Fighting to Forget (The Fighting Series Book #3) by JB Salsbury

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Fighting to Forget (The Fighting Series, Book #3)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I’m sure if you are looking to read this book, then you have already enjoyed the first two. While I’m not too sure that it is totally necessary that you read the first two books before this one, I do think it will help you enjoy this series as a whole. These stories will start inter-twining and while it won’t be hard to follow along without reading them in order, it will take away from the depth of the story, which isn’t fair to the author. Anyways, it’s just a tip.

I think that the first two books were fantastic, still do. But this book tugged at emotions in me that the other two were not able to get to. I loved Raven and Jonah’s story and while it was somewhat tragic, it was only in parts. Even with Blake and Layla, she was really trying to distance herself from that of her former life and Blake was helping with that. I do think that some of their story was emotional but for me, Blake was the balance that the relationship needed so it wasn’t too heavy. You do not get that in this book. In fact, I had to periodically put it down, because it was hard to witness the raw emotion, especially from Rex. So, while this book isn’t a lot like the first two, it is a very good read. 

This story will be told from both Mac’s and Rex’s POV. If there is ever a story where this is important, it is this one. We have met both Mac and Rex in book #2. Mac is the waitress at The Blackout, the bar that the band Axatia frequently performs at and the one who befriended Layla when she was new in town. If you remember, Rex is the lead singer for the band and to further spark your memory, it’s the same band that Blake performed in for Layla. I will go ahead and tell you that there will be some shocks and twists in this book, none of which I will give away. I will reveal what I can, without ruining the story for you. You ready?

Georgia McIntyre (Mac) has moved to Las Vegas for only one reason, Rex. Mac’s parents were the foster parents to Rex. They kept him locked in the basement and he was subjected to severe abuse, Mac was his light. They only ever communicated from under the basement door, but her “light” and presence is what has got him through some very tough times.

The unfortunate part is the past is constantly affecting Rex’s present. He’s a fighter for the UFL and welcomes the pain almost like one would welcome a hug or kiss from someone they cared about. Sex is not something he craves or wants, but something he will only do if it is needed. The problem is, he knows he has certain issues and he realizes that they stem from his past. What he doesn’t know is what happened in that basement when he was a small child to cause him to become the adult he is. The one person who does know: Mac.

Mac has loved Rex since she was a girl. The sole reason for her being in Las Vegas is to confront Rex and apologize for the things that happened to him as a child, she feels somewhat responsible. Once she realizes how deep his wounds run, she vows to help him put the pieces of his past back together, but going into detail about his past is something that Rex does not do, so getting close to him is going to be a very tough obstacle for Mac to face. Now, they do start a relationship and Rex begins to open up to Mac, but what happens when Rex finds out the secret that Mac has been keeping from him?

This book is going to take you for a ride. Usually when characters in books are keeping some sort of a secret that is going to define the future of the relationship, I’m the one screaming “Just say it!” and I get frustrated at the character waiting to tell the secret. In this case, I understood the why in this case. It couldn’t have been easy for Mac to harbor that secret for so many years. I felt so much sorrow for Rex, you could feel that his past was going to be very difficult him to overcome, especially because he only talked about it with his therapist. Nobody else knew of the demons he faced every day. But I felt equally compassionate towards Mac. To carry the guilt of a sin you had not control over for so many years is going to fuck you up and you see that page after page in this book.

Like I said, I don’t want to give too much away, but at some point Mac decides she needs to get away from Vegas. This is my only negative with the story. Not so much of her getting away, that I understood. However, I didn’t like where the author sent her. I think that the same outcome could have happened by sending her anywhere else. And, I don’t think that the personal route that Mac chose while away was necessary. I understand demons, I understand it being hard to escape those demons, it was just hard for me to read Mac during that time. It came together in the end, so eventually it worked, I just didn’t like the journey.

JB Salsbury really has written a very emotional, heartfelt series. As I read each book, I appreciate the series more and more. I have finished book #4 and was NOT AT ALL disappointed, it was fantastic. Blake is still my favorite, but I have a soft spot for Rex. I think he was beautifully written and while he had so much to overcome, he never let it defeat him, which is the hardest thing to do, right? Read this book, read this series, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Just be prepared to be swept up in some serious emotional shit.

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