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Well ladies, get ready to fall in love with another Maddox boy. Jamie McGuire has done her job, yet again. This is the first book in her Maddox Brothers Series, however, I suggest (HIGHLY) that you begin your love affair with the Maddox brothers by first reading Beautiful Disaster and fall head over heels for Travis before moving onto Trenton.

This book will introduce us to Trenton Maddox and Cami Camlin and will be told through the POV of Cami. Now this book will coincide with the timeline of Beautiful Disaster. So there will be moments in this book that you will hear from Travis and the going ons of his relationship with Abby as well as other events that occurred in Beautiful Disaster.

Cami is a bartender at the Red Door, you should remember that establishment from Travis and Abby’s story. It is the place to go and be seen. Cami met T.J. at the Red Door, six months ago while she was working. They have been in a relationship ever since, even though he has been in California for the past three months and she rarely hears from him because of his job. When the book begins, she is packed and ready to jet out to California for some much needed T.J. time. However, he has just called to inform Cami that she will have to postpone the trip due to him having to work. Obviously upset, but she understands, knowing that this is what she agreed to when he originally left for California.

Trenton is a tattoo artist at Skin Deep and has had his eyes set on Cami since they were kids (of course she is unaware of this tidbit). He is a frequent patron at the Red Door and one night decides to strike up a conversation with Cami. After lots of talking and some manipulation with a certain 5 year old, who is absolutely adorable, they both agree to be friends. At this point it is glaringly obvious that Trenton wants more from Cami and Cami possibly wanting more from Trenton, it’s just her relationship with T.J. stands in the way.

Their relationship grows even closer once Cami’s brother Coby gets into some financial trouble and Cami is somewhat forced to accept the job as the receptionist at Skin Deep to help him out. It’s important to understand that Cami is from a abusive family. She is close to al of her brothers, it’s just her father that she has a problem with. Earlier in her life, her dad, Felix, was physically abusive to her mother. Her mother made the decision to stay with him, so family gatherings are somewhat uncomfortable, which is why Cami chooses to stay away as much as possible. In one particular incident, Trenton attended a family lunch with Cami and was able to see first hand how much of an asshole her father actually was. In my personal opinion, this is kind of the moment in the book where Cami began to really trust Trenton and the dynamic of their relationship began to change.

Of course, Cami and Trenton eventually get together. After Cami informs T.J. of Trenton kissing her, he immediately gets her on a plane to California. After discussing their relationship, it is determined that it is best for them to go their separate ways. So this opens the door for Trenton, not easily opened. Before Cami leaves for the airport, some things went down that put a strain on the friendship.

Now there isn’t a terrible amount of drama in this story. There is the situation with Cami’s family and of course, T.J.. Throughout the story you kind of wish that T.J. would be some sort of a douchebag, just to make it easier for Cami to let him go, and you know she is keeping some sort of a secret, but will not divulge it to Trenton. I will not divulge it to you, but I will say, be ready, because it is a doozy. 

Once again, Jamie McGuire not only digs deep for her main characters, but writes phenomenal supporting characters. Reagan is Cami’s roommate and the drama surrounding her love life is written so well, that you are reading the book to find out the conclusion to that as well. It takes just as much, if not more talent (in my opinion), to write an asshole character that the readers need to hate as much as it takes to write the ones you fall in love with.  And with Cami’s dad, Jamie encompasses that hate well. I can’t forget to mention Olive, the 5 year old friend/neighbor of Trenton. Their relationship and Trenton’s ease with Olive is just another in the long list of reasons to love Trenton. There are more characters that I could of course go on and on about, but you will discover and you will then understand. With the way that she writes all of her characters, she really offers the reader the big picture of what the book is trying to convey. 

Mentioning the supporting characters and how well written they are almost had me overlooking the main ones. Cami is written really well. She is fiercely independent and has a very witty mouth on her, which I can certainly appreciate. Trenton is written funny, compassionate, understanding, somewhat possessive, determined. I could use many more adjectives, but I’m sure you get the point. 

There was not one thing that I did not love about this book. Jamie McGuire knows how to tell a story and make you want more. She makes it impossible for you to ever say “just  one more chapter”. There is no such thing when reading about the Maddox brothers, so I recommend that you clear your schedule and get ready to keep turning the page. I’ve said it before, but this series of books (The Beautiful Series and now The Maddox Brothers series) are the only books I have read from Jamie McGuire, so it’s weird for me when I say that she is one of my favorites, but that is how good these books are. I CANNOT wait to read Beautiful Redemption, which I will begin soon and also am looking forward in continuing  with the Maddox brothers.

Read this book, read this series (start with Travis). It will become one of your favorites, I promise.

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