Cheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

Cheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

Cheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van DykenCheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van DykenCheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van DykenBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: I just finished this book. . .for a second time. I should’ve went straight to the keyboard after the first read, but procrastination got to a BXTCH and I had to endure a re-read, but no worries, this booked kicked ass, so it really wasn’t too much of a chore for me. Here is where my shame sets in. During my initial read of Cheater, I realized that this is only the 2nd book by RVD that I have read. Close your mouth, I know. And the real reason I cracked this baby open was because RVD did a stupendous job of promoting it on Facebook, so much so. . .I was sold before even reading the first page. So, I guess I need to add “Read more RVD” to the to-do list. Cheater is book #1 in the Curious Liaisons series and trust a BXTCH, once you have read Lucas and Avery’s story,  you will be eagerly anticipating Thatch and Austin’s story in Cheater’s Regret. . .don’t worry, the wait will end May 23rd (2017).

Cheater will be told through the POV’s of both Lucas and Avery.

I don’t really want to go back and forth in this review, so I’m gonna go out of order. I wanna start with the backstory, don’t freak. . .I’m not spoiling anything. 

Let’s rewind about five years. It’s the rehearsal dinner for Lucas Thorn and Kayla Black. . .middle school sweethearts. . .high school quarterback and the popular cheerleader. . .neighbors. . .laid out HEA. Drunk to-be groom enters the dark bedroom of would be sister-in-law, finds himself in her bed. . .chaos erupts. . .wedding is called off. . .families/neighbors are no longer friendly. . .a cheater is born.

Five years later we meet Avery. Good luck is certainly not on her side, recently out of college, she has just lost her internship and the prospect of having to move back home is about as appealing as living on the street, in fact, the street just might be a tiny bit more enticing. She’s not being forced to pack up things just yet because she has landed a new internship with Grant Learning, working under the VP. So, she may only have enough money for one meal a day, things are looking up, all she has to do is her job well and impress the VP and she ensures herself a permanent position within the company and food in her pantry. With luck on her side, she heads into her new job. . .only to learn that her boss is none other than Lucas Thorn. Lucas Thorn, the man who was once one of her best friends. . .Lucas Thorn, the man who is the reason her mom and dad lost their dear friends. . .Lucas Thorn, the man who cheated on her older sister, but broke her heart in the process.

The “incident” changed Lucas into the man he is today. A man that keeps a lady for each day of the week, except Sunday-that’s reserved for his sister, his logic? It’s not cheating if the other party knows, which each of them are well aware of who the man is that they call “Lucas Thorn”.

I’m not gonna go into detail about the history between Avery and Lucas, just know this. . .their history is pretty profound. They were very close and the “incident” cut Avery really deep. Not because her sister got hurt (that’s certainly some of it), but she lost a very dear friend, someone that she confided in, someone who understood her and appreciated who she was. . .a girl who marched to her own beat and never quite fit in with the image set by her older sisters. And while the “incident” changed everyone involved, things are not always what they seem to be.

While Avery may have been shocked that her new boss is none other than her sister’s ex-fiancĂ© and she still may even feel a bit of rage towards him, she does have enough sense to realize that in order for her to be offered a job when the internship is all said and done, she needs to play nice. So, things are going as good as can be expected, that is until her bestie hooks up with his bestie, lots of wine gets consumed, Avery wakes up in Lucas’ apartment and one tiny little lie to Lucas’ sister flips everything upside down.

With my only other RVD experience being The Bet, one thing I do know however, is her ability to write a phenomenal supporting cast. I mentioned earlier that Austin and Thatch (the respective besties) are the focal point of book #2 and their presence in Cheater will have you counting down the days for the release of their book. We get a thorough introduction to Lucas’ parents and they did not disappoint. Every character written added something to this story, from the lady who trains Avery to the girls who fill out Lucas’ calendar. You laugh when you’re supposed to laugh, you will hate where you’re supposed to hate. Every layer was well thought out and you find yourself not only falling for the main two, but the cast as a whole.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Avery and Lucas will find themselves in bed, minus clothing. But, prior to the dance, the tension produced by their relationship is straight up heavy. When they finally realize that their need for one another is a bit more than the need to worry about whatever fallout may occur, clothes are shed, toes are curled, and tension is released. Their sexual chemistry is on point. It’s hot, it’s seductive, it’s flirtatious. . .it gets the job done and it hits the spot.

There are moments during Cheater that you will find yourself laughing out loud, but it’s the dialogue as a whole that works its magic. It’s funny without being over the top, you won’t always be cracking up, but you will almost always have a smile on your face. Avery’s personality is the type that is funny without trying to be funny, it just is. Lucas is witty and charming and even though he may fuck up to six different girls every week, you never find yourself disliking him. We do get some drama, I mean Avery does fall for her sister’s ex, that would add tension to any family, but it’s things like, dinner with Lucas’ parents and incidents at the gyno and Starbucks and their pumpkin bread and a never ending love for food and a pet spider. . .so much that makes this book captivating and almost impossible to put down. So, even though I had to go through a re-read, all it did was serve as a reminder of how great this story really is.Bxtches Be ReadingCheater (Curious Liaisons Series, Book #1) by Rachel Van Dyken




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