Forever Pucked (The Pucked Series, Book #4) by Helena Hunting

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Forever Pucked (The Pucked Series, Book #4) by Helena Hunting

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: As you can see, this is the fourth book of the Pucked Series and you BXTCHES should know by now that I would let you know if you were able to really enjoy this book without reading the first three. Well, you can’t. Pucked (book #1) is actually Alex and Violet’s story, but the subsequent books in this series still feature Alex and Violet, and in my opinion, they feature them enough that you need those stories to really understand/enjoy this one. Not to mention, Buck and Sunny (book #2), Randy and Lily (book #3) and the other characters that you are certain to fall in love with play an important role in Forever Pucked. So, do yourself a favor and find a quiet corner and one-click the hell out of the previous three books, you’ll be done in no time and you’ll be good and ready for the release of Forever Pucked.

Forever Pucked will be told through the POV’s of Alex and Violet.

So, we know how Pucked Over (book #3) ended, well, I should say we know what was going on throughout the book regarding the pending nuptials of Alex and Vi. The engagement party was a catastrophe, well not a “catastrophe” more like a shit storm that was just brewing away (no worries, it’s fucking funny), and any time one of the mom’s even brought up the wedding, Vi broke out in hives. It wasn’t that she was getting cold feet, she just had a very bad wardrobe malfunction at her mom’s wedding to Sidney that has given her this allergic reaction to anything “Here Comes the Bride”.

When Forever Pucked kicks off, everything is going really well for the group. Buck and Sunny’s relationship is sunshine and roses, namaste. Randy and Lily are as horny as ever. Things are even going well for Charlene and Darren. Even though the guys aren’t having the success on the ice that they experienced last year, Alex is the captain of a pretty good team. Vi’s job is going so good, she’s about to land a really large account of one of Alex’s teammates and the Super MC and Beav are getting along swimmingly. Well, I say everything is going great, that is until Alex has a run in with a rival. . .on the ice. . .during a game. . .well, that’s all I’ll say about that.

It doesn’t take long for Violet to come to the realization of how important Alex is to her and that she is allowing her fear of walking down the aisle run too much of her engagement. Now, of course, once she decides to set the date, the mom’s take over, driving both Alex and Violet crazy. While Forever Pucked is certainly centered around the upcoming “I Do’s”, there really is a lot happening other than that. Like I said at the beginning, we get to catch up with the other couples and even a little from Lance. Alex’s parents (especially mom and her helmet of hair) are pretty present and there is a lot happening with Buck and Sunny. Violet’s job and her success there is also a bit of a focus. All in all, you’re going to get really caught up on all things PUCKED!

Again, the ensemble of this series really shines in Forever Pucked. Laughing out loud doesn’t even describe moments in this book.  Both mom’s are definitely going to give you something to strive for, I feel if I can be anything like Vi’s mom when I get a bit older, then I’ve done something right. While I’m still falling for all of these wonderfully written characters, I’m still longing for more. Lance and Tash keep getting dangled right in front of me, then yanked away, so I can only hope that book #5 is coming to a “one-click” button near me, soon. And Charlene and Darren have a very interesting relationship, they won’t yet admit love, but have a bit of a freaky side when it comes to the bedroom, so there’s another story I’m salivating for. All in all, you read this series for each particular couple, but you get so much more with each book.

With a cock fittingly named Super MC, you can expect some serious panty dropping in Forever Pucked. Alex still isn’t granted any backdoor access (aptly named “Area 51”), but that’s not stopping the Beav and the Super MC from meeting up with one another any chance they get. I have read a lot of “humor” genre books that definitely have me LOL’ing, but when it comes to the sex aspect, it sometimes gets hung up a bit in the comedy and the author forgets about the dirty. Not here, there are moments of humor in the bedroom, but it is mixed with dirty and cock and pussy and boobs, all enough to make you light up a cigarette when your done. Helena Hunting, you did not disappoint this BXTCH at all.

Without saying too much, you know why we are all gathered here, and that is to witness the coming together of hockey hotness and his one and only. The forever after in Forever Pucked is beautiful and in my personal opinion, done the way it should be.

This series makes me happy. As cheesy as that sounds, I’m not sure of any other way to put it. Helena Hunting has created a group of individuals that you long to know (yes, I’m quite aware that they are fictional, but you can let a BXTCH dream). She gives you the escape, even if it’s for a couple of hours. She’ll make you want to go back and get re-introduced to and get Pucked all over again. The way she writes and sucks the reader in, is the reason that I love getting lost in a fictional world, it’s the reason I’d rather open up my iPad than turn on the T.V., it’s the reason I don’t really mind waiting at the doctor’s office, because I know it’ll give me time to indulge. So, thank you to Helena Hunting and all of the others who put their love of the written word and their imagination to use, for our benefit (I’m sure there are other reasons, I’m just a bit selfish), trust a BXTCH when she says, we are grateful.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagForever Pucked (Forever Series, Book #4) by Helena Hunting | Review on

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