Down and Out (Knockout Love Series Book #1) by Kelley R. Martin

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Down and Out (Knockout Love Series, Book #1)

This is my first crack at a Kelley Martin read and all I can say afterwards is, where has she been and why did I not know about her. I will go ahead and say that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. I just so happened to come across this book in my Amazon recommendations and decided to download the sample and I could not have been more pleased. And do I really need to mention the cover? Despite what we were taught growing up, I am definitely a “judge a book by its cover” girl and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

This book is told through both Savannah and Declan’s POV. When we first meet Savannah, she is waking up in the bed of a one night stand attempting to put the pieces of the previous night’s puzzle together. You will quickly learn that Savannah uses sex as a coping mechanism and the why behind that will be discovered later in the book. After making the decision to get her shit together and stop sleeping around, she essentially finds herself homeless. This happens after an extremely short stint of working in a strip club. Declan is introduced to us as a typical bad boy who uses women when he needs them and has nothing more to offer. He is a star in the underground fighting circuit and of course, along with that comes a bevy of women. They meet when Savannah notices a “now hiring” sign in the window of Declan’s gym and begs him for a job.

This is really where the story begins, well kind of. Shortly after starting work at the gym, Declan discovers that Savannah is in fact homeless and living in her car. He then offers her a place to stay and now the story can really begin.

The chemistry between Declan and Savannah is fantastic. First of all, neither one has much of a filter when it comes to speaking their mind and it is very refreshing to read. It’s quite obvious from the start that they are very attracted to one another and the sexual banter that goes back and forth between them will have you laughing out loud. They eventually decide to try and make something of the very thick sexual tension that appears whenever they are in close vicinity of one another. While Declan recognizes that the feelings he has towards Savannah are more than he has ever felt towards any female and he is actually willing to see what can come of it, Savannah is being held hostage by a past that failed her in every way imaginable. She doesn’t do relationships, but is willing to forge into a sexual one with Declan.

Herein lies the problem. Savannah opens up to Declan about her very troubled past, but only partly and the part she leaves out explains a lot about who she is now. So of course, this causes problems. They both suffer from a lack of communication and the problem is they work and live together, so imagine not speaking to that person for weeks. Not an easy feat. Like I mentioned before, Savannah’s past is pretty traumatic and Declan has his own demons as well, but none as life altering as Savannah’s. So, as with all stories of this nature, there is a good amount of drama, some predictable, some not, but all very captivating.

There’s not a ton of sex, well intercourse sex, between Declan and Savannah. There are sexual moments that occur between the two of them and those moments are definitely hot and very well written.

I’m going to say something that I don’t want to be construed as anything negative, but it’s kinda easy to compare this story a little to Beautiful Disaster, don’t get crazy, I said a little. I actually didn’t even think of this until after I read the story, so they definitely didn’t interfere with one another. I just think that it’s a good comparison, if you liked Beautiful Disaster, you will like this story. It was very well told, very well written, and the character development is very thorough. Savannah is a very strong female, sometimes too strong for her own good. But she is not someone who is going to get bulldozed, she held her own and I loved that about her. With Declan, usually with the bad/playboy type characters, it takes a while for them to come to terms with their feelings, but not Declan. Once he recognizes them, he goes all out to prove them to Savannah, swoon worthy.

All in all, READ THIS BOOK. It was quick, well for me anyways, this could be because I couldn’t put it down. I read while getting the kids ready for school, waiting to pick them up, if I had a free moment, I was reading. It is fantastic and I’m so excited that I have found another author to read and I cannot wait to read another by this author.

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