heartache whenever I could. Speaking of heartache and this is really where the real warning comes in, just prepare yourself. The cover above, while beautiful, is a bit deceiving. Look at it, it screams picnics on the lake and sunsets with the one you love and while I’m quite sure that after the last page was turned, Shelby and Eli were certainly enjoying the sunset whilst picnicking on the lake BUT for the sake of this book, I feel that it will be read one of two ways. . .you’re either going to need to read it in sections, while taking some breaks, you know to put your soul back together OR you will be a glutton for some punishment and read it in its entirety in one sitting, therefore causing a need for copious amount of tequila (or whatever sets you right), but again, to put your soul back together. Now that you have been warned, let’s talk about this fucking book.

The Story of Us will be brought to us from the POV’s of both Eli and Shelby.

Normally, I try to add a bit of “what is this book about” to my reviews, while adding my personal thoughts regarding the book throughout, and I’m still sticking to that format, but I’m gonna go in a little more vague. First, I don’t wanna ruin anything for you (that would make me an actual bitch) and secondly, you’re heart needs to be crushed just like this BXTCH’s heart was, because let’s face it. . .that is really the only way to come back around and really understand that sometimes you gotta trudge through some shit so you can actually enjoy lakeside picnics and sunsets.

We meet Eli while he is literally in the pits of hell. He and some of his Marine brothers (including his best friend, Rylan) are being held captive and have been for years and although they are being kept alive, life at that point is really subjective when you are being tortured and beaten on the regular. The one thing tethering Eli to any sort of heartbeat is the memory of Shelby. . .the one he left behind, the one he loves, the one that makes him whole, and the one he tore apart.

Shelby is a silent sufferer, maybe silent sufferer isn’t the write descriptor, she’s more of a silent protector. She believes that the love of her life, her ever after, was killed while serving his country and still she is going through her own personal hell, all in the name of Eli. There’s so much to say about Shelby, but let’s just do a quick rundown. Shelby comes from money and happened to come from a mother who is a raging bitch and that’s me being nice. Shelby and Eli meet while he is working in the stables of her family home, told you. . .money. Long story short, rich girl falls for not so rich guy. . .bitch mom has a reputation. . .just put two and two together and well. . .that’s all you’re gonna get from me on that. 

I don’t think I’m spoiling too much if I actually let you in on the fact that Eli is not dead and one of the top things (of many) on his to-do list is find HIS Shelby and even though it’s been years since he has laid eyes on her, he knows that deep down inside, the one who captured his heart is still there and then there’s the small hiccup of everyone believing that he is actually dead. . .so, things aren’t right, I guess I should say that things aren’t the way they are supposed to be. Intrigued yet?

The way this story unfolds, you may find yourself reading on eggshells, just waiting for the torment to come raining down. The capture and torture that Eli suffers through is agony and the grief that Shelby has gone through is painful and when you realize that there is going to be so much more coming through, heartbreak will be an understatement. But it’s the beauty in their story that will have you wanting more. . .it’s the finding of love in the most difficult of situations that will have you eager to go on the journey. Since that’s all I’m willing to share, let’s talk about this fantastic cast of characters that Tara Sivec has conjured up.

It’s expected that you’re gonna fall in love with Eli and Shelby and trust a BXTCH you may fall hard, so brace. It’s the others, the ones written for support that are so compelling and will have you laughing and crying and cussing and angry. . .the whole spectrum gets covered. . .it will almost be like that time of the month but without the feeling of someone trying to rip out your uterus. The personality traits that each character brought to the story never bled into one another and what I thought she did so beautifully well was being able to draw the appropriate emotion from you. You know when you watch a movie and the antagonist is so convincing that you find yourself grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw because you just hate them so much, but that’s also how you know the actor/actress has really done their job, right? That’s how well some of these motherfuckers were written, it’s easy to fall in love with a character, it’s kinda what’s expected when you crack open a book. . .but to create a personality that one is supposed to despise and to do it, well what seems to be effortlessly. . .actually I was gonna say it must be difficult, but I’m not a writer, so I really wouldn’t know, but I do believe it has to be a ton of fun to write a character that you already know is going to be loathed. There is not one character written to help tell this story that wasn’t placed perfectly, that didn’t do the job, regardless of how big or small the part. Here’s the truth. . .while I love the ones that lead (and boy did I love Eli and Shelby), when an author can really round out a story with a pretty awesome supporting cast. . .it is greatness.

