Fighting For Flight (The Fighting Series Book #1) by JB Salsbury

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Fighting For Flight (Fighting Series, Book #1)

This story follows the relationship between Raven Moretti and Jonah Slade. The book begins with the birth of Raven. She is the daughter of a prostitute (Milena) and a very well known pimp (Dominick Moretti). Once Raven is born, Dominick informs Milena that she can raise Raven, but when the time comes, she (Raven) will have to work for him. Raven leaves home once she turns 18, she’s a mechanic who works for Guy, who owns the garage where she works.

The story is told from both Jonah’s and Raven’s POV. I really love it when books are told through both the H/h POV. And if an author can really nail the male dialogue, that’s so much better. I think for a book like this particular one, it’s important to understand where both characters are at, mentally. Ms. Salsbury really does a great job at keeping you in the loop with both of them. There is never really any question about where either Raven or Jonah are at during any point in their relationship and that helps with the flow of the story.

Jonah is a hotshot UFL fighter who never offers himself up to the same girl twice. However, he has a car that needs to be restored and heads to Guy’s garage to meet with Ray. He never expected to be knocked on his a** by a mechanic, but that is in fact what happens. After working together in close quarters (his garage) for a while, they can longer deny the chemistry that is pulling them towards one another. Jonah finds himself feeling things towards Raven that he has only really felt towards his mother and sister (not in a creepy way) and Raven finds herself reacting to him in ways that has never happened to her body (she’s a virgin).

On a quick sidenote: I think that it is HOT, that Ms. Salsbury made Raven a hot little mechanic. I love that she can do a man’s job with the sex appeal of a Playboy Bunny. Even better is, she’s not ashamed of what she does at all. Not that she should be, but she doesn’t allow the opinion of others to effect how she feels about her profession. She knows she’s the best and she is not afraid to flaunt it. So fantastic.

I won’t give anything too juicy away, but here’s what I will tell you. Raven’s dickhead father, Dominick, comes back around making demands, that will force Jonah and Raven into the fight of their young lives. It will put their beliefs in check and their love to the ultimate test.

There really isn’t too much as far as supporting characters go. They are there. Raven’s BFF, Eve, is a little needy, but she is good for Raven. The only complaint I have is, while she plays a pivotal role in the plot in the middle of the story, she kinda flickers out towards the end, she’s there, just not as much as you think someone’s BFF should be. Blake is Jonah’s best friend. He is fantastic. Everything about his character is smooth. He is funny as all get out, he is good with the ladies and you can feel the love he has for Raven and Jonah. Blake’s character development is very thorough, this could be because book #2 will focus on him.

Everything about this book is great. It moves very well, without fluff to fill the “in betweens”. Raven is a very lovable heroine. She is funny, her inner dialogue is fantastic. It’s always intriguing for me when an author must transform a virgin with no sexual experience, into a horny little vixen. Sometimes when it happens, it isn’t very believable, but here, it’s done well. As for the sex in this book, it’s hot. Not scorching hot, but still pretty flame worthy. All in all, a very good read. Book #2, Fighting to Forgive, is currently available and will focus on the story of Blake and Layla.

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