The Goal (Off-Campus Series, Book #4) by Elle Kennedy

The Goal (Off-Campus Series, Book #4) by Elle Kennedy | Review on

The Goal (Off-Campus Series, Book #4) by Elle Kennedy | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Goal (Off-Campus Series, Book #4) by Elle Kennedy | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Goal (Off-Campus Series, Book #4) by Elle Kennedy | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Let’s start with some truth. I read this book a while ago, like a little over a year ago. Then some months ago, I decided to give the whole series a re-read because #1: Why not? It’s a great series that makes you laugh and swoon and feel all the feels and #2: I thought it would be best to refresh myself with the first three couples in this series so I could really go all in on Tucker and Sabrina, again. Here’s the deal, I do think that this book could maybe (and that’s a pretty thin maybe) be read as a stand-alone BUT you will certainly lose the camaraderie that comes with this series and I should go ahead and tell you that this books takes place during book #3 (The Score) which is Dean and Allie’s story, so that may be another reason to go in order.

The Goal will be told through both Tucker’s and Sabrina’s POV. 

If you did right by the author and read this series in order, then you should be somewhat familiar with Sabrina. Even though we have already met her, we have yet to get her backstory and what a story she has. To sum it up. . .her home life sucks. . .she’s working a shit ton of jobs. . .her dream is Harvard and law. So, to say her time for relationships is non-existent, is an understatement. No worries, sex is still on the table and athletes are her entree of choice, minus hockey players. . .well that is, until Tucker.

Unlike Garrett and Logan, Tucker’s future doesn’t include pro hockey. His goals involve him moving back to Texas and starting a business, using the life insurance money left by his dad. Little does he know that life is about to change up his playbook.

Even though Tucker is interested in making his time with Sabrina a multiple rendezvous thing, Sabrina did really try to keep it to one time only, but there’s only so many times you can deny those hormones. If you read the previous book, you somewhat know how this is gonna play out, which is why when I tell you the following, I’m not really spoiling anything for you, Tucker did that already in book #3. If you didn’t know that “just the tip” was really a myth, Tucker is about to educate, because he plants his seed straight up in Sabrina’s uterus. 

We sorta already know the jest of this story, but now we are going all in, if you catch my drift and maybe you don’t, but trust a BXTCH this journey is well worth it. 

After reading Dean’s story, I knew that I needed to read this book. Hell, who am I kidding, I knew I was going to dive into this entire series after book #1, Dean’s story just reinforced the fact that I was definitely going to need some closure where Tucker was concerned and Elle Kennedy not only delivers it, she left me with a very satisfied smile on my face. 

One thing I think we all look forward to when we begin a fantastically written ensemble series, is the re-visit of characters that we can’t help but love as we move through the books and The Off-Campus series is no different. We get to not only catch up with Garrett and Hannah, but Sophie and Logan as well. But let’s forget about them for just a second, the thing about this book that was so wonderful, was the fact that it almost follows the timeline of Dean and Allie, so you’re able to really reminiscent about how great that book was, if you read it of course. While Sabrina has her circle that she brings into this story, The Goal really hones in on Tucker and Sabrina, with the support chiming in when necessary. I do believe that this is the final book of this series, but oh me oh my oh, would I love for just one small glimpse into the lives of these characters who have provided much needed laughs and escapes. 

Though I don’t really think any of the guys can measure up to what Dean was bringing to the show (translate: bedroom), they do get close and Tucker was no exception. He made it work in the front seat of a truck for crying out loud, that is some talent and a bit of a treat. Tucker and Sabrina certainly know how to steam it up and Elle Kennedy made sure that the action within these pages is enough to have your toes curled and your face fanned. If it didn’t wash over you by looking at that cover, just look at the Favorite Moments. . .you’ll get it then.

I think the last two books in this series take a totally different turn than the first two. Where Garrett and Logan’s stories were more light hearted, Dean and Tucker took a much different, almost heart wrenching journey. I know I said that you could go straight stand alone with Tucker’s story, I just really hope you don’t choose to. Once you turn that first page on book #1, you will be sucked in and she is not gonna let you go until the closure comes in book #4. Dean’s story was the hardest to get through (in a soul cleansing way) and since Tucker’s story is told contemporaneously, you will have to live through some of the heartbreak again, but you also get to experience the bond that not only these four have, but the bond that develops between the ladies as well. She wrote a family and with each story that family just grows and grows. Elle Kennedy gives great read, but she also gives what everyone is looking for when they turn a page in any book. . .escape. Now there’s nothing left to do but look forward to the re-read. 

Bxtches Be ReadingThe Goal (Off-Campus Series, Book #4) by Elle Kennedy | Review on




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Going Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens

Going Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens | Review on

Going Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comGoing Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comGoing Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is my very first Katherine Stevens book and I’m not even too sure how I lucked upon it. I think it may have come through my Facebook feed, so shoutout to all of you authors who promote each other, because if y’all didn’t scratch each other every once and a while, I would not have Cici or Cole in my world and that’s no fun. Going Down is the first book in this fan-fucking-tastic series, followed by a novella, then the second book and even better news. . .this is part of Kindle Unlimited, so if you subscribe to that service, you can read for free, YAY! The only other warning I can/will give you BXTCHES is this. . .Going Down is going to suck your asses in and hold you hostage, but in the best, most non-lethal way possible. 

Going Down will be told through Cici’s POV.

Cici is an assistant vice president for Barclay Advertising, a job that she happens to love, if only her boss wasn’t a douche canoe. When she wakes up one morning with news that her company has been bought out, mainly because said douche canoe couldn’t keep his dick out of everyone’s lake, Cici has a renewed sort of energy. Things get even better when she finds out via her BFF Maggie (who happens to also be the company’s HR director) that she gets the glory of vacating the spot left empty by her former boss.