So, let’s get dirty. I knew that the sex between Eli and Shelby was going to be pretty explosive and it certainly was, but what I wasn’t expecting was the fucking to actually be tender and sweet and making love while still delivering the dirty talking, rough and good ole’ toe curling, nails down the back fucking. I didn’t even know that type of response could be conjured from me. . .it was wild and passionate and heartbreaking and loaded with love and lust. . .she basically rolled it all up and served it on a super sexy platter.

I think I’m pretty good at checking out new authors, but I do have my pocket of favorites and it’s those storytellers that are always my go to. The ones that I re-read, depending on the mood I’m in, the ones I always recommend when someone is looking for something new to read. I can always depend on Kristen Ashley or Harper Sloan when I need an Alpha fix. . .I go to Jaci J or River Savage when I’m looking to fall in love with a MC. . .if I need just pure sex on legs, I turn to Vi Keeland (and pair her with Penelope Ward and holy hotness). . .but when I’m looking to escape with laugh out loud comedy, my list is long, but Tara Sivec is at the top. So, I wasn’t real sure at what my emotions were going to go through with this book. I knew it wasn’t going to be funny, so that expectation had to be tucked away for the time being and the only reviews that I noticed, were popping up on Facebook and I only really paid attention to the intros, not so much the actual review (I like to go in blind), so I knew I was going to get some form of anguish.

Anguish just didn’t cover it. I’m not sure how far into the imagination Tara Sivec had to go to pull this story out, but JFC, when that BXTCH gets an idea, she goes all in and even though the journey broke my heart and even though there may have been times during those breaks I cussed her just a tiny bit, in the end, it was worth it. I was the reader who needed to put it down, I was also the reader whose favorite parts of the book were the ones where Eli was the most broken, because that was when the story was the most raw and Tara was at her best.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingThe Story of Us by Tara Sivec | Review on

Tara Sivec |   

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Stone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson

Stone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson | review on

Stone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson | review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comStone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson | review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comStone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson | review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: I need to make sure that you BXTCHES hear me loud and clear, STONE IS NOT A STAND ALONE NOVEL! While I’m always an advocate of reading any series in the order in which they were written, I’m even more so for those series that involve MC’s, BUT, for this particular series, I cannot emphasize this enough. This series starts with Marek (book #1), and that book focuses on Marek and Sully, but the MC storyline in that book carries through to this book and I promise there is no way you can skip over Marek and still have an understanding of the MC part of the storyline. Will you still enjoy Stone? Yes, you most likely will, but where is the fun in reading a MC book if you can’t follow the crime and grit of the story? And since I have finished Stone and have moved into Jagger, I can say with certainty that the grit continues into book #3.

Stone will be brought to us through the POV’s of both Stone and Addy.

Because I try to be a kind BXTCH (when I can) and because I also realize that some of you will start with Stone, skipping right over Marek, regardless of any advice I throw your way. . .I’ll try to catch you up. In book #1, Marek (President), Stone (VP), and the Knights Corruption MC raided the Savage Reapers MC and took Sully, who happens to be the presidents daughter. Now, in most MC’s that would be it. . .the Knights Corruption would be dead where they stood, but in this case, Sully being kidnapped was life changing. She had been raped many times by her father, then when her dad hands her over to another club member, she was also abused many times by his hands. Even though Sully has been beaten, raped, and torn down emotionally, all at the hands of her own club, her story still gets worse. When her dad makes a deal with the cartel, Sully is the gift. So, the kidnapping isn’t so much a kidnapping as it was a new chance at life. So, when the Knights Corruption MC begins to work a bit with that cartel, you realize eventually Marek is going to find out that a member of that cartel raped his wife (yes, she does become his wife and if that spoils anything for you. . .too bad, you should’ve read the first book) and when his book ends and Marek is still in the dark. . .you gotta know it’s coming in book #2.

Now, we already know Addy. She’s not only the niece of a Knights member (Trigger), but when a nomad member was shot, it was Addy that the club called for help. You could feel the sexual tension between Addy and Stone almost immediately and we are not the only ones that sensed the sparks between the two. 

