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Egomaniac: A Tight Spaces Novel by Vi Keeland | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comEgomaniac: A Tight Spaces Novel by Vi Keeland | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comEgomaniac: A Tight Spaces Novel by Vi Keeland | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: The good news? There is no prerequisite book(s) that need to be read prior to Egomaniac. The bad news? Prepare. Prepare yourself to be sucked in and that BXTCH Vi Keeland is not going to let you go until you have read the last word and find yourself wondering if there is going to be more of Drew and Emerie somewhere in your future. The fantastic news? That fucking cover, Good Lord. . .that is ART!

Egomaniac will be told through the POV’s of both Drew and Emerie.

We’re kicking things off on New Year’s Eve and with Drew Jagger getting back to New York after a vacation in Hawaii. Headed to his penthouse/office (they’re both in the same building-one’s at top and one’s at the bottom), he almost sets fireworks of his own off when he surprises someone who has made herself at right at home, in his office.

Emerie Rose has relocated to New York from Oklahoma, with the hopes of establishing her own practice in the big city. Oh and there’s also Baldwin, the one she is somewhat, maybe in love with. . .the one she has maybe followed to New York. . .but also the one who has friend-zoned her. So yeah, there’s that, but more on that in a bit. Imagine Emerie’s surprise when she found a killer deal for a Park Avenue office. . .the perfect location to set-up her practice for marriage counseling. . .the perfect place that was probably too perfect, which she soon discovers when Drew literally scares the skirt right off of her.

When Drew discovers Emerie in his office, he may have been a bit worried, thinking that a squatter has found a new residence, but the pieces start coming together when he realizes that Emerie has actually been conned, right out of ten thousand dollars, cash. By none other than John Cougar. Well, not the real John Cougar, but poor Emerie didn’t recognize the fake name. Drew does his best to help her by taking her to the police station to file a report, but it’s then discovered that she has an outstanding warrant for indecent exposure from when she was a teenager, so Drew’s time with Emerie is going to be extended a bit, which he finds himself surprisingly okay with.

A little more about Drew. . .he is a divorce attorney, a very successful divorce attorney. He is divorced himself and while I would love nothing more than to jump into those juicy details, the story actually flashbacks to the beginning of that time in his life, so it’s better for you to just ride it out and take it all in. But back to Emerie, Drew puts his lawyering to good work when he helps Emerie out of her indecent exposure scandal, which makes Emerie very grateful, but she is still faced with the problem of being out ten thousand dollars, with no prospective places for her to set up shop.

Eventually Drew makes Emerie an offer she really can’t refuse. With his secretary out of the office for several months, it would help him to have someone assist in answering the phones, so she takes some messages in exchange for rent free office space and Drew gets to stare at her ass as much as her really wants. It’s a win-win all the way around. What could go wrong in an office where one person is helping to keep marriages together and the other is helping take them apart? It’s like a match made in heaven.

It doesn’t take much to realize that Drew and Emerie will find their way to a bed or to the top of a desk or up against his window in his penthouse apartment. Whatever the case, his dick finds its way to her pussy and it’s time to pack em’ up and send em’ home, Drew has found the one. C’mon, he’s not that shallow, it’s not only the pussy. . .Emerie is beautiful. . .smart. . .funny. . .a bit naive. . .tells it like it is. . .many reasons for Drew to fall for Miss Oklahoma. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be the book it is without a bit of angsty drama and Baldwin does have to fit somewhere in the pieces of this romance puzzle, not to mention the ex-wife. It’s all good and bad, but in a good way. I will say this, I’m kinda a whore when it comes to drama between the pages of a really good love story. I love it, it puts me on edge and can almost captivate me like no other part of a book (I said almost), BUT. . .I was falling for Drew so hard, I really didn’t want that small sliver of time where I’m forced to hate him a tiny bit. . .all in the honor of our girl, because you will fall in love with some Emerie. 

We’re not given too much in the way of a supporting cast. But what we do get, is pretty fucking awesome. Roman is Drew’s bestie, has been since elementary and was written so well, I wouldn’t mind a story on him sometime in the near future. We do get Alexa, who is the ex-wife and I’m no author, but I suspect it’s not easy to write a character that you know is going to be hated, but fuck, I bet it’s fun. And trust a BXTCH, you will hate Alexa. Baldwin is walking a thin line, but Drew has his number when it comes to his true intentions, he just needs to get Emerie to see the situation from a different pair of glasses. There is one other character that I’m gonna keep under wraps, but you will love this person and you will fall even harder for Drew because of this person.

Vi Keeland is good at a lot of things when it comes to composing a book. Close to the top of that list. . .the sex. She gets dirty with the best of them and I mean that all around. From creating the tension, to setting the atmosphere, to the dialogue (she creates some toe curling dirty talk), to the actual fucking. . .that BXTCH could give a seminar and save lots of relationships. Just a thought.

I knew Egomaniac was going to be good, I don’t one-click often without first tasting a bit of the sample. Vi Keeland is one of the ones that no appetizer is required. I just dive right in to the meal and go until I can’t take anymore. I finished in one day, what can I say, I was famished. This book offers the gamut of what one needs when seeking an escape. It has a great plot line, it’s funny, it’s sexy, a leading lady who holds her own, provides a bit of tension. . .a fuckhot leading man. . .and it’s all aimed at us, the readers, in an effort to keep us captivated, to help us escape, to provide us with yet another of Vi’s beautiful ones to fall in love with. So yeah, I knew Egomaniac was going to be good, but it was so much more than that.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingEgomaniac: A Tight Spaces Novel by Vi Keeland | Review on

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