Beat of the Heart (Runaway Train Series, Book #2) by Katie Ashley

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Beat of the Heart (Runaway Train Series, Book #2)

We met A.J., the drummer of Runaway Train in book #1 and if you were anything like me, you absolutely adored him. Well, he’s back and this book is all A.J. This story will bring together A.J. and Mia and will be told through both POV’s.

This book doesn’t take place too much longer after Jake and Abby’s story ended, so there’s not much of a time gap between stories. Let’s first talk about A.J. and Mia. There’s not too much to tell about A.J., considering we met him in the first book, he’s the drummer of a hot band and he loves his job and he loves his women. Mia, from the outside looking in, is the total opposite of the type of woman expected to be one of A.J.’s. She’s the head nurse on the cardiac floor at St. Joseph’s hospital. Her family owns a wonderful Italian restaurant, Mama Sofia’s, named after her late, beloved grandmother. She was raised by her father, a former Atlanta Falcon’s football player and she is very proud of her Sicilian roots. She is also going through a very rough time in life. In the last year, she not only lost her grandmother, who helped raise her, but her she also caught her fiancĂ© cheating with a good friend of hers. Add the cheater in with another horrible relationship from her past and her confidence in finding a good man is not very high. But no worries, A.J. is about to come storming into her life.

Surely you remember Frank (the roadie) from the first book. Well, Frank has a heart attack and as tragic as it sounds, it is the fate that brings A.J. into Mia’s world. Sparks fly instantly between A.J. and Mia, but with Mia’s past she is hesitant to pursue anything, casual or not, with anyone at this time. However, she has never encountered a man like A.J. Once he, with the help of her BFF Dee, she is convinced that she deserves to have a little fun and really, what better way to let loose than with the likes of a hot rocker. After their first date and marathon sex fest, they both realize that one night will not be enough, so for 2 straight weeks they get to know each other very well.

Just like in the first book, Mia has a difficult time adjusting to A.J.’s lifestyle of a rocker. When a former flame comes into the picture, Mia has a really tough time accepting the fact that she is a former flame. Where Abby was somewhat quick to forgive Jake for the incident with Bree in the hotel room, Mia’s encounter with Kylie (the former flame) is a lot more challenging for Mia to forgive.

This book does involve a bit more drama than the first book did. There is the drama that surrounds just A.J. being a rock star, but the most drama involves Mia and her lack of trust in men, in general. This alone causes some serious tension between A.J. and Mia, forcing Mia to figure out if she is going to allow her past to dictate her future or if she is going to just let go and allow fate to do its job. She will need to make a decision because an incident (not really the right word, but the only one I can think of here) occurs and she is going to have to figure out if she trusts A.J. enough to put her faith into him.

While there was a lot of sexual tension in the first book, with very little actual sex, this book is full of fantastic f**cking. Katie Ashley wrote a wonderful book, but the way the she was able to put words onto a page and create panty melting sex scenes, was truly masterful. We could all use a little bit of A.J. in the bedroom.

I enjoyed Mia in this book, maybe not quite as much as I did Abby, but I do think that Mia and A.J. were a great match for one another. The one thing that kind of irked me, was Mia’s constant back and forth with her past. Now, I agree that her past is pretty unfair and the things that she has had happen to her would mess with anyone’s head. I just think that she milked it a lot and that played against her fiery, independent spirit. With all of that, I think that A.J. and his boisterous personality balanced it out.

Since this is a series featuring Runaway Train, they are making appearances in this book. The first book took place more on the road and the entire band was part of that scenario, in this book, it’s more about laying the groundwork for Mia and A.J.’s relationship. The band is still around, just more of background characters.

The second book did deliver. It was told really well and read quickly. I love series where each book features a new beginning but allows you to still stay connected with the other stories. I think it allows the reader to really connect with each relationship and Katie Ashley does such a superb job in sucking the reader into each story and not letting go until the last page.

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