A Beautiful Wedding: A Novella (Beautiful Series, Book #2.5) by Jamie McGuire

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Beautiful Wedding: A Novella (Beautiful Series, Book #2.5)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is a novella, it takes place after Beautiful Disaster. You will now enjoy it AT ALL if you have not first read that book. Now, on with the good stuff.

This story picks up the night of the fire at Keaton Hall and is told through the POV of Abby and Travis. What this novella does is gives you some insight as to why Abby was persistent on her and Travis tying the knot that night.

Of course she loves him, but she also knows the trouble he could be in if he is at all associated with what when down at the scene of the crime. So her solution is to run off to Vegas (which we all know she is not a big fan of) and claim Travis as her husband. Her theory is who is going to believe that Travis had anything to do with what happened at Keaton Hall if they were anxiously waiting to get married.

So, the majority of this book is going to take place in Vegas during the happy couple’s nuptials. The rest (only 3 chapters) will take place 1 year after Vegas.

This was a really good and quick read for me. In Beautiful Disaster, the marriage kinda shot by. After Abby proposed, it was them in Vegas then them on their way home. So we didn’t get really any detail of the actual wedding. What I really liked and honestly somewhat disliked, I know totally contradicting myself, was getting into Abby’s head regarding her plan to marry Travis. In Beautiful Disaster, as the reader, you’re led to believe that it was purely instinctual. They both had a near death experience and Abby was of the mindset of not wasting anymore time, when she knew she loved Travis and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. In this more detailed telling of the story, you know she loves him, but I got the impression, that the wedding was more of a cover to prevent Travis from going to jail. She eventually is able to reconcile her need to protect Travis and her love for him and realize that marrying him is something that she wants to do.

What I love about this book is getting both POV’s. We were able to read Abby’s perspective in A Beautiful Disaster and Travis’ in Walking Disaster, but having them told together was a real treat. While I think that most books are gifts to readers from an author, I really got the feeling that Jamie McGuire wrote this novella to gift her readers with a thank you. I have no complaints with how A Beautiful Disaster ended, I got complete closure with it, however, with this “gift” she gave us something more that I didn’t even realize I wanted until I read it. And then taking the book into a year after the Vegas wedding was just a special bonus for me.

Jamie McGuire knows how to cause you to become addicted to a book, well a Maddox brother. This book is short and super easy to read in just a day. Don’t forget that Travis isn’t the only Maddox brother ready to steal your heart. Trenton Maddox is ready to make you swoon in Beautiful Oblivion and Thomas Maddox will have his story told in Beautiful Redemption. These are books that you are going to read, then continue to re-read and never get tired of the story.

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