When you join Addy and Stone (past the prologue), they are in the middle of a “relationship”. I say “relationship”, because everything Addy and Stone is, is on the down low. Addy is the niece of Trigger, which means that Stone is breaking some rules. Not to mention, her hesitancy in becoming involved with the club, even though Stone is doing his best to assure her that the club is leaning a bit more towards the legal life. For Addy, there is still to much that could happen with her being openly involved with the MC.

Now a little background on Addy. She works as a nurse, hence her helping out the club when violence calls. . .speaking of violence, that is another one of the reasons she is so hesitant to make things official with Stone. She lost her mom five years previous to ovarian cancer, so it’s just her and her dad. I should probably point out that Trigger is her maternal uncle and the relationship between him and Addy’s father is non-existent. 

Let’s talk about the relationship between Addy and Stone, because that is what is going to make up a shit ton of this book. The chemistry between the two of them is pretty explosive and Addy is pretty good about recognizing that, but she still isn’t in a place where she is ready to become his old lady (have I mentioned that enough yet?), which doesn’t sit well with Stone. Which coincidentally, he doesn’t have to worry about that much longer because his temper is going to do him in. 

Moving away from Stone and Addy real quick, because we still have MC problems to discuss. The guys still haven’t really felt the ramifications of the Sully kidnapping, so they’re still watching their backs. Now, the tension gets kicked way up when Yanez (the one who raped Sully) comes into the clubhouse while Sully is also there, so you can imagine how that scene unfolds. This is where the MC storyline is going to take us during Stone and as much as you’re going to want (really bad) for some closure to this particular storyline, it’s not gonna happen just yet. . .so, you’ll need to stay tuned.

Even though his temper gets Stone in trouble, we all know that in the end Addy and Stone will find their way together, but the journey to get to heart of what they bring. . .is gonna be a bumpy, crazy, twirly (is that a word?), feisty, loving ride. . .so, it’s really best if you just sit back and enjoy.

One of the aspects I love about the heart of any MC series is the cast and S. Nelson brings it with the Knights Corruption. Those that we fell in love with during book #1, come back and visit us in book #2. We get to stay connected to Marek and Sully, while still getting to know club members like Jagger and Tripp. The way in which she has written these books and the dialogue between these characters, just flows in the smoothest of ways and leaves you salivating for more. 

Let’s get to the good stuff. You can’t write a MC book and feature a badass Alpha biker and not expect him to work his shit and Stone does just that. But hey, let’s give some lovin’ to the BXTCH, right? Addy knows her moves and can mattress dance with the best of em’. All in all, if you’re looking for some dirty talking, hot and sweaty fucking. . .you will not be disappointed.

Jagger is up next and I’m super excited about his story. The deeper I get into this series, the harder it is to put it down. . .it will give you the gamut. . .it’s filled with drama, grit, humor, sex, love. . .just a whole spectrum of emotion. So, I suppose what this BXTCH is trying to say is, if you’re looking for a worthy MC series, one that sucks you in and gives you a tiny escape from your crazy days, then dive in, S.Nelson has done the job.Bxtches Be ReadingStone (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #2) by S. Nelson | review on

S. Nelson |


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Dr. OB (St. Luke’s Docuseries, Book #1) by Max Monroe

Dr. OB (St. Luke's Docuseries, Book #1) by Max Monroe | Review on

Dr. OB (St. Luke's Docuseries, Book #1) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comDr. OB (St. Luke's Docuseries, Book #1) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comDr. OB (St. Luke's Docuseries, Book #1) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Brace yourself BXTCHES, this warning is about to get pretty wordy and maybe a bit confusing. Dr. OB is the first book in this series, so one would think that you’re about to get in on the ground floor. . .you’re in a good spot, right? I guess in theory you certainly are, but while you’re doing your happy dance. . .I may be about to shut that fun down. Dr. OB is not the very first time we meet Will, which is why this particular BXTCH was so stoked about this book. We actually met this fine fucker way back in Tapping the Billionaire, which is the very first book of the Billionaire Bad Boys series. That book features Kline and Georgia (Will’s sister), we also got a glimpse of Will in Scoring the Billionaire, the third book of the Billionaire series. I tell you all of that, so I can tell you the following. During Dr. OB, the ones that we fell hard for in the Billionaire Bad Boys series, will make some cameo’s in this book, so while those of us who have read the Billionaire series get to play some catch-up, those of you who have yet to be blown away will be missing out. But don’t fret, you won’t be confused, but if you decide to read Dr. OB, and then go back and meet everyone else, you may be spoiled, and not in a “you’re a princess, let me rub you’re feet kinda way.” So, that’s all. . .let’s get to it.

