Devil’s Game (Reaper’s MC Series, Book #3) by Joanna Wylde

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Devil’s Game (Reaper’s MC Series, Book #3) by Joanna Wylde

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Listen up, if you haven’t yet read Ruger and Sophie’s story in Reaper’s Legacy, then you need to do so BEFORE moving on to Em’s story. There is a storyline in book #2 that carries over into this book. I know a lot of times these books can be read as stand alones, this is not one of them. So, don’t bxtch about it, just do it. Trust me, Ruger is hot and his story is pretty damn worth it.

This book will be told through the POV’s of both Em and Hunter/Liam. 

Let’s backtrack a bit. I’m sure if you finished book #2, then you are well aware of who Hunter/Liam is. But for those rebels out there who have decided to go against the grain and read these books out of order (don’t say I didn’t warn you though), we need to clear up some stuff. In the beginning of book #2, when Ruger was moving Sophie out of Seattle, remember the guy from across the hall that Noah was hiding from. If you recall, he was a Devil’s Jack (the rival MC), well an ex Devil’s Jack to be exact. Also if you recall, Ruger and Horse let the Devil’s Jack MC come and clean up their own mess. Well, Hunter was one of the one’s that was sent. In an effort to not confuse you, Hunter is Liam, Liam is Hunter. So, from this point on, we shall call him Hunter, since that is his MC name and all.

Hunter has been assigned the job of collecting info on Emmy Hayes, Picnic’s daughter. He reaches out to her (as Liam, of course) and they strike up a friendship. In fact, you may remember some of that from the second book, Kimber and Sophie encouraging Em to meet up with Liam and hopefully turn in her V-card in the process. Now, Em has always thought that Painter was going to be her one. That all changes when she walks in on him taking on a club whore right on the bathroom sink. And that is the catalyst that speeds things up with Hunter. If you have read Reaper’s Legacy, then you know that it is Hunter and Skid who kidnap Sophie and Em. In that story, it was told from Sophie’s POV, so as the reader we had no idea what was happening on Em’s end, even though we knew something was happening based on the noise that was coming out of her room. In Devil’s Game, we get all the good details. From before the kidnapping to what happened in Em’s room during the kidnapping, which is some crazy stuff, so get ready. Not only are you going to get it through Em’s perspective, but we also get Hunter’s as well.

Em saved Hunter and Skid from being killed by the Reaper’s, at the time it seems it’s because she thinks it will help with the truce that the two clubs have agreed on, but come on, it’s not hard to figure out that as depraved as it is, Em has a thing for Hunter and vice versa. But, as both know, the club always comes first and starting something up is going to be huge uphill battle, really a matter of life and death. And people on both ends aren’t afraid of speaking up and letting both Em and Hunter know how dangerous it will be if they decide to get involved with one another.

While the main storyline in Devil’s Game is that of Hunter and Em, there is an underlying one as well, and that is Em getting out on her own. We get to meet Kit in this book. She is the younger sister of Em and the one who stands up to Picnic and really does as she pleases, making Em envious. So, after the kidnapping, Em decides that it’s time to get out of Coeur d’Alene once and for all and start the process of becoming her own person. Surely, you can see where this is headed.

Of course, Hunter and Em decide to give it a go, going against what either club really thinks. And because of their defiance, there will be a lot of obstacles that are going to stand in their way. I don’t want to spoil a whole lot, but let’s see what I can say without ruining the journey for you. This is a huge deal for both Em and Hunter. One of the concerns of the Devil’s Jacks is, if it were to take off, where would Em’s loyalties lie, to the Reaper’s or Hunter. Also, Hunter has made it clear that he wants an old lady, but doesn’t really believe in love (which is understandable when you read his backstory in the prologue) but he feels a connection to Em and also knows she would make a great old lady, since she understands the life. And neither club is especially welcoming to the other. My only suggestion to you, just sit back and really enjoy the ride.

I’ve said once before that these books get better the further the series progresses and this book just proved that theory. Now, I loved Sophie and Ruger, but I LOOOVED Em and Hunter. For me, this story was more MC than the other two. It was certainly grittier and more criminal in nature, which really adds another layer of excitement. Also, the story flows really well. Even though a good chunk of the first half of the book is spent dealing with the kidnapping and we’ve already been told that part of the story, it didn’t feel like a re-tell at all. And when the book moves into the second half, it sucks you in and engrosses you very thoroughly, it almost dares you to try and put the book down, something that I don’t think you’ll be able to.

The supporting cast of characters are back in this book, however, I do wish we would’ve gotten more of them. We do get a lot from the MC guys here, but in the first two books, Em is such a part of the ladies, so I felt that they should have been a little more prominent here, since Em does go through a lot. But, overall, I don’t think that any lack of character support derailed me from my love of this book.

This book is strung tight with sexual tension. We all know that Em is a card carrying member of the V-Club and that angle definitely adds to the overall strain that both Em and Hunter are experiencing. I’m not sure how you’ll feel after you read the scene in which Em gives it all up. When I first read the scene I think I may have been a little put off, because it’s not really how you expected it to pan out. But, then I got my head together and remembered that I am in fact reading a MC book and Hunter is pretty much all Alpha and so while it may not have been romantic, I wouldn’t remove “hot” from the list of adjectives one would use to describe it. Plus, Em is a twenty-something, dying to rid herself of her innocence, so who am I to complain about how it went down. Bottom line, Hunter and Em have great sexual chemistry and it comes pouring off of the pages.

This is one of my favorite MC series.  There are so many books in this particular genre as of late and sometimes I feel like I’m reading a very poorly written script of SOA, but not this series. It is full of grit, crime, lots of Alpha hotness, great sex, camaraderie, and really everything one needs to use as an excuse to shoo away the kiddos and tell them “not now, mama’s at a good part”. I really don’t think you will be disappointed.

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