A Father’s Fight: Blake & Layla #2 (The Fighting Series, Book #5) by JB Salsbury

A Father's Fight

A Father's Fight: Blake and Layla #2

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A Father’s Fight: Blake & Layla #2 (The Fighting Series, Book #5)

BXTCHES GOTTA WARN: This phenomenal series should most definitely be read in order. But if you are a rebel and decide to go against the rules, you will not enjoy/understand this book UNLESS you have at the very least first read, Fighting to Forgive (Book #2). That book begins the story of Blake and Layla, this book is a continuation. If you chose to “break the rules”, I salute you, but you will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not read book #2 before book #5. Rant is now over.

This book will be told through the POV’s of both Blake and Layla.

Quick recap. In the end of book #2, Layla had just found out that she and Blake were expecting a child together AND Blake had made the very heartwarming decision to adopt Axelle. This book will pick up towards the end of Layla’s pregnancy.

If you remember from Blake and Layla’s first book, Stew dropped the bombshell on Layla that she was gang raped at that party she attended 16 years earlier and he was the one that the pregnancy was pinned on, even though Axelle wasn’t biologically his. This book will kick off at that party 16 years earlier, but no worries, it will not include the rape.

As chapter one begins, we learn of an email that Blake has received. We won’t find out until later the contents, but we know that he is stressed about it and really doesn’t want to worry Layla with it. This is going to coincide with some calls from an unknown number coming into Layla’s phone. Turns out the calls are from Axelle’s biological father. I won’t spoil the story with who the mystery man is, but it will certainly put Layla on edge and have her questioning everything about that night that changed her life forever.

Blake’s brother is also going to make an appearance, and on a side note, I really hope that there is a Braeden book coming soon, but back to this book. He comes with a plea to Blake to go home for a visit. He won’t tell him what’s happening, but there’s enough history from the last book, that as the reader you figure out that it’s pretty significant.

This book is intense, but there are “Blake” moments in this book. The visit to the OB/GYN will certainly have you laughing out loud and his relationship with his brother will bring a smile to your face.

Unfortunately, we won’t get a lot from the characters that we have come to love. But this book is really meant to be more of a focus on the impending arrival of baby Daniels.

I’m not sure how Ms. Salsbury was able to write sex between Blake and a very pregnant Layla hot, but that is what she did. I’m also not sure if I would have been disappointed if this book had no sex in it, since it really was taking a different direction than the others, I’m just glad I wasn’t faced with having to make that decision. It was very passionate, very sexual, and was written with pure love pouring from it.

This book is definitely a “coming of” sort of book. There is a lot of growth, a lot of questions answered, and closure. This is a really quick read, but again, it will make no sense to you if you haven’t read Blake and Layla’s first story. I’m not sure if JB Salsbury is going to continue this series. I believe she has stated that as long as the inspiration is there, she will write. I am one fan who hopes that she continues to get inspired and if my spidey sense is any good, I’m predicting a Killer/Axelle book in the future (insert teenage girl squeal here). This series is too sensational to have it end now. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with the boys of the UFL, then I suggest that you get on board, you will become a fan.

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