Double Tap (Code -KPD SWAT Series, Book #2) by Lani Lynn Vale

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Double Tap (KPD SWAT, Book #2) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comDouble Tap (KPD SWAT, Book #2) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagDouble Tap (KPD SWAT, Book #2) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Okay, so I think that this may be a series where the books can stand by themselves. However, Double Tap needs to be read after Center Mass (book #1) and this is only because the main storyline in the first book carries into this book and that particular storyline is somewhat confusing even after reading the books in the proper order, so imagine skipping book #1. You’ll be super confused.

Double Tap will be told through the POV of both Nico and Georgia.

Nico and Georgia have known each other since they were kids, well Georgia was 13 and Nico was 17. I think even then they both knew they were destined to be with one another. Of course, Nico also knew he had to bide his time and wait for Georgia to grow up. The unfortunate side to waiting. . .life. One minute it seems that everything is falling into place and the next everything is literally ripped right away from you. Just when Nico made his move to let Georgia know that he was interested in her, her world as she knew it would be forever changed when her dad decided to tie up each of his children and his wife and kill them. Fortunately, Georgia survived along with 4 of her brothers. Unfortunately, her mom, dad, and 2 youngest siblings were killed and the next day Georgia and her brothers were gone.

Now it’s eight years later and Georgia is back in Kilgore and it’s not going to take too long for Nico to show up and almost immediately stake his claim. 

There are some things that you need to remember from Center Mass that carries into this book. Really, just the Russian mob storyline. Let me back up a bit. Georgia has returned to Kilgore, accepting a job as a social worker and one of her cases involves baby Angel. That may mean absolutely nothing to you right now, but if you remember from the first book where Luke and Reese really couldn’t have any communication but sort of met up at a Taco Bell?? And remember when the crazy pregnant lady shot Luke, then Nico had to shoot the crazy pregnant lady? Well, the lady died, the baby survived and the baby happens to be no other than, baby Angel. Surely, you can now see where the two (stories) shall twine.

Here’s the thing about Double Tap. There is a lot of stuff going down and it does involve the Russian storyline and it happens to have put Nico smack dab in the middle of it. While some of the outcome is predictable, I gotta say, some of it I didn’t see coming. Because of the drama surrounding the entire book, I can’t give much more away, but I will tell you, it is exciting and definitely keeps the pages turning.

The supporting cast in Double Tap is fantastic. The series does surround the SWAT team of KPD, so slowly through each book, it’s almost as if a foundation is getting laid. The only thing I was wanting more of from this particular book, was Georgia’s brothers. Their chemistry was written well, so you knew that their bond was super strong, even with Darby, who seems to have this “the world is against me” attitude. I just would’ve liked to have had more from that part of Georgia’s life. The rest of the secondary characters do exactly what needs to be done and pull the whole story together. Georgia and Nico’s story is a pretty intense one, so it was nice to have some sort of balance in the book and for me, that’s what the rest of the characters bring.

I’m about to drop your jaw. . .BOTH Nico and Georgia are virgins. I know, shocking. When the fact that Nico is a virgin gets dropped (pretty early on), I really didn’t think that Ms. Vale was going to be able to believably carry out that idea. I was wrong. It was still a bit strange, considering the Alphaness of Nico. I mean this is a man who was a SEAL, he’s a cop, part of the SWAT team, so it was something I had to wrap my head around, mainly because I was probably being a bit sexist and was more like “a man can’t be a virgin!”, but in the end it worked. Having said that, let’s talk about the sex. Virgins or not, the sex was hot. Nico and Georgia were not only meant to be together in mind, but hello, body as well.

This is just a really, really good book. A great story with characters that were so easy to love. This is a pretty lengthy series and while I enjoyed Center Mass, I think I may have enjoyed Double Tap even more, which leads me to think that the further we get into the series, the better it will become. 

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