Crash and Burn (Hell’s Disciples MC Book 2) by Jaci J

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Crash and Burn (Hell’s Disciples MC Series, Book #2)
BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is just a continuation of The Ride (book #1), so it is NECESSARY to read that book prior to this one. 
So, when I saw that this book was out, I did need to re read (really I just skimmed) the first book in this series (The Ride), so I could have some recollection with what went down. Truth be told, I was actually getting the first book confused with another MC book, so I’m glad I skimmed through.
I read the review for this book and it seemed to me that people were torn with their feelings, and after reading it, I totally understood why.
This book is a continuation of the first book. So it picks up with Tank and Lil where the first book left off. In this book, we really only follow the relationship amongst the MC family (mainly Tank and Lil). It doesn’t really dive into club business like the first book did.
Here’s what you need to know/understand about this book. If you loved Tank in the first book, you are going to REALLY dislike him for the majority of this book. Even though that was true for me, it didn’t cause me to enjoy the book any less. After what happened to Lil at the end of the first book (which is why you need to read it first), he doesn’t really know how to deal with the feelings that the incident brought up and in the process he becomes a MAJOR asshole.  The story is told from both POV’s, and since you are able to get inside of Tank’s head by reading his POV, your heart will break for both of them and what they are going through. So as long as you can be sympathetic toward Tank in this book and give him a wide emotional road to travel down without judging too much, it will be easier for him to win your heart in the end. So, while I may not have cared for him too much for the majority of this book, I tried to read him with sympathy, so I wouldn’t grow to hate him. I won’t give away anything major, but he does redeem himself.
So, if you enjoyed the first book, then buy this book and continue in the journey of Tank and Lil. If you haven’t read the first book, then you need to do so, or you’re going to be very confused (by the way, I do recommend the first book). So in the world of MC books, this is a good one and I look forward to the remainder of the series.

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