Dr. OB will be brought to us from the POV’s of both Will and Melody. 

If you haven’t figured out what exactly it is that Will Cummings does for a living, I guess I’ll put you out of your misery. . .he’s an OB/GYN, I know, I know. . .what a shock. While he is cruising along in life and doing a wonderful fucking job at it, an opportunity for him to be featured in a docuseries, that will follow him and some other doctors at his hospital, comes his way. He says yes and his life is about to forever be changed.

Melody Marco’s life has gone on a bit of a road trip and not the kind that has your hair blowing in the wind while you sing your favorite 80’s hits as loud as your lungs will allow. No, this road trip has brought Melody right back to her parent’s front door. Being crammed into a two bedroom apartment with her jazzercise crazed mom and her metal loving dad, makes moving out at the top of the to-do list, which means finding a job is paramount, so actually move that to the top of the list.

Luckily for Melody, her mom just happens to be friends with Will’s mom. And Will happens to be in need of a nurse at his practice. And there you have the very condensed story of how Will meets Melody. Now it’s time for the good stuff.

Nursing isn’t Melody’s passion, it’s more like her necessity. Necessity it may be, but once she lays eyes on the very sexy Will Cummings, her fantasy of Scott Eastwood becomes a distant memory (don’t worry, you’ll get it). And like any great rom-com, obstacles make themselves very well known before anyone can reach the very coveted HEA. Of course there’s the employer/employee relationship, that could get in the way. . .there’s also the fact that our hottie doctor spends his days wrist deep in the vag. Add that to the fact that the man has many a woman coming in so that it’s him specifically wrist deep and you can see where a new young lover could have some issues with that. And let’s not forget about the all important docuseries and while I’m not going into any great detail, but considering it’s the premise for the book, it does play a pretty relevant role. Ohhh, but I will tell you that through the show he does earn the nickname Dr. OBscene, okay that’s all I can say about that.

Like I mentioned in my very long winded warning, we get some updates on the Billionaire Bad Boys bunch, while making some new introductions. We met and fell for Will’s parents in Georgia’s story and that love will grow even more in Dr. OB, and you can add Melody’s to the list of ‘rents we all love, because those two will wiggle their way in whether you like it or not. So you see, we got ourselves a great ensemble going here and I didn’t even mention the office staff that Melody finds herself surrounded by. We also have two more books coming up in this series and if the covers are anything to go by. . .we are in for a very early Christmas.

I don’t write books (duh!), but I have read a lot and I have read very funny books that have me headed in the right direction until we meet up in the bedroom, then somehow the action doesn’t flow as well and I wind up losing my erection, and that’s no fun. But, Max Monroe does the job and they do it well. Let’s just say that Will Cummings was given the perfect name. 

I can only hope that Max Monroe blesses us all with the half books that come in between their full novels. It’s hard when you love a particular series so much because the expectation level going into that author’s next series is set pretty high. But there was no letdown here, there was no “sophomore slump”. . .it captivated, it brought the funny, it also brought the sexy, it brought a bit of angsty rom-com drama, so in a nutshell. . .it really hit the spot.  Just take it and use it as the escape that it’s intended to provide, because let’s face it. . .we can all use that vacation.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be Reading

Max Monroe |


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Fling (Cafe Series, Book #2.5) by Jana Aston

