Beautiful Bombshell (Beautiful Series, Book #4) by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bombshell (Beautiful Series, Book #4) by Christina Lauren | Review on

Beautiful Bombshell (Beautiful Series, Book #4) by Christina Lauren | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBeautiful Bombshell (Beautiful Series, Book #4) by Christina Lauren | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagBeautiful Bombshell (Beautiful Series, Book #4) by Christina Lauren | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
Beautiful Bombshell (Beautiful Series, Book #4) by Christina Lauren

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Let’s see if I can confuse the fuck out of you for a minute. Before you read Bombshell, you MUST first read Bastard (#1) and Bitch (#2). Now, you should also read Stranger (#3), but that one’s not as necessary as the first two. Max and Sara are prominent in Bombshell, but Bombshell is Bennett’s bachelor party, so you should probably have his full story before you take on this book, hence the suggestion to first read #1 and #2. Never mind, just read the books in order, trust a BXTCH, it will bode well for your entertainment. Because this series is more of an ensemble series, and while each couple gets their own book, they all play a part in each other’s books as well. So, in order to get the full blown Beautiful experience, just read the books in order. For those of you taking notes here you go. . .Bastard⇒Bitch⇒Player⇒Bombshell. We’ll continue this chain as we continue this series. 

Bombshell will be told through the POV’s of Bennett and Max.

We’ve made it through the hate fucking, the break-up, the make-up, the falling in love, and even the part where Chloe is pissed because Bennett beat her to the proposal. Now, we are getting ready for the actual big day (which is actually still several months away) and we find Bennett, Max, Henry, and Will in Vegas for the one last hoo-rah. 

We kick it off in none other than the strip club, okay not a strip club, more of a high end club that exudes a very sexual vibe. It’s not so shocking when you realize that it’s Max who has planned the getaway. Regardless, Bennett is not amused. Surprisingly it’s Henry, the married one, who’s having a great time. Now, Max is almost having to force Bennett to the private room for his own private dancer. Once Bennett begrudgingly makes his way to the room he is quite surprised to find out who his dancer actually is. . .Chloe. That’s right, the ladies are supposed to be in the Catskills for her celebration, but have detoured their way to Vegas. I’m gonna leave the private dance just right here. . .trust when I say that you are going to want to uncover that experience yourself.

Where there is a Chloe, you should probably expect a Sara and boy does she deliver. All I will say about Sara’s visit is this. If you have read Stranger (and if you haven’t, you should now be motivated to do so) just remember Sara and Max’s sex club visit(s) and that’s all I will say about that.

Sara and Chloe aside (they make several appearances in Bombshell) the fun of the story is the relationship between the Beautiful Bastard (Bennett), Stranger (Max), Player (Will), and Henry (sorry, just Henry). Their friendship is so funny and super refreshing. There’s the strip club, there’s a bit of auto theft, there’s kissing a transvestite (don’t really like that word, sorry), there’s a card counting scandal. Bombshell has everything you’d want in a book that takes place in Vegas.

Let’s talk about the cast. It’s really just the core of men. We’ve already gotten Max’s story and you may fall in love just a little more when all is said and done. But I must warn you to get ready for Will. Will is Max’s business partner and the perpetual bachelor (or so he thinks) and really it’s just warming us up for Player, book #4. And I will go ahead and say that after reading Player, Will may very well be my favorite of the series thus far.

While the sex in Bombshell is minimal compared to the other books, the little bit that is there is well. . .the bomb. With the hate fucking that Bennett and Chloe are so good at giving each other and the voyeuristic sex of Max and Sara, all angles get covered and if anything will leave you wanting for more. Regardless of how much fucking there is (or isn’t) in Bombshell, Christina Lauren does not disappoint. Whether the lovin’ is taking place in an actual bed or somewhere in a high end club in Vegas, it’ll all get your heart pumping and loins wanting.

That’s it. Bombshell is short, sweet and to the point. More like a glimpse into “what’s happening” with the Beautiful crew and a way to get us all ready for Will’s story (and boy what a story it is) and the nuptials of Bennett and Chloe. This series is really starting to make this BXTCH very happy and longing for this series to maybe hit the T.V. screen, could you imagine, it would be so fantastic. Anyway, a BXTCH can dream. Christina Lauren. . .you have sucked me in and I am so excited to see where this series takes me. It’s now May 9 (2016) and it’s four books down and five to go. Stay tuned.Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagBeautiful Bombshell (Beautiful Series, Book #4) by Christina Lauren | Review on

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