Best Kase Scenario (Hyde Series, Book #2) by Layla Frost

Best Kase Scenario (Hyde Series, Book #2) by Layla Frost | Review on

Best Kase Scenario (Hyde Series, Book #2) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBest Kase Scenario (Hyde Series, Book #2) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBest Kase Scenario (Hyde Series, Book #2) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: I know I sound like a fuckin’ broken record at this point, but NO, this book should not be read as a standalone and I’m gonna tell you why. First, like I said in my review of Hyde and Seek (book #1), the supporting cast is really coming together as an ensemble type of cast (though it’s more so in book #1 than it is here) and that is where we first meet Kase and eventually Harlow. Now, Kase is all up in Piper’s business from the word go, so he is literally in the entirety of the book, so you definitely begin the descent into swoonville in that book. Second, it’s the end of Hyde and Seek that we “get word” that something is or maybe has gone down with Kase and Harlow, we just don’t find out what “it” is until this first of this book. So, in my professional (yes BXTCHES, I said professional) opinion, in order to keep the transition from book to book as smooth as possible, (because who really loves choppy transitions?), just go in order. Don’t sweat it if you haven’t read Jake and Piper’s story yet, we’re only two books in, so plenty of time to get those fingers flying over to Amazon and get going.

And thank you sweet baby Jesus OR Layla Frost (whatever), Best Kase Scenario will be told through the POV’s of BOTH Kase and Harlow (that makes a BXTCH smile).

Let’s start with Harlow. Harlow is one super spread thin BXTCH. On top of school, she’s trying to hold down an internship at the local news station, she also needs to work full-time and help her mom take care of her little sister, which leaves very little time for anything else, serious or casual. When we first crack open this book, we learn almost immediately that Harlow is losing her job at the bar where she works. Now, if you remember correctly, Piper and Jake are pretty close to Rhys, who happens to own his own little joint. . .not to mention, Piper’s BFF Ray has a man who also owns his own place. So, one would reckon that Harlow could just attach her hitch to one of those lush wagons, but Harlow doesn’t really want to rock that particular boat and add any unnecessary tension to the group if something were to go south. So, since she’s pretty desperate for a job, she heads to the one place where she’s pretty much guaranteed to make a pretty penny. The pole. 

Of course, Harlow is not at all interested for anyone in the circle of friends to discover this little secret, but too bad for her that Kase is friends with the owner of the club that she takes it all off for. Kase has certainly noticed Harlow before this particular exposure, but he sure as shit notices her now and that alpha is not a happy one. 

Kase realizes pretty early on that Harlow scares worse than a timid cat and it’s necessary for him to take his time while putting the woo down on her. This proves to be a difficult task for the both of them, but one that ultimately pays off in the end. It takes a while, but Harlow eventually catches on and gives into what her heart (and libido) have wanted since laying eyes on the hottie with the dreads.

There are going to be some elements of suspense (somewhat) that aren’t too terribly challenging to figure out, but will have you working your detective skills. First, there is the constant need for Harlow to work, almost desperate need to bring home the bacon. I won’t spoil anything for you, but my initial sleuthing led me to think that maybe her mom was some sort of addict (that’s not it), I mean she is working as a stripper (nothing wrong with that, but is wasn’t Harlow’s first choice), she is constantly called upon to help with the young sister (Hadley), while always making sure that her mom is okay. Look I’m not going to spoil it, but you’ll learn the secret pretty early on. The rest of the puzzle doesn’t come together until pretty late into the book, which I’m actually okay with, it forces the reader’s mind to somewhat wonder and I always think that makes for some good reads.

I mentioned a terrific ensemble cast earlier and in my review of Jake and Piper’s story as well, they are back for this installment, just not as present as they were in book #1. We get some continuation of Jake and Piper, while still getting to know the other men of Hyde. My only complaint would be this. . .it was difficult to try and guess who gets book #3, because there really wasn’t a strong frontrunner, but that’s just a personal reader problem, not a book problem. The cast extension really reached out to Harlow’s family. Her mom and little sister were wonderfully written and so easy to fall in love with. And there are some more outlying characters that are really just specific to Kase and Harlow’s story, but brought some good depth to a really good story.

Kase pretty much represents what is needed when one is diving between the sheets or hitting up the couch or bending over a piece of furniture. . .I’m sure you get the idea. He is all alpha, mixed with the right amount of dirty and some really sexy sweet tossed in. And Harlow just really enhances that “Kase Flavor”. . .yum!

I think one thing that is good to remember when enjoying a series like this one, is sometimes you’ll notice the same type of theme running through each story. While I don’t really think that it’s good or bad, I do believe it’s usually okay if the book is well written and if the characters do not all hold the same type of traits, and in my (once again professional) opinion, Piper and Harlow are not walking around in the same box and Kase is so far different from anything that Jake offered. So, hopefully you’ve already fell in love with Jake and Piper and are about to move on to Kase and Harlow, and if you have, you’ll notice some similarities between the two stories. I didn’t think it was enough for me to discredit this particular book. The one thing I will say (without confusing you or giving too much away) is the suspenseful drama that unfolds between these pages was a bit more bewildering for me. It was a bit hard to follow, but everything does come together in the end, so it wasn’t really a deal breaker for me.

I have checked out Layla Frost’s website and as of yet (December 2016), I have no clue when book #3 is releasing, nor do I have the first clue about who the book will spotlight. But, stay tuned, hopefully we will find out soon enough.Bxtches Be ReadingBest Kase Scenario (Hyde Series, Book #2) by Layla Frost | Review on

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