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Fighting the Fall (The Fighting Series, Book #4) 

Before enjoying this read, please make sure that you have read the first 3 books in this series. Part of this book will coincide with parts of book #3 (Fighting to Forget), so to fully enjoy the story the way the author intended, please read in order.

I have to say that going into this book, I knew I would like it, but I didn’t anticipate that I would sink into it the way I did AND because of this book, I am now really having a hard time deciding which book of this series to pick as my favorite. 

This book is going to focus on the relationship of Eve Dawson and Cameron Kyle. It will be told through both Eve and Cameron’s POV. Surely you remember Eve from the previous books in this series. She is the BFF to Raven and she was also the one that Vince used to get to Raven in that whole mess with Raven’s father. Cameron is a former fighter and the new CEO of the UFL. He has taken over for Taylor Gibbs, the sleeze from Blake’s story.

Let’s start with Eve. We somewhat have a little knowledge of Eve just from the previous books (more so, book #1), but we are about to really find out “All About Eve”. We learn that Eve’s parents are basically crap, and that’s being nice. Her mother left her and her father when Eve was young and never really looked back. Her dad is a gambling addict who expects Eve to fund him (which she does) and uses hateful words to “motivate” her whenever he is needing a little extra financial assistance. Unfortunately, like any girl who has grown up with “daddy issues” they carry into her adult relationships with men.

Cameron is a former UFL fighter, who in the prime of his career, developed an infection that let to some brain damage. This damage causes him to forget things easily, requiring him to be diligent about writing stuff down. This book will start off 14 years prior and expose the event that changed Cameron’s life forever. At that time in his life he is married and the father to twins (a son and daughter), after being asked by his wife to look after the twins, he forgets and they find his 4 year old daughter, Rose, at the bottom of the pool. I promise, I’m not spoiling anything for you, this all happens during the prologue.

After some serious horrible luck with men, Eve has declared herself gay. This is actual comical to Eve’s friends and they definitely want to set out and prove her wrong. Eve meets Cameron when they both attend an after party and have words over Eve leaving her drink unattended. Left with no ride home and very little money for a cab, Cameron offers/is volunteered to provide the transportation for Eve. This is the point that Eve feels herself resorting back to her old self and gives into temptation by sleeping with Cameron. When he gets up and leaves right after, the high she found during, comes crashing down. 

After Cameron’s one night with Eve, he is having a difficult time getting her off of his mind. So, he does what any man would do, goes back for more. Cameron is 38 and when he inquired about her age, she informed him, falsely, that she was 24. Even though he believed that there was quite an age difference, he figured he could work with 14 years. He soon finds out that Eve is actually 21 and freaks out. A 17 year age difference is a bit much for him to overcome. His son is almost 18, and he feels that her being closer in age to him is a lot to handle.

Of course when Eve shows up to a party, hosted by Cameron, with another fighter on her arm, Cameron feels an emotion that he has never felt before: jealousy. Given his new found feelings, he and Eve decide to make a go at it. Now I should probably point out that Cameron’s ex-wife is a supermodel and a supermodel that Eve idolized growing up. I should also point out that this supermodel is also an alcoholic. The last brought on by the incident with her daughter 14 years earlier.

Poor Eve is going through a lot in this book. First, there’s the issue with her dickhead of a father. He expects her to continuously deposit money into his account every payday and when he is coming up short, he seeks her out and demoralizes her until she agrees to spot him how ever much cash she can spare. He does cause some serious problems for her in the book, but we will not go into detail about those problems here. The second and really big problem for Eve, is her view of her own self worth. She continues to believe that she is never going to be deserving enough for love, the kind of love that Jonah and Raven have. On the flip side of that is Cameron’s issues. He has feelings for Eve, he can at least admit that to himself, but he’s never felt this for any woman, ex-wife included. Fighting has been his true love and now that Eve has come along, he’s not sure what to make of those emotions. An accident occurs that has Cameron facing some serious demons from his past and reevaluating all he knows with Eve.

Usually the back and forth that Cameron has here would frustrate me. But in this particular case, I had more understanding. Cameron is dealing with tons of shit. First, his ex-wife and mother of his children is battling her demons with the bottle and anytime any sort of a crisis (big or small) arises, she seeks out Cameron and he goes running, usually against his better judgement. Even after 14 years, he beats himself up daily over the tragic event involving his daughter. He’s also dealing with the UFL and cleaning up the mess that Gibbs left behind. Then of course, there’s Eve. He’s 17 years older than her, she has a ton in common with his son, she’s feisty, and brings something out in him that I think scares the bejeezus out of him. This is a lot of stuff for him to reconcile.

The usual support comes along for the ride in this book. Raven and Jonah, Layla and Blake, Rex, Killer, and more. They all make appearances in this book and as expected are all very well written.

Ms. Salsbury did not disappoint in the bedroom here. The sex in this book is A-MAZE-ING! Forget the age difference, the sheets and libidos are on fire. Intense panty melting. With the book #3 being so profound, it was somewhat of a relief that this book got back to fire in the bedroom.

JB Salsbury does everything right in this book. She forces (she didn’t really need to twist my arm) you to carve out room for Cameron and Eve. The thing about Eve, is so many can relate to her internal struggles, so to see her eventually spread her wings and realize her worth, was a beautiful thing to read. Even though there are asshole moments for Cameron, knowing his past does soften the blow and given his history, you can’t help but sympathize with his situation. Again, it will be very difficult to place your “favorite” tag on any of the couples from this series, they all bring something so different to the storyline, they all may wind up at the top of the list.

I actually wasn’t sure how I felt about the release of this book. I knew I would read it, just to continue with the series, but I didn’t get the usual excitement that comes along with a book coming out, that was until I read it. It must be difficult (or so I think) to write a book where the leading man is 17 years older than the leading lady and still be able to seduce your reader with your words. That is what Ms. Salsbury does with this book, she completely knocks you off of your expectations and forces you to set new ones. Each book in this series just add to the richness that this series is becoming. It continues to be a page turner, right until the very end. You will not be disappointed.

Book #5 in this series A Father’s Fight: Blake and Layla #2 is out now.

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