Cooper (Corps Security Series Book #4) by Harper Sloan

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Cooper (Corps Security, Book #4)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is book 5 of 6 in the Corps Security Series and not to sound like a broken record, but if you haven’t read the previous books in this series, you may be slightly confused and very disappointed, especially because this book comes on the heel of the murder of Coop, oops, I gave it away. See that’s what you get for not reading these books in order. Now, let’s go.

This book features Asher Cooper and Chelcie Avery and is told through both POV’s. I don’t really want to bring up the past, but after reading Beck, you should know that Asher is the older brother of Coop (wipe the tear) and during Dee’s attack, Coop and Chelcie relieved their stress with one another that resulted in a pregnancy. As expected, Chelcie is pretty torn up with the death of Coop, not because she was harboring some misplaced love for him, she took the one night stand for what is was: one night. She’s upset because, she never had the chance to tell him about the baby. So, enter Asher, who upon first glance, is attracted to Chelcie. Unfortunately, he is so consumed with grief from the murder of his brother that he can’t come up from the bottle that is drowning his sorrows. Chelcie is equally attracted to Asher, but is conflicted in telling him about the baby. She realizes that the knowledge that she is carrying his brother’s child, may be the catalyst that pulls him from his darkness, but since she is attracted to him, she doesn’t want him to view her in a negative manner.

This book will feature some flashbacks during Asher’s POV. The most important ones, in my opinion, are the ones that flashback to the childhood of Asher and Coop. If you remember, Coop was the one who didn’t believe in relationships and was just content having a revolving door of women. The flashbacks will explain why. They focus on their childhood and their drug addicted, bitch mother. Because of the flashbacks, you will understand why Asher blames himself for Coop’s murder and why his need for revenge is so intense.

Asher and Chelcie finally get it together and actually-get together. She obviously tells him about the baby and they will get their HEA, so he is very excited about the birth of Coop’s baby. This is after Dee and Sway “set” Chelcie up on some very ridiculous blind dates, one of which she is rescued from by Asher. Everything is going very smoothly in their relationship except for Asher’s need for revenge. This is a topic that they do not agree upon at all, but they will work it out in the end.

Asher does have a psychotic CRAZY ex, actually, psychotic is being nice. For as smart and in tune to one’s character as these men are, they sure know how to pick the ex. It’s interesting that they can look at “their woman” and can tell whether or not she is lying or hiding something, but can’t see crazy when it’s sleeping next to them in bed. This particular ex does cause some havoc, but thankfully none too damaging. However, it does bring Emmy back.

There are some pretty emotional, heavy moments in this book. For me, the most poignant was when Chelcie delivered the baby. I won’t spoil, but it was very moving. It was also good to see Asher being brought out of his very dark place, one thing I would’ve appreciated though, was some sort of confrontation with his mother. The flashbacks were enough to establish her as a character and I felt that Asher would’ve gotten true closure being able to confront the one person who planted his roots.

It does seem that the more this series moves on, the more the characters that we’ve come to love start to filter out. They were present in this book, just not as much as in the first couple of books in the series. Dee was more prevalent in this book, because of her relationship with Chelcie. We do see the other characters, it’s just very seldom and with everyone having babies, it would’ve been nice to see where they all were more than what was offered.

Sex, sex, and sex. Well, this is an important part of these books and the sex here is good, not the best that we’ve seen in this series. I will give Harper Sloan credit though, she did a good job writing very passionate sex scenes where the woman is pregnant without it being awkward. It didn’t deter her from still being very vivid in her descriptions, which is always appreciated.

All in all, good book. I’m still reeling from the death of Coop, so this one was a little emotional for me. The series is almost coming to an end, Maddox Locke is next and from what I can tell the last one to get his story told. Stay tuned.

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