Banking Her (Billionaire Bad Boys Series, Book #2.5) by Max Monroe

Banking Her (Billionaire Bad Boy Series, Book #2.5) by Max Monroe | Review on

Banking Her (Billionaire Bad Boy Series, Book #2.5) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBanking Her (Billionaire Bad Boy Series, Book #2.5) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBanking Her (Billionaire Bad Boy Series, Book #2.5) by Max Monroe | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is certainly a series that is necessary to read in order. And I’m not saying that because I’m that BXTCH that thinks all series should be read in order. No, I’m saying that because this series MUST be read as written, in order for you to get the full orgasmic enjoyment that it will bring you. The brilliant thing about the Billionaire Bad Boys OR Bad Boy Billionaires, I actually don’t know the true answer to what the fuck this series is called. If you go to, it lists it as “Billionaire Bad Boys”, but if you go to Goodreads or Amazon, it will tell you “Bad Boy Billionaires”, so the only thing that we can agree on it this. . .they are “bad boys” and they are “billionaires”. I listed it as “Billionaire Bad Boys” and it is too fucking late for me to go back and change everything, so back to what I was saying. The brilliant thing about what Max Monroe did with this series is in between each novel is a novella and what that novella does is tie up the previous book, while introducing the next one. And, it does so in 100 or so pages, so the read is quick and the read is fulfilling. 

Banking Her will be told through the POV’s of Thatch, Cassie, Wes, and Winnie.

When we left Thatch and Cassie in Banking the Billionaire (book #2), Cassie was hurling her pregnancy test at Thatch, hitting him square in the forehead. A pregnancy test that she passed with flying colors. When we kick off in Banking Her, well we actually kick off with Wes and Winnie (but more on those two in a sec), so when we get to Thatch and Cassie in Banking Her, we get to witness those two doing what those two do best. . .letting Supercock get up close and personal with Cassie’s cervix (obviously they played that game VERY well previously, so why not keep it going). Putting the fucking aside (I know, I know, it was quite painful for me to even type that), Cassie is busier than a one-armed paper hanger-I’m not too sure what that even means, but you gotta love anytime you can reference Steel Magnolias. Her plan is to do as much work as she can now, so when the time comes for the baby bundle to come along, she can take the adequate amount of time off, great plan, right? While it may be very responsible on her part, Thatch can’t help but stress out and constantly be concerned about Cassie and his future son or daughter. So much so, that his stalking abilities gets promoted to expert level.

Let’s travel back to Banking the Billionaire for a moment. There is a moment where Cassie meets Georgia and Will (Georgia’s brother) for lunch. When Cassie arrives, she meets Winnie. Winnie is Will’s boss and single mother to Lexi. This is where Georgia mentions to Winnie that her boss, Wes (the owner of the New York Mavericks) is looking for a new team doctor. This is the last we hear about it, until the end of the book. . .which is where we learn that Winnie scored the job. We also learn or figure that Winnie and Wes are certainly going to butt heads, professionally of course. I suppose that we also learn or figure that they are definitely going to want to bump other things.

Even though Banking Her is meant to really tie up some ends for Thatch and Cassie, while serving up the beginnings of Wes and Winnie, we still get great glimpses of Kline and Georgia. What was so wonderfully constructed about this entire cast is not only do we get to see how great they are as couples, Thatch’s deep rooted love and concern for Cassie and their unborn child, Kline’s passion for Georgia, but we also get to witness how foundationally strong they are as friends. Georgia’s kicking into a mother hen role with her protectiveness over her godchild, and even though Thatch is entering stalker territory, Kline is supportive and understanding. And they accomplish all of this while making you laugh out loud and when you aren’t busy wiping away the hysterical tears, you’re busy swooning over your newest book boyfriends.

Any pregnant woman can attest to her libido kicking it up many notches while she’s busy cooking the bun. Cassie is no different. An already engaged sex life, goes into overdrive and as someone who has housed three children, it was good to be able say “You get yours, girl!”. But don’t worry, Supercock still has wonderful conversations with Cassie’s chest, while getting some action from between her legs. The only sexual activity that we actually “witness” is between Thatch and Cassie. We get the good feeling vibes and a little dirty talk from Kline and Georgia, while Wes and Winnie are making us suffer through some seriously heavy sexual tension. The one thing that their tension does, is promise hopes of some kick ass commotion in the bedroom. This BXTCH cannot wait!

There isn’t really enough time for any real drama to develop during these novellas and even though I love a good drama, I would rather it not be rushed. I can tell you that Wes and Winnie’s story will prove to be very interesting, we get a pretty good case of blue balls in this book in just wanting more from them, but their story is up next, so our happy ending should be coming soon. I do think that Wes and Winnie may very well stand out from the other couples, mainly because there is a kiddo involved and let’s face it, that should change the entire dynamic of what gets brought to to those pages.

Stay tuned, this shit is gettin’ good!Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingBanking Her (Billionaire Bad Boy Series, Book #2.5) by Max Monroe | Review on

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