Fighting to breathe (Shooting Stars Series, Book #1)

Fighting to breathe (Shooting Stars Series, Book #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on

Fighting to breathe (Shooting Stars Series, Book #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comFighting to breathe (Shooting Stars Series, Book #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagFighting to breathe (Shooting Stars Series, Book #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
Fighting to breathe (Shooting Stars Series, Book #1)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I’m gonna make this warning short and sweet. This book is going to feature Austin Wolf as the lead here and you will remember him if you have read Until Lilly (which surely you have), he was the guy Lilly was sort of dating while she was living with her parents in Alaska. But that is the ONLY connection that this book has to the Until Series. In fact, it is only brought up once and her name is not even mentioned.

Fighting to breathe will be told through the POV’s of both Austin and Lea. However, it is mainly through Lea’s POV that we will get this story.

Fighting to breathe starts out 15 years prior. Austin and Lea are high school sweethearts and have their future planned out. After graduation it’s off to Vegas to get married, then time to grow old together. Sometimes life veers you way off the path you have laid out for yourself and that is certainly what happened to Lea. Her father is a fisherman and weeks before Lea is set to graduate, the unforgiving sea takes his life. This alters Lea’s life and heart forever. Her planned future includes a life with a fisherman and she knows her heart cannot take living in Alaska where she will forever be haunted by her dead father, but she also knows she won’t survive if her one true love suffers the same fate as her father. So, with the support of her mom, she leaves, knowing she is leaving behind a piece, if not all of her heart.

While life may veer you off path, it has a way of getting you back on track and that’s just what happens to Lea 15 years later. Living in Montana and suffering through a failed marriage, her mother needs her back in Alaska. Cancer has struck and her mother needs Lea to help care for her. Living in a small town, she knows she is surely going to run into Austin, though it certainly doesn’t keep her from trying to avoid him. 

Fighting to breathe will force you to ponder the possibility of. . .if it’s meant to be, will it be? Even after being apart for 15 years, can love pick up where love left off, even when a secret is revealed, a secret that kept them apart, does love conquer all? I do believe that you will have your answer by the time the last page is turned.

The supporting cast in Fighting to breathe, was not only wonderfully written, but wonderfully necessary. Not because Lea and Austin are lacking in any sort of qualities, the exact opposite is true, in fact. This is the sort of storyline that needs the relationships that the leading characters have with their ensemble. Before fate bring Lea and Austin back to one another, their relationships with the surrounding story are vital. I actually think that the story Aurora Rose Reynolds created between Lea and her mother (Josie) is just as important to Fighting to breathe as the one she created for Austin and Lea. I will say that the Austin that is created for this book is far from the Austin I had in my mind while enjoying Until Lilly, not in a bad way AT ALL. He totally captivated me, I think I’m becoming quite an imagined slut because my “book boyfriend” list keeps growing and growing. Oh well, this BXTCH will own it. The only thing I missed, but not enough to derail my love for this book, is a little angst involving Austin’s past. There is a girl he is seeing (by which I mean fucking) and this girl believes that her and Austin are a couple, so much so, she is ready to move to him. I sometimes love that sort of drama and kind of wish she would’ve caused a little more trouble for Austin and Lea. But saying that makes me a bit of a real bitch, but a BXTCH wants what she wants.

The sexual chemistry and subsequent sexual tension between Austin and Lea was pouring off of the pages. Their history was so well developed, even if it was only for several pages, that you can feel that their bodies belong to one another. The sex between them was certainly rooted in love, but came to be passionately animalistic at times, and let’s face facts BXTCHES, sometimes that’s the best kind of fucking. Thank you Aurora Rose Reynolds for dirtying it up a bit.

At times, Fighting to breathe is going to hit you right in the feels because it is tragic. But the beauty of this story is coming out on the other side and knowing that the tragedy may have splintered your heart, but having someone there to put it back together is what makes life worth living. 

A beautifully told story by an author who always captures me from the first page, Fighting to breathe may have you catching your breath, but it is going to leave you with a smile on your soul and your imagination longing for more. Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagFighting to breathe (Shooting Stars Series, Book #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds | Review on

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