Chase (Resisting Love Series, Book #1) by Chantal Fernando and Dawn Martens

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Chase (Resisting Love Series, Book #1) by Chantal Fernando and Dawn Martens

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Unfortunately this review isn’t going to be 100% glowing. I read the reviews before buying this book and they were somewhat mixed, but even after reading the negative reviews, I still went for it. I’m not upset about the purchase, I just wasn’t moved to excitement after reading this book. It’s probably just best if we get on with it.

This book is told through the POV of Layla, well it is with the exception of a couple of chapters. And I really don’t want to start off with a negative vibe, but I’m going to anyways. This was one of the first problems I had with the book. Almost 100% of the book is told through Layla, so when all of sudden Chase gets his say, it doesn’t flow well with the book. 

The prologue is short and to the point. It is basically informing the reader that Chase first laid eyes on Layla when he was hanging out with her cousin Ryder and she was just 17 years old. Now it doesn’t appear that she noticed him, just him noticing her, however, Ryder makes sure to warn Chase off of Layla.

Fast forward several years and Layla finds herself getting ready to start college and needs to find a place to stay. She comes across an ad and after checking out the digs and really hitting it off with one of the roommates (in a platonic manner), she decides to go for it. The home is beautiful and she gets to share it with 3 guys. Kade and James are brothers and everyone is getting along great. Their chemistry if fantastic, they are able to joke around with one another, and there isn’t really any sexual tension between Layla and either brother. She’s been informed that the landlord, who also happens to live there, rarely stays the night so there should be any issues where that’s concerned. Little does the landlord know, his new roommate happens to be the very same girl he was warned against several years earlier.

Layla and her BFF Nikki haven’t seen each other as much as they would prefer, and decide that a girls night is just what the doctor ordered. And this just so happens to be where Chase lays eyes on her once again and after recognizing her, makes his move. He takes a passed out Layla back to his house umm. . .her house and since she has never seen the inside of his bedroom, she has no idea where she is when she wakes up the next morning. And this is what kicks off their relationship.

Chase falls fast and he falls hard, which is kind of unusual, especially given his womanizing ways. One could argue that he has been pining after her since the first time he saw her, which would make it not so fast, and honestly, for the reader, that’s the best avenue to take, it makes it easier to wrap your head around. Chase taking himself off of the menu, has upset a large amount of women. And these women have no problems stepping up in front of Chase and letting Layla know that she is just “his newest flavor” and she isn’t going to be warming his bed long. It’s pretty obvious that there is some sort of secrecy with Chase. We know that he is an architect, but considering the amount of women that know/approach Chase, it doesn’t take a lot of detective work to figure out there is something else going on. 

Let’s talk about the good stuff first: The supporting characters. Overall, they were done well, so well in fact, it’s what I liked most about the book. James and Kade were written very well. They were funny, very protective of Layla, and super hot. The silver lining here, I think I will enjoy their books a bit more than this one. I actually thought Nikki was written well too, I just wish that there was more of her. So, the supporting characters really gave this book the shining light it needed.

Along with good, comes the bad and unfortunately it has to be addressed. As expected, this book is going to come with drama. My issue is all of the drama surrounds the relationship of Chase and Layla. And surprisingly it’s not really because of the secrecy, it’s more because of the ladies. For me, there was just too many times that a woman or women approached Layla regarding Chase. Not to mention, there were too many of them that were willing to jump in the bed of James and/or Kade since Chase was off the market. It just made it somewhat unbelievable. Not that I’m looking for any “based on a true story” type of material, but I need it to be better than what was offered. I also didn’t think that the dialogue flowed well. It almost felt a little forced, jagged. Oddly enough I thought that the scenes involving James and Kade flowed wonderfully and were very funny, so I can see the potential there.

I could envision the Alpha that Chase was supposed to be. I saw great glimpses of him at times. I noticed that a lot of readers had issues with his bossiness, I was actually fine with it. I think that most of his bossiness came from him falling so hard for Layla and having the inexperience of relationships more than it did with his Alpha”ness”. I would have really embraced his Alpha attitude if the sex scenes were better. With as much sex as Chase had pre-Layla, I expected more from his character. Because of the seriousness of the relationship, Chase feels that the sexual part should go slow, really slow. I’m okay with that, but in the waiting process, the author should’ve built up more sexual tension and there was none. The sex was almost skimmed over and in a book where there is supposed to be a dominant Alpha, I’m gonna need a little more bed play.

So, by the sounds of it, one would think that I have given up and will not be continuing this series. But, I know that this is a first attempt by the authors and a first attempt deserves a second chance. Anyways, I liked James and Kade, so they definitely deserve a good read. I may not be giving this particular book a rave review, but I will give it another shot.

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