Cage (Corps Security Series Book #2) by Harper Sloan

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Cage (Corps Security, Book #2)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: The author does tell you that “Cage is a complete story with a HEA”. This is true, but, this is a series that NEEDS TO BE READ IN ORDER. If you read this series out of order, it very well may ruin the other books for you. Fair enough? Now, lets get to it.

I will start by saying, that if you loved Greg Cage in Axel, then you are going to fall even more in love with him here. This book tells the story of Greg “Cage” and Melissa Larson. The book is told through both POV’s, so you will be able to get into the head of both, which is certainly necessary. (Prologue) This book is going to pick up with Axel and Izzy’s ultrasound appointment. If you remember, Greg was on the phone while waiting for Axel and Izzy, and whatever expression he was wearing on his face, gave Izzy cause for concern. Well, we find out here that he is speaking to an individual that he pays to keep tabs on and give him any news regarding the husband of his sister, the one who murdered her. What he finds out, has him seeing red and will forever alter the course of his life.

Fast forward two years, Axel and Izzy have their baby boy, Nate. While trying to get last minute things together for her upcoming nuptials, Nate gets sick and Izzy is in desperate need for someone to take him to the doctor. Uncle Greg to the rescue. While at the doctor, he lays his eyes on the nurse, Melissa, and knows he wants more. Now, I should tell you that Greg is kinda the equivalent to a man whore. He’s just not interested in the long term, settling down type of relationship, well, so he thinks. And to keep his bed and other parts of his body warm, he is involved with a whole bunch of crazy that goes by the name, Mandy. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know just how deep her crazy runs.

Obviously, Greg gets Melissa. This only happens after a couple of interruptions from Crazy herself. Melissa’s past is just as life altering as Greg’s. I promise, I’m not spoiling anything, but I will let you put the pieces of this puzzle together. Melissa is working hard and living just with the bare necessities, so she can help care for her nephew, Cohen. Cohen was left behind when Melissa’s sister, Fia, was murdered by her husband. Fitting the pieces together yet? Well, Greg figures it out very quickly, and decides not to share the news with Melissa, because he doesn’t know yet where their relationship is headed. And, he also harbors so much guilt, that he blames himself for the murder of Melissa’s sister. It also turns out, that Simon (the abusive, murdering asshole) has a just as crazy mom, who wants nothing more than to get Cohen away from Melissa’s mother. So, it should be quite obvious that this is where the drama and pain will circle around in this book. So, I’m giving nothing more away.

Melissa is fantastic. She holds her own with Greg, which is not easy to do when an “alpha male” is involved. She also does not take any crap from Ms. Fatal Attraction, Mandy. In fact, she actually takes her down in true bad ass style at the bachelorette party. She doesn’t use Mandy against Greg, when she has plenty of reason to. She takes it for what it is, his past. True to any “alpha male” storyline/formula, Greg and Melissa fall in love quickly, which is good, because the pain that they will face in this book will require a lot of support from the other.

The sheets they are a burnin’. I’m not even sure the best way to describe the sex in this book. Forget the “26.2” sticker you see on cars. There needs to be some sort of an “all night long” sticker used to identify marathon sex. These two could consume a shit ton of calories daily and it wouldn’t matter, because it would all be burned away between the sheets. The sex in this book is that hot. But, I gotta know. Am I the only one while reading sex scenes, is trying to picture the functionality of the scene. It’s almost like Twister, boy, I need to get back on yoga. I cannot believe I almost forgot to mention that Cage is pierced, yes there. Not only pierced, but what I guess is referred to as the trifecta. So try and hold on to those vagina’s ladies because it is bound to be a glorious ride. 

Lots of things to love about this book. Greg’s love for Melissa and vice versa is one. The way Greg took to Cohen, unbelievable and kinda orgasmic. The bond that you continue to see grow with this Corps Security family. And Sway, what’s not to love. Here is the ONLY problem I had with this book. When Greg was at a low point, he sees a book that Melissa is currently reading. The book: Withstanding Me by Crystal Spears. If you haven’t read it yet, it features the Breakneck MC, which is run by the President, Braxxon Breaker. That is the fiction book on the table, which I thought was great, until Greg actually seeks out the help of his old friend, Braxxon Breaker. Now, I know that the book I am reading is fiction, but isn’t it weird that Braxxon Breaker is in the book that is sitting on his table and he is going to see him. Shouldn’t I assume that for Braxxon’s line of work, it is very bad for business to have it printed for all to see. Oh well, just a little hang up, not enough to not love this book!

I hope you are enjoying this series. From here, there are at least 4 books remaining (with hopefully more to come) and currently I am on number five. So trust me when I say that the further into the series we go, the more emotionally draining that they are.

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