Dare (Brothers of Ink and Steel, Book #1) by Allie Juliette Mousseau

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Dare (Brothers of Ink and Steel, Book #1)
So here is another gem of a story that I just so happened to come across. I actually think that it came across my Facebook feed and I sampled it just to see how I felt. After purchasing it, I couldn’t be more pleased.

This book is going to tell the stories of Sophie and Josh and is told through both POV’s. It is going to flashback to both of their dark pasts, while you will know immediately what the situation is with Sophie, it will take a while to reveal Josh’s tormented past.

The book will kick off with Bella (Sophie) and the night she decided to run from the abuse laid on her by her husband, who also happens to be a cop. She’s a new mother with a renewed desire to live for her daughter and realizes the best way to do that is on the run. When we are introduced to Josh, it will be in a flashback. He is being sent to live with his Uncle Cade because of an incident that will not reveal itself until much later in the book. All that is told is something serious has happened and in order to protect Josh it is best that he goes and lives with his uncle, who runs a group home for troubled teens. He also runs a gym where these teens can go and have another outlet for their aggression.

Once Bella, who is now Sophie, has ran from her abusive past, she receives her training in massage therapy and is introduced to Josh after he sustains injuries saving a small child in a house fire, oh yes, he is not only a UFC fighter, but he is a fire fighter to boost. It is determined that Sophie will make a great addition to his fighting staff and after some persuasion, she accepts the job as his massage therapist.

It is clear that there is some serious sexual tension between Josh and Sophie, but Sophie knows that for the sake of her and her daughter, it is best to not become involved with her employer. Once this is relayed to Josh, he throws down a wager. If he hits on Sophie first, he will up her salary to 100K, if she is the first to crack, then he gets his way with her for one night. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these two will hook up, it’s more of a matter of trusting the other with the information from their dark pasts.

I was very pleasantly surprised with this book. The author does a wonderful job telling the story through both POV’s. I didn’t really have too many issues with the storyline, I was a little baffled with why Josh was made a firefighter, when he was not only a very successful UFC fighter, but famous as well. Of course, with all bad ass fighter books, the male is usually some sort of a self proclaimed whore, who when he takes one look at the female lead, he begins to transform, it’s the same here. The one thing that I did appreciate, was the author didn’t allow any confusion between Sophie and Josh by mixing it up with added females, who are also vying for Josh’s attention. That would’ve added way more drama than necessary, especially with all that is already happening.

She did a great job with the supporting characters. Josh’s family was written beautifully and the love that they had for one another just poured from the page. Considering the hate that was projected towards his family at the beginning of the book, it was good to read. I also appreciated her introduction to the entire Ink and Steel gang. It obvious from the title that the subsequent books in the series will involve them. Their stay in the book wasn’t long, but she did just enough to tease you and anticipate the follow-up books. The development of Sophie’s daughter, Charlie was fantastic. The relationship that evolved between her and Josh was heart clutching.

I don’t think that this book was intended to be all about the sex, there was obvious intimate moments between Sophie and Josh. For me personally, this was not the strongest part of the book. I think that the scenes were written well, just not my speed. I do think that the sex was better in the beginning of their union than it was towards the end of the book. That’s not to say you won’t find the scenes hot.

All in all, a very good read. I look forward to the remaining books in this series. If you’re looking for a hot fighter book, know that this story really focuses on the relationship development between Sophie and Josh. It does have some focus on his fighting, but that is not the main storyline here.

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