Bang Switch (Code 11-KPD SWAT Series, Book #3) by Lani Lynn Vale

Bang Switch (KPD SWAT Series, Book #3) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on

Bang Switch (KPD SWAT Series, Book #3) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBang Switch (KPD SWAT Series, Book #3) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagBang Switch (KPD SWAT Series, Book #3) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Most of the time I try to suggest that a series be read in the order written. But, I feel it is my duty to let you know if books in a series can be read as stand-alones (in my opinion anyway). The first two books in this series (Center Mass and Double Tap) kind of go hand in hand because they sort of share the same storyline. But, Bang Switch can certainly be read as a stand alone. Now it will have the characters from the first two books, but not in a way where the reader will be confused. Having said that, let me say this. This is a wonderful series and if you are someone who enjoys immersing themselves in a good series, then you will enjoy it more by reading it in the order written. 

Bang Switch will be told through the POV’s of Memphis and Downey.

Memphis Tennessee Conner. Love the name, love the woman. She is our female lead and she is fierce and she is independent. She’s twenty years old and is currently a college student. Bang Switch is going to kick off with the SWAT team being called out to a law firm where someone is being held at gunpoint. Memphis is a secretary at this law firm. When the gun is discharged, Memphis finds herself covered in a whole lot of Downey. She then finds herself without a job, which forces her finding a new place to live, and that happens to be next door to three very fine SWAT team members.

Due to some serious fucking (there really is no other way to say it) on the other side of her wall, Memphis is having a really tough time sleeping through the night and she’s about ready to bust some balls (literally). Of course, she believes that the fornication is a result of Downey, she finds out differently when Miller fucks his way right through her wall (again, literally). So, in essence the collapse of the wall gives us the beginnings of Memphis and Downey. That and their bonding over their dogs.

Downey is somewhat skeptical about taking on anything with Memphis because of their age difference. However, this skepticism doesn’t last long and well, I think we all know where this is going to lead. I will tell you that Memphis comes from Alphaness. Her father is not only a cop, but he is also part of the Dixie Wardens MC. In fact, the reason that Memphis even finds herself in Kilgore, is because of the over protectiveness of her dad. So, hooking up with a cop wasn’t really at the top of her to do list, of course that all changes the first time she rubs her lady business all up on his very large, very hard cock. The question isn’t about how great the sex is, because let’s face it, the sheets are going to be burning up. The question is, is it only going to be about the sex? 

With every book in the KPD SWAT series, there is a secondary story that surrounds the lead characters and Bang Switch is no different. I’m not going to suck the fun out of the read by telling you what the story is, but I can tell you that is was certainly engaging and Lani Lynn Vale was brilliant by involving almost every character that she presented in Bang Switch.

I so love the supporting cast in this series. First, they’re just very well written and the chemistry between the guys of the SWAT team highlights this. Second, each book seems to start the beginning of the next book, so as the reader, you feel like you already have somewhat of a relationship with the character(s) that will be the feature in the next book. The previous books aren’t left out either. They may not be prominent, but they are there. Kudos to Ms. Vale for writing supporting characters that contribute almost as much to the story as the leads do.

I’m not one that believes sex should be prominent in every book or that a book is just not great unless it’s filled with romp after romp. However, I do think that if an author is going to make sex a pretty important focus in a book, then it should be done right, because if that aspect of the book is poorly written, I do think that it can ruin a book. No worries, the sex in Bang Switch is drunk with lust, passion, and just good ole’ fuck me already, know what I mean? Downey is a man who knows exactly what he wants and that something is between the legs of Memphis. Toes will curl, panties will dampen, sheets will be set ablaze. You may even find yourself hoping for a Downey of your very own.

Right now, today, October 19, 2015, Bang Switch is my favorite of the series, so far (and I have already read book #4). It’s funny, it’s intense, it’s sexy, it’s page turning and even though it’s 300+ pages, it’s a quick read. But my favorite could change, because this series seems to get better and better. I can’t wait to dive into the story of these terrifically written characters and I can’t wait to read the quipiness that she offers prior to every chapter. After reading the first book, I decided I would read the entire series, but really more for closure than anything else. Lani Lynn Vale has made me eat my words. I anticipate the next book, can’t wait to get to the next story. Well done.

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