Fling (Cafe Series, Book #2.5) by Jana Aston | Review on

Fling (Wrong Series, Book #2.5) by Jana Aston | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comFling (Cafe Series, Book #2.5) by Jana Aston | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comFling (Cafe Series, Book #2.5) by Jana Aston | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Hopefully you have already fallen in love with this funny as fuck series. Wrong (book #1) brought us Sophie and Luke and Everly and Sawyer had their story told in Right (book #2). While we got to meet Sandra and Gabe in book #2, Fling allows us to get to know them on a much more intimate level, but only in 100 pages, but no worries BXTCHES, the job gets done. What I really wanted to tell you is this. . .technically (and I mean very technically), you could go at this book as a stand alone, remember I did said technically. The thing is this, Jana Aston has written a fabulous series that involves so many wonderful characters and to not engulf yourself into their lives and story would not only do you a disservice, but it would also most likely break the heart of Jana Aston. I mean, I don’t know her personally, so I’m just assuming, but not enjoying this series in order would break my heart and I’m just merely a fan, so I could only envision if this was my imagination at work. And since Fling is just 100 pages, my review should be super quick. Should be.

Fling will be told through a dual POV. Both Sandra and Gabe will their shot at telling their part of the story, so hang on tight, it’s gonna be good.

We met Sandra during Everly’s story and Fling is going to somewhat coincide with that timeline. For a re-cap, Sandra is Sawyer’s assistant, Sandra also has a major crush on Gabe, who happens to be the CFO and Sawyer’s partner (and bestie). . .if you remember, Everly cottoned on to the little crush Sandra has on Gabe when they both ran into him in the elevator and once Everly’s matchmaking skills were awakened, she wasn’t gonna let it go. . .remember the New Year’s Eve party? But, I should probably back things up a bit.

During a company meeting, Gabe’s assistant Preston is bored out of his fucking mind, which inspires him to create’s a Sixteen Candle’s style survey, which he encourages Sandra to fill out. Needless to say, she works out of her comfort zone and answers the questions, admitting that Gabe is the one person in the room that she would love to “love”. Since the survey is anonymous, she isn’t worried about Gabe finding out her true feelings (maybe she is a tad bit worried), she also doesn’t expect Gabe to analyze the handwriting either and you can imagine where that gets her.

So, if you remember the New Year’s Eve party from Right, you certainly remember Everly working her magic in trying to bring Sandra and Gabe together, well this is gonna give the other half of that magic. . .the “good stuff”  half. 

Of course, Gabe and Sandra meet up with one another in the throes of passion, but will they both be okay with this just being a fling?

Since this is just a novella, the focus is mainly on Gabe and Sandra, but we do get some of Sawyer, some of Everly, a little bit of Chloe (book #3) and an introduction to Preston. So, even though it’s a compressed story, you will not ever feel like you’re missing out on anything.

It may be hard to fit some good sex in just 100 pages, but Fling is certainly more about the quality than the quantity. Jana Aston wrote it up good and Gabe and Sandra delivered it where it was most effective. I mean just let your imagination run away with that cover. . .that should do it right?

Since Fling is such a quick read, there isn’t a lot of time for the added angsty drama that would make a full length novel riveting. It delivers on the humor, which is where this series shines (that and then some) and is straight to the point. Jana Aston gets right into the satisfying stuff and captures your attention down to the very last page. It may not take you BXTCHES long to finish, but rest assured, it will leave a lasting impression.

**On a side note: When I first began this series, it was known as the Wrong Series, but then I went to get this review ready and according to Amazon, it is now the Cafe Series. So, I’m not really sure which is the correct answer, so I’m gonna go with Cafe for now and change it if need be.

Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFling (Cafe Series, Book #2.5) by Jana Aston | Review on

Jana Aston |     

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The Player (The Player Duet Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg

The Player (The Player Duet Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg | Review on

The Player (The Player Duet Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Player (The Player Duet Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: First things first, let’s all take a brief moment and give praise for that fuck hot cover. Baseball happens to be my favorite, but even if it put me to sleep quicker than an Ambien, I would never shake my head to that cover. Next up on the warning list. . .the dreaded cliffhanger. Now, if you’re a BXTCH who would prefer to turn the final page of The Player while falling back on a bed full of fluffy pillows, with nothing but sweet thoughts of Easton Wylder running through your imagination, well, you’re gonna be a bit disappointed. I mean, you still may drift off with visions of a certain beautiful catcher invading. . .but, you may fall back on your bed of fluffy pillows in a fit of rage, even more so when you realize that book #2 isn’t set to release until June (2017). But, don’t worry your pretty little heads none, the great thing about falling in love with Easton and Scout now is that you can always re-fall with a re-read in June, just in time for book #2. If you choose to wait until right before book #2 is released, then you can do yourself a good ole’ back to back and catch Easton fever then. Life is about choices after all.

