The Chronicles of Moxie by Z.B. Heller

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The Chronicles of Moxie (Chronicles of Moxie Series, Book #1)

I’m not really sure how I came across this book, but I will say that I am certainly glad I did. Now, There are several other titles from Ms. Heller, including a soon to be follow up to this book, that I cannot wait to read. I just hope that she adds much more to her resumè, because this book is brilliant.

This book is exactly what the title says: The Chronicles of Moxie and is told through the POV of Moxie Summers. Moxie is a kindergarten teacher in the city of Chicago and has no filter when it comes to speaking her mind. I’m going to be honest and tell you that what I love about this book is that our heroine Moxie, is a curvaceous size 16 and has caught the eye of Mr. Hotness. Now, I’m sure that there are some individuals who would believe that this set-up is unrealistic. Well to those individuals, I say “F” you.

Here is the situation. Moxie is the step-daughter to Martha (who really thinks that she is Moxie’s mother) and Martha is consistently setting Moxie up on dates so she can find “the one”. After another disaster, Moxie and her BFF Renee decide to hit the bar. Once Moxie is is good and wasted, she decides the topic she would like to discuss the most is hairy balls vs. non-hairy balls. And with this discussion comes an impromptu bar survey and while conducting this survey with a super hot guy she proceeds to vomit all over his shoes. Not a problem right? It is a complete stranger after all. But this complete stranger happens to be the father to Dillon, the new student in Moxie’s class.

Dillon, who is so adorable and super smart to boot, and his dad, Miles are new to the Chicago area. Tragedy hit their family hard and they are making a change for the better. From the very beginning you know that Miles is attracted to Moxie, not just the curves but the whole package. While Moxie can read the innuendos that he is sending out, she’s not too sure on how to take them. He is the father of a student and her fellow teacher/sworn enemy, Amber continues to insinuate that her and Miles have something going on and once you put some self-doubt into the head of a women, insecure thoughts will not slow down.

The sex scenes in this book were written really well. It takes some real “moxie” to sneak into a tent at a school wide camp-out and proceed to deliver an earth shattering orgasm. But for me, it was Miles and his wonderfully dirty mouth. He was always quick with some sort of sexual speak that had even Moxie wide-eyed. Overall, the sex (real or talk) was written very, very, well. Maybe not sheets on fire hot, but fan worthy.

This book has a lot of stuff happening. There’s the step-mother, a gay BFF, an arch nemesis in the form of a kindergarten Girl Scout. There’s Amber (her adult nemesis), a sex toy party and even more vomiting. It is really funny and told so fantastically. The supporting characters are very well written and developed. Here’s really the love behind this book. I think that when you can take a character like Moxie and develop her against everything that society says a leading woman should be and do it exceptionally well, you are truly gifted. I also think that it can’t be an easy decision to make your leading lady someone like Moxie. And to also develop her where she is so free-spirited and so sure in who she is for the most part. That really does a positive number on a readers self-esteem. So, applause to you Ms. Heller.

When I read a book, I always try to imagine the book being “live” whether on T.V. or a movie version. This is one of those books that I can certainly see come to life in a T.V. series (cable, of course). This is definitely worth the read and even a re-read. I don’t think you will be disappointed. 

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