Creed (Unfinished Heroes Series Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

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Creed (Unfinished Heroes Series, Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: If you have read Knight (book #1) prior to this book, then fantastic. If you haven’t, then no worries, it isn’t really necessary. Knight will make appearances in this book, but not to the degree that it will confuse you if you haven’t read his story. 

Usually in a series (especially a KA one), the formula is about the same in all of the books in that series. That is not the case here. The only things that Knight and Creed (the books, not the men) have in common are some of the same characters. This book was so very different than Knight, it’s strange to even consider them in the same series. Where Knight focused mainly on the relationship between Knight and Anya and wasn’t too dramatic, Creed is packed with tons of intensity. The main focus of this book is of course the relationship of Creed and Sylvie, and it features every dynamic of it, but it also dives into the complications of their jobs and their relationships outside of each other. The journey to get to their HEA is emotionally deep and extreme, but it is worth every “oh my goodness” moment.

The story is mostly told from the POV of Sylvie. It needs to be said that Sylvie is so badass, that this book could have actually been titled “Sylvie”, no joke. The story will start in current time, but flash back (throughout the book) to the beginning of the relationship between Creed and Sylvie (these flashbacks span about 11 years). Sylvie is an independent PI, who sometimes works with Knight (from book #1) and helps out with the protection of the girls in his side business. Something shady is happening and Knight has called in an outside source to investigate. This source is no other than Tucker Creed, the love of Sylvie’s life and the one person who she thinks abandon her 16 years prior. Now the story begins.

Sylvie and Creed meet when she was just 6 and he was 11. Both come from broken homes, but on different sides of the track. Sylvie comes from money, but also from a father who not only doesn’t care about her, but also is physically and verbally abusive to her stepmother (AKA the stepmonster). Creed comes from a home where his father, his hero, has passed away, and his mother is an alcoholic with different men in and out of her life. To escape the yelling and violence at their homes, they both sneak out into the woods, where they meet one another. Years pass, traditions are made, and love is formed. They have a plan to leave Kentucky the day that Sylvie turns 18, but her dad has another plan, and Sylvie believes for 16 years that Creed left her in Kentucky. So needless to say, their first meeting after 16 years, doesn’t go all that well.

I’m not going to give anything away, because once again, it is a discovery that needs to be made by the reader. I will say, that I enjoyed this book much more than Knight. I think that it is so full of action along with the drama and heartbreak of their past and current relationship, that it just keeps the pages turning. With their relationship spanning so many years, you can feel the authenticity between the two. Creed is more along the lines of the typical KA “Alpha Male Hero” that I’m used to, so like her others, you will fall in love with him. Her supporting characters are well written and developed (not a surprise). Overall, this book is a very good read and I definitely recommend it. Again, I don’t think that you need to read Knight in order to enjoy this book. However, if you want to start the series off right and get somewhat of a backstory, then definitely go in order. Raid (book #3) and Deacon (book #4) are both currently available.

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