Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful Series, Book #1) by Jamie McGuire

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Beautiful Disaster

I’m not sure when I actually purchased this book. I purchased it back when iBooks was my main e-reader source (I now use mainly my Kindle app) and unfortunately, I can’t track my purchase date, either that or I don’t know how. Jamie McGuire has another Maddox brother book coming out soon and I figured I need to start at the beginning, the first Maddox brother, so I have just re-read Beautiful Disaster, probably for the 4th time. There’s not many times where I feel pressure in making sure that I properly express my feelings regarding a book. Usually, the words flow well and I know exactly what it is that I want to say. And I really know what I want to say regarding this book, I just want to say it in a way, that if you haven’t read this book yet, you will be dying to do so by the end of this review. So, I hope that I am able to convey my love for this book/series in a way that makes you desperate. 

This book is going to tell the love story of Abby Abernathy and Travis Maddox and it will be told through Abby’s POV. When I say “love story”, the title of the book really says it all, Beautiful Disaster.

Abby is starting a new life at Eastern University. She was starving for a new life, so her and her BFF, America, made a pact and both are eager to start their freshmen year in a new location. I’m not going to give too much about Abby’s past away, you will need to discover for yourself. Just know that she doesn’t come from stability. She was practically raised in America’s home. They may have made a pact with one another, but America comes from a loving family.

Once at school, America starts dating Shepley almost immediately. Shepley’s cousin, Travis, fights in an underground fighting circle, which is how he “meets” Abby. He actually hits his opponent so hard, that blood splatters on Abby, but those are just details. Travis is immediately taken by her and begins to call her “Pigeon”. Abby is attracted to Travis, but knows he is bad news and in order to live the life that she moved for, must not get involved with him. She also sees that he is really a man-whore and girls are constantly vying for his attention in the hopes of bedding him.

Abby appears to not be affected by the great Travis Maddox and this alone has his interest piqued. After a little back and forth, they both decide that they should be friends. But once the hot water heater is busted at her dorm, Abby and America have to move in with Travis and Shepley until it gets fixed. This will eventually lead to “The Bet” that will lead to Abby living with Travis for a month (she loses the bet).

During the month of cohabitation is where we really see the friendship/relationship between Abby and Travis become deep. As the reader, you do start to try to rewrite in your head and wonder why, especially Abby, is holding out so fiercely, but once you know and understand her past, you understand her just a little more. Not to mention, that this is an 18 going on 19 year old. Her relationship experience is very virginal. Plus, Shepley is not a fan of a Travis and Abby together forever. Shepley is very much in love with America and has lost too many relationships because Travis has went after the friend, so he needs for their relationship to be platonic. This is where you will begin to fall absolutely in love with one Travis Maddox.

This is a book about young love, so except a lot of drama. It gets pretty heavy at times. The story will become pretty tense, almost to where you’re afraid to turn the page. You feel what’s about to happen, while some of it will break your heart a little, other parts will leave you quite angry. But isn’t that what makes a book soooooo good? Yes, yes it is.

This is much more than “just a book”, this is a journey. A journey that as the reader, you’re desperate to forge ahead so you can experience what’s about to happen, but also you’re afraid to turn the page, because of what you think is about to happen. For me, that’s a true book. Where you can get angry, then laugh. Cry, then love. All within a span of chapters. I don’t want to give a lot away with this book, because it is too important for you to turn the page and take the journey yourself. This book is more than ideas of self discoveries and first loves. Jamie McGuire has really written a book that has a rainbow of emotions. The main color of that rainbow being LOVE. This book can be read and enjoyed by a range of ages, I’m in my thirties with 3 kids and this book gets me every time. I re-read a lot of books and sometimes after re-reading, I don’t feel the same joy as I did the first time that I read it. Well, this is my 4th time to read this story and each time I feel like I get something different from it.

I know with most of my reviews I pay a little time to the sex in books. I won’t do that here, because that is not what this book is about. Does it have sex? Yes, but I feel that in this book it was the “next logical step” when dealing with Abby and Travis’ relationship and not really written to set your sheets on fire or melt the panties right off of your body.

I may read a lot of books by a lot of different authors, but there are only a handful of authors that for me, really know how to give a book a connection to the reader and Jamie McGuire is one of those authors. Maybe more than any other because I’ve only read this particular series of hers (Beautiful Disaster/Maddox Brothers Series). I may say it a lot, but this is one of those books that NEED to be made into a movie. This is such a wonderful book, I know that I didn’t give it half of the rave that it deserves through this review, but take my word for it, READ THIS!

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