Beneath This Man (This Man Trilogy, Book #2) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Beneath This Man (This Man Trilogy)

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Beneath This Man (This Man Series, Book #2)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: DO NOT begin this book without first reading book #1 (This Man). The books in this trilogy depend on you reading them in order. They will flow from one book to the next and it is a phenomenal read, so just trust the process and read in order.

Here we are, continuing the story of Jesse and Ava. When book #1 ended, Ava found out that The Manor was in fact a sex club, not a hotel. We can also assume that Sarah the bitch, set the whole thing up. When book #2 begins, Ava is pretty torn up with her relationship status with Jesse. They haven’t spoken and Ava is beginning to wonder which is greater: the pain from losing Jesse or the idea that he is the Lord of the sex manor. If you thought that book #1 had a lot happening, then you haven’t read anything yet.

I’m about to give away a piece of Jesse’s past, but no worries, this is something that was somewhat revealed at the end of  book #1 and comes out entirely early on in this book. Jesse has somewhat of a drinking problem. Ava says alcoholic, Jesse says alcohol is not a problem, it’s just once he has a drink, he can’t stop (denial, right?). Ava leaving Jesse is what triggered his binge and it took Sam convincing Ava to help him, Drew, and John get into the penthouse. Clive is being a little bit difficult and won’t allow the men in to check on Jesse, hence them having to seek out Ava’s assistance. Once Ava gets them in, she continues the journey with them and what is discovered breaks her heart. Jesse has been by himself, drowning his loss in Vodka for five days. Once Ava nurses Jesse back to health, they resume their relationship.

If you thought that “Book #1 Jesse” was controlling and possessive, he has nothing on “Book #2 Jesse”. It’s getting harder and harder for Ava to hide the fact from her boss, that she is in a relationship with a client. Jesse is even more controlling when it comes to Ava going out with Kate and having a few drinks. So much so, that he actually tries to negotiate with Ava. It doesn’t help that events occur on one particular night out and kind of proves Jesse right. There’s also the issue of a client that has requested Ava, who happens to be somewhat of a nemesis of Jesse’s. I’m sure you can imagine Jesse’s surprise when Ava takes him on as a client. All I will say is trample times 100.

There’s also still the issue of Ava’s missing birth control, although I’m sure we can all figure out who is behind the saga of “Who in the HELL wants to see Ava prego?”. The question is why in the world would Jesse want Ava to get pregnant, especially considering their pretty destructive relationship at the moment. But no worries, that particular baby question will get answered in book #3.

As you know this relationship has moved at warp speed since the word go. It has no sign of slowing down any time soon. In fact, Jesse uses one of his famous “fucks” to convince Ava to move in with him. She agrees, but then continues to back out anytime it starts to get a little rough. Which by this point she should know, or at the very least have some understanding of how “crazy” he can get. So her continuing to deny their cohabitation just furthers his crazy.

While the controlling/possessiveness of Jesse is going full throttle in this book, the gentle/loving Jesse is hitting just as hard. You are going to grow to have love/hate feelings towards Jesse. He has moments where even I’m like, “C’mon Ava”, but then he will flip it and do something that makes you swoon. Now, he is still very secretive, in fact it takes Ava issuing a truth fuck of her own to get the answer from him regarding his age and it’s really not that bad, the age that is, the truth fuck almost gives Jesse a coronary. More layers to Jesse will be revealed, and as emotionally charged as the layers are, it is wonderful reading them get peeled back. 

In my review of book #1, I discussed how maybe Jesse shows some abuse tendencies. I think it’s still the same here, so you know how I feel about that. My biggest problem with Jesse in this book, is he most definitely does not practice what he preaches. He is a self proclaimed “trampler”, but when he and Ava attend The Manor’s anniversary dinner, he leaves for an extended period of time to go and comfort another woman. Now, we all know that Ava wouldn’t have gotten two steps without being hauled back. Jesse doesn’t see the issue, he just continues to explain to Ava that he needs to keep her safe. And Ava being a girl in love, accepts it. Maybe not always without a fight, but eventually she conforms to Jesse’s ideas.

Another problem that I had with Jesse (still love him though), is he puts the pressure of his drinking on the shoulders of Ava. She is constantly battling back and forth if something she does is going to cause him to pick up the bottle. There is going to be an incident that takes place that is going to shock the shit out of you, and that was set up by Sarah the bitch, but I won’t tell what it is, because you need the shock of it. Just know that you have been warned.

The same supporting characters are back here, as well as getting to meet Ava’s parents (in person, not just on the phone) and they are pretty fantastic. Sam and Kate’s relationship is still “fun” and we still get Tom, Victoria, Patrick, and Sal. We will also get introduced to several of Ava’s clients, including Mikeal, who is going to cause some problems for Ava and Jesse.

The sex is just as passionate and erotic as ever. Again I will say that the imagination that it takes to come up with some of these scenes is nothing short of awe inspiring. I’m not lacking in my intimate life and even I have moments in this book where I’m like, “whoa!”. She definitely gives the reader some ideas to add to their bedroom activities.

This book will not really leave you on much of a cliffhanger. Once this book ends, you can really figure how book #3 will begin. Book #3 is the final book in this series and in order to tie up all the loose ends it will be very action packed. So I suggest you catch up on your sleep and get ready.

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Beneath This Man (This Man Trilogy)

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