Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Series, Book #3) by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Series, Book #3) by Christina Lauren | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBeautiful Stranger (Beautiful Series, Book #3) by Christina Lauren | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagBeautiful Stranger (Beautiful Series, Book #3) by Christina Lauren | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Series, Book #3) by Christina Lauren

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Can you read this as a stand-alone? Yes, I suppose you can if you’re that desperate to dive into Max and Sara’s story. Do I recommend it? Not really. I know that there are 9 books in this series and technically I have only read a total of 4 of them (though, I still need to re-read book #4, so that one may not count) so I may not really know what I’m talking about here, but just go with me for a sec. For me, this is more of an ensemble type of series. While each book may focus on a particular couple, other couples play a part in each book (as far as I can tell anyway), so I really think in order to get the full “Beautiful” experience, you should go in order. Now having said that, I now need to say the following. . .If you do go in order and start with Beautiful Bastard, DO NOT move onto Beautiful Stranger UNTIL you have read Beautiful Bitch. I had already read Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player a very long time ago, which is why I decided to just start from the beginning, I needed to refresh. I re-read Bastard then went to move onto Stranger and was super confused, straight from the first page. The beginning of Stranger finds Chloe and Bennett along with Sara living in New York and I was 100% convinced that Bastard took place in Chicago, so along with other things that had me out of sorts, I went back. . .purchased Bitch. . .then everything fell into place. So, once again for the cheap seats. . .BastardBitchStranger. We’ll cross the other Beautiful bridges when we get there.

Beautiful Stranger will be told through the POV of both Max and Sara.

If you read Bastard, you will remember Sara. She is one of Chloe’s BFF’s. Upon completion of the graduate program in which she was enrolled, she actually leaves RMG for another opportunity. With RMG opening up an office in New York, Bennett offers Sara a job, but with her life in Chicago, she declines. Well, she declines until she realizes her asswipe fiancee has been cheating on her. With that life changing news, Sara decides to take Bennett up on his offer and moves her newly single ass to the Big Apple.

We didn’t get a huge introduction to Max Stella in Bitch, but he was the one who loaned his French villa to Bennett and Chloe. Max certainly has a whorish reputation around New York, one that he will admit he has earned, but will not really apologize for. Just to kinda set you up to understand the “Beautiful Tree” if you will. . .Max knows Bennett from school (college in England). . .Max and Will (book #4) are in business together. . .RMG (Bennett’s company) and Max and Will’s company, do business together.

After Sara’s move to New York, she has made the decision to somewhat let her inhibitions free and go against her typical behavior. She puts her new found self to the test when a girls night out, turns into Sara gettin’ down to the business with a beautiful stranger in the recesses of the club. Turns out the beautiful stranger is none other than Max Stella. Thinking her wild adventure was a one time thing and not really expecting to see the beautiful Brit (ohh yes. . .he is British. . .yummo) again, she is certainly shocked when he shows up in her office.

After running into each other several more times, one of which finds Sara back down on a table with Max pounding pretty hard into her and her really loving the idea that at any time someone could walk in and observe her sprawled out and getting it pretty good. So, eventually it’s decided that Sara is really enjoying the voyeuristic sex with Max and since neither of them are really wanting to dive into a relationship, a monogamous fling is the way to go. . .but with rules. So, what are the rules? Well, Friday is the chosen day, never will they ever meet at one another’s residence, and it will be Max’s duty to send a text to Sara with instructions, if you will, of where to be. With the rules in place, Sara is about to take a walk a bit on the wild side and trust this BXTCH, it is certainly a journey.

Surely you know where this story is headed. I mean. . .a notorious playboy. . .a jilted, somewhat inexperienced almost bride. . .no relationship rule. . .do we really expect for feelings to not get involved? While we may know where this is going, Max and Sara will make sure you have so much fun getting to the happily ever after.

As I said earlier, I do believe that this is an ensemble type of series and we do get a great dose of the cast of Beautiful characters that this series brings, ones we’ve already been introduced to and ones that Stranger will bring to us for the very first time. I do think that Max and Sara could certainly carry this story all on their own, but the way that the entire cast interacts with one another takes Stranger to the next level. This cast offers lots of laughs, love, anticipation, really, just an all around wonderful set of characters that will have you longing for the next book in the series.

Well, if you’ve gotten through the first two books in this series, then you already know that the sex between the characters in these books will curl the toes and ignite the sheets and Max and Sara do not disappoint. In fact, get ready to create yourself a “Fuck-It” list after tagging along on their sexual adventures. And one of those adventures may just involve a camera, some good lighting, and a really fucking sexy Brit (or your significant other, whichever). Like I said earlier, Sara is wanting to come out of her shell a bit and something that gets her juices flowing is the idea of getting caught, so Max’s mission is to set up scenarios where that could certainly become a reality. The only sexual partner she’s had is her ex-fiancee, so her experience is the bedroom is really non-existent. So, enter Max and her world is about to be blown up and yours is about to get introduced to some new adventures. Every lady could use a hot, sexy, and willing Brit. Sara is one lucky lady.

We’re well into this series and next up is the Bennett’s bachelor party in Bombshell and then Will gets his shot in Player. So, it seems like the more we move into this series, the better it gets and the more captivating it becomes. The storylines are fantastic, the characters are hilarious, and the Beautiful ones are definitely book boyfriend material. Three down, six to go. . .stay tuned BXTCHES!Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagBeautiful Stranger (Beautiful Series, Book #3) by Christina Lauren | Review on

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