The Baller: A Down and Dirty Football Novel by Vi Keeland

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The Baller: A Down and Dirty Football Novel by Vi Keeland

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: There’s not really a warning to issue here except this. . .Jesus Christ Superstar, this is a HOT book. It was super difficult to put down so get ready to lose something, rather it’s sleep time or laundry time or dish time, well who really cares, this BXTCH promises you, it is worth the loss in the end. Sit back and get ready to fall in deep with Brody Easton.

The Baller is told through the POV’s of Delilah and Easton (there’s a 3rd POV as well, but I’ll leave that discovery to you).

Delilah Maddox is about to enter the New York Steel locker room for just the second time in her professional career. Brody Easton is back from an injury and has never been shy about how he feels about women in the locker room. So, Delilah does what any fierce woman would do, stands up a bit straighter and goes for it. While her plan is to look Brody in the eyes and prove that she certainly belongs, her plan is derailed as soon as Brody drops his towel and shows just why his nickname is “Subway”.

Brody knows what he wants as soon as he lays his eyes (and cock) on the beautiful Delilah Maddox and that is to get her in his bed and quick. Unfortunately for him, Delilah is not a hit it and quit it type of gal and unfortunately for Delilah, Brody isn’t really a relationship type of guy. While the sexual tension may be clawing at their libidos, Delilah and Brody decide to just be friends. That is until they decide that the best place to be friends is under the sheets and maybe, just maybe a relationship will work after all.

I should probably give you a bit of a backstory on Brody. Not much of one, because his is a story that will slowly get uncovered and I should not be the one to uncover it all for you. When Brody was a kiddo, his mom passed from cancer. His next door neighbor, Marlene stepped in and filled the maternal role that was missing in Brody’s life. Now Marlene is suffering from Dementia and is in a nursing home. Brody visits her every Tuesday like clockwork. The last tidbit I will give you is this. . .the name Willow will get brought up. . .tossed around. . .you know, the usual, well, Willow is Marlene’s granddaughter and Brody’s ex. I know, I know, random fact, but you’ll get it once you indulge.

Your high school science class has nothing on the chemistry between Delilah and Brody. That is really what The Baller is. . .a story of two people who are very much magnetically drawn to one another in every way possible, but have to learn to let go, in order to move forward. Love is unforgiving when it knows what it wants.

The Baller is a very well-rounded book when it comes to the supporting cast. Delilah and Brody each have their own stories that involve it’s own set of characters (really way more Brody than Delilah) and those characters are almost as captivating as our two leading ones are. Yes, The Baller is a funny and sexy story of two people falling for one another, but it’s the in between, the layers that are going to keep you turning those pages and have you falling.

Throw me up against the wall and rip away my panties. . .the sex in The Baller is everything you’d expect it to be based on the cover from above. I’ve been on a hockey boyfriend kick lately, but the very sexy Brody Easton has me wanting to line up as a center. . .a lot. It’s the combination of sexual tension combined with dirty talk (my favorite) combined with the actual fucking that makes it all very. . .raw.

This isn’t the first book (and won’t be the last) I’ve read by Vi Keeland (it is the first I’ve reviewed though) and each time, I’m captivated. I read this book in a day, putting it down wasn’t really a possibility. Cover to cover, I was hooked. Go ahead, one click it (the book, I mean), Brody Easton is waiting.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagThe Baller by Vi Keeland | Review on

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