Affliction: Knights Rebels MC (Book #2) by River Savage

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Affliction (Knights Rebels MC, Book #2)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn:This is book #2 in the Knights Rebels MC series and PLEASE make sure that you read Incandescent before you tackle this one. There are some events that occur in book #1, that set you up for this book and if you chose to not read book #1 first, then this book is going to be somewhat of an incomplete read for you and the story will not be enjoyed as the author intended.

In this book, the story shifts to Holly and Sy. We got a slight glimpse of their chemistry in the first book, while they connected, there was also a sense that something was holding Sy back. He was moody and very quiet. Of course this could have been a part of his personality, but c’mon, that would be just plain ole’ boring. Well we learn straight from go in this book what it is that has molded Sy into the man he is today and here is fair warning: it is heart breaking.

Rewind seven years and you will find Sy married (to Katie) with a young daughter (Keira), who is his world. The book will kick off with Sy and his wife visiting the doctor and learning that the chemotherapy that their daughter was currently on, failed. As if that isn’t enough to kick Sy in his gut, he also finds out that he is not the biological father to Keira. Cancer eventually claims his daughters’ life and his marriage to Katie spirals out of control to the point of him having to end it. So, this should provide you some insight into the psyche of who Sy is.

To recap from the first book: Holly was shot in the stomach and almost died. Because of this incident she lost the baby that her and Sy conceived in a moment of passion, angry passion, but passion nonetheless. Holly is having a very rough time, mentally recouping due to the shooting. Even though when the first book ends, she shows up to Kadence’s birthday party looking/acting a little like her old self, it is all an act. Her panic attacks are triggered very easily and she is doing what she can to not succumb to the darkness daily.

This book will be told through Sy and Holly’s POV’s, which is always welcome in a book, this time, however, it is necessary. I think that in this case, knowing what is going on in Sy’s head is beneficial to enjoying this book. Especially with the flashbacks of times he spent with his daughter. It really allows the reader to open up and be compassionate towards him, not that he wouldn’t have earned that compassion on his own. It’s just the idea of a big, bad, biker being so gentle and seeing him come to terms with the inevitable (Keira’s death) really showed him in a different light. I know, I’m stereotyping and I’m sorry, but there it is.

For me, this book was more of a love story than Incandescent. In the first book, I felt that the MC was part of the main focus, where in this book, it’s there and there is even a part of the storyline that involves the MC (which will involve Holly and Kadence), but I think that the MC takes more of a backseat in this one. Personally, I think that is good, because the story here needs to focus on the healing of Sy and Holly (individually) so there can be a Sy and Holly.

Lately it seems that a lot of MC reads are being pumped out without a lot of time put into the story. The MC genre is one of my favorites, but it’s hard enough to read a book that is poorly written, but to read one in a genre that I love so much, makes me grit my teeth a little. I do believe that the author here set us up well for this book, with the first book. The timeline in this book will somewhat coincide with the timeline of the first book. It will be like you’re reading some of Incandescent, only through the eyes of Holly and Sy, but it will only enhance this book and actually adds a little more insight to what is happening with them in the first book.

Like I said, for me, this book was really a love story more than anything else. I felt that is was a journey of two people that were so gone inside themselves with grief, that the only ones who could pull them to the light and really see what they had to offer to the world, was each other. There were frustrating moments. It does take Holly a long time to tell Sy that the baby she lost was his. You know his past, so her reasoning was somewhat understandable, it’s just the loss of the baby is what was keeping her under and as the reader you know that if she would just release the pain a little to Sy, she could have begun the healing process earlier. But, a good book that would not make.

There are some lighter moments in this one, I promise. We get to read about the bachelor/ette parties of Kadence and Nix. Which involved a stripper practical joke and a night in jail. They were only mentioned in the first book and this one will go into detail, so that’s fun. And there are some fun moments at the clubhouse with the whole bunch of characters.

The sex, isn’t that what we love about MC reads? Well, it does not disappoint here. She does a wonderful job setting the pages on fire. You know, when I’m reading these books and the sex scenes are almost pornographic, I always wonder if I could write something like that and I have come to the conclusion that no, I don’t think I could. Well, I don’t think I could unless some good liquor and a sex version of Madlibs was involved.

This is a good book. It tells a good story, you will get what you want from this, which is a HEA and to fall in fictional love a little. It was a quick read and was well written. This series will continue with Desertion, which according to Goodreads will be out in 2015. On a side note: check out her website under “books”, there will be a picture that will not disappoint.

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