We will be getting Easton and Scout’s story through a dual POV-which FYI, is my absolute favorite way to fall in love.

I guess the best place to start is with Easton Wylder. Easton is the all-star catcher for the Aces, who recently had his rotator cuff torn in a dirty play at the plate. With their world class athlete sidelined, the Aces have contracted the best in the business to come in and work his magic, all to ensure that Easton is able to take the field again and do the one thing that is embedded in his DNA. Baseball.

No one is better at putting injured athletes back together than Doc Dalton and with a career that has found him bouncing from club to club, to wherever the injuries call, the one thing missing from his illustrious resume, is a long term contract with a club. However, life has thrown Doc a curveball and when the Aces come calling, requesting that he get their catcher back on the field, he is forced to turnover the treatment to his daughter, Scout. 

Scout Dalton has some very big shoes to fill. Not only is the future of one of the league’s best in her hands, but so is her father’s final accomplishment. Add all that pressure to the fact that she ain’t got a bat swinging between her legs and the hill that she needs to climb is more like a mountain. 

The attraction is instant between Easton and Scout and even though Easton comes wrapped up in a mighty fine package, Scout realizes that the focus word needs to be. . .resist. In her herculean effort to be taken serious, not to mention working her ass off to secure a permanent position with the Aces, she focuses all of her expertise on getting Easton ready by the time required by the front office. Easton has his very own herculean effort to tackle. . .and it involves convincing Scout that she may be able to put her expertise on display in the training room, but he’s the man to put his expertise on display in the bedroom.

Obviously, it doesn’t take too much to realize that an Easton and Scout is going to happen. It’s really about the obstacles that they come face to face with that’s gonna turn their story on its head. There’s Scout trying to prove to any and everyone that she is the right “man” for the job, while trying to separate the relationship she has with her dad and the relationship she has with her mentor. . .who happens to be one in the same. Easton is dealing with the fallout of an injury that would end most careers, but he has a “get game day ready by” deadline and add to that stress is the fact that the play that caused the injury was dirty and intentional and his dad happens to be pretty legendary in the world of baseball himself and his constant nagging reminds Easton that he is not living up to his father’s legacy, so you can see that he has his own personal shit storm that’s brewing around him. So, while you get yourself a pretty great love story here, there’s plenty of twists and turns to keep that love right on the edge. 

Since this story surrounds a baseball team, it should be a no-brainer that we’re gonna get presented with somewhat of an ensemble cast. . .and Bromberg does not disappoint. In my personal (and what I would like to think, professional) opinion, the two most important supporting characters just so happen to be the ones whose shoes Scout and Easton are finding themselves trying to fill. . .those of their fathers. Of course there are other players that fill it in and they add very important layers to this story, some of which I highly hope come to star in their own highlight reel a bit down the line. 

Anytime you throw an athlete in the bedroom or on the field or in a batting cage. . .you can expect a firework show of your very own and ladies, Easton delivers the goods. I have read several books by Bromberg and there has yet to be a book that she didn’t make the toes curls and the panties melt. Whether it’s throw her up against the wall fucking or whispering dirty things in her ear or passionately and slowly making love. . .that BXTCH knows how to activate an imagination.

K. Bromberg knows how to give us what we need even when we didn’t even know we needed it. I’m at a weird crossroads with my sport novels, just when I think hockey is all the rage (I don’t even watch that particular sport) along comes a story like The Player and the reminder of why baseball happens to be my favorite. 

The Player is kicking off a really great series. It has all of the elements one would need to become captivated and lose sleep or forget about the laundry or blow off doing the dishes. . .the right amount of humor, enough drama, plenty of baseball (YUM!), and SEXY, SEXY, SEXY. . .I loved it all. I loved the way my heart raced when the story started to turn a bit towards the serious side or the way I was able to laugh out loud, then had to sneak a peek to see who was watching or the way my libido took notes when we got to the good stuff and even though cliff hangers aren’t really my bag, I gotta say that I loved the way she brought this one to an end. Bxtches Be ReadingThe Player (The Player Duet Series, Book #1) by K. Bromberg | Review on


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