With her first day in her new position coming to an end, she finds herself stuck in an elevator with what could only be described as an Elevator God or what could later best be described as an Elevator Sex God. . .yeah, you know where we’re going with this. C’mon, you’re stuck overnight in an elevator with the most beautiful specimen you have ever laid your eyes on, you had already been in a fight with a mime that day, your blood sugar is a bit low from the lack of any real meal, what’s left to do, other than allow this beauty to impale his goodness in you till you feel nothing but his cock for days, it’s not like you’re ever going to see him again.

Cole Danvers has just scored a job with Grantham Media and while it may not be the job of his dreams, it’s a foot in the door with a very reputable company and it’s too good of an opportunity to pass up. On his way to celebrate with his friends, he finds himself trapped in an elevator with a very beautiful albeit peculiar woman named Cici. Well, you already knows where this ride takes them and even after Cici shouts out Grover Cleveland’s name as she reaches her sweet spot, Cole is eager to to have her in his life. That is until she finds out that Cole is in fact her new assistant and there is no hat or glasses large enough to disguise her from him when he arrives to meet her in the office on his first day. 

So, in a nutshell you have Cici, who by all accounts is a feisty lady who encounters her fair share of “incidents” and is somewhat of a rule follower more than she is a rule breaker. Having crazy elevator sex with a complete stranger is something any decent girl would need to share with her BFF, but when the elevator stranger happens to be your new assistant and the BFF is your HR Director. . .well, you surely can understand how claustrophobic the area between the rock and hard place is that Cici finds herself in. Add that to a crazy cat, a trucker fetish, a couple of accidental fires, and so much more and you have yourself one helluva algebraic equation that would be difficult for even the most brilliant of minds to solve.

Going Down delivers when it comes to the supporting cast. I think I’m someone who jumps over the fence a lot on this subject, almost hypocritically. I guess the reality is, sometimes a great book can thrive when it only focuses on the leading couple. . .but when a comedy is at stake, I personally feel that the support that is written, when written fucking awesomely (the word “well” was just too mediocre to use here), really does it’s job and supports. That’s what you BXTCHES are going to get in Going Down. . .while the support circle isn’t too large, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. Maggie is the BFF and this book would not be the same without her and her story is coming in book #2, so brace yourself. Cole’s family offers another layer that will bring tears to your eyes, tears of laughter, but tears nonetheless. Leroy the cat is almost as necessary as Maggie and just as hilarious. All in all, great ensemble, much needed laughter, fantastically written.

From the rom-com books I have read, there seems to be a pretty delicate line when it comes to the sex scenes mixed with the humor. It has to be difficult to make the page sizzle while still keeping the comedy going but, Katherine Stevens, you delivered girl. I am a BXTCH who usually thinks that if laughter is going down during the sex, then the sex is taking the back seat. . .and not in a “pull this car over because I need your cock right now” way, but more in an “ouch, that’s not where your penis goes” awkward kinda way. But that’s not what comes alive on these pages. The funny is still there, but so is the toe curling, dirty talking stuff we all love. So what if we get a bit of U.S. History while we’re at it, that is something we all probably need anyway. . .so consider it a PSA.

This is a fucking funny book. While I consider myself someone with a pretty good sense of humor, there are books that I have come across that some believe to be “the funniest they have ever read” and it causes my forehead to squint in wonder. . .I just didn’t get it. So, if you’re hesitant to take my word for it, then I understand. But, if you are someone who appreciates the kind of humor that Tara Sivec produces, then Katherine Stevens is for you. I wish my stalker detective skills were more on point, these two women have got to share some friendship DNA or something of the like, where’s Maury when you need him?

When I dive into a book, I usually give it an escapability score. Do I find myself jonesing for another hit? Do I look the sandman in then eye and tell him to fuck off, I’m reading? Can I scroll the book through my imagination and envision a movie? If I find myself answering “yes” to most or all of these questions, then I know I have a gem. I know that a reread will be in my future. And when the book is by a new author (to me), then I know I can add another favorite to my list. Thank you Katherine Stevens, your great imagination and storytelling has brought a smile to this BXTCH’S face, your words have my mouth watering for more, your humor brings relief to my soul and laughter to my heart.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingGoing Down (The Elevator Series, Book #1) by Katherine Stevens | Review on

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Hyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost

Hyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost | Review on

Hyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comHyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagHyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Lordy Lou, I’ve been horrible about getting right on reviews after reading some kickass books. Case in point. . .Hyde and Seek was released in April 2015, I actually began the book then, but for some reason (I have no idea what that reason is), I never finished the book. So, several months ago, while perusing Amazon, I came across it again and decided to give it another go. . .this time I finished it in about a day and a half, but once again procrastinated and let the review just fall, which led me to reading it again, which led me right into book #2. So, here is my review for this one, hopefully the review for book #2 will be coming along very shortly. Just remember that Hyde and Seek is the first book in the Hyde Series, book #2 is already out.

Hyde and Seek will be told through the POV of Piper (mostly), there are a couple of times that Jake speaks up and gets his voice thrown in.

Piper is twenty years old, a college student, and very busy running her own baking business. The latter finds her at Hyde’s trying to get some work done on her delivery van, and that is where she happens to lay eyes on the very sexy, much older. . .Jake Hyde. A couple of things you should probably know about Piper before we move on. She lives in Massachusetts, her parents are divorced and even though her dad lives in California, they are very close. Her mother however, offers another story. She would like for Piper to be hair up and buttoned up, very country club, very uptight (for lack of a better word). Although Piper is very good at what she does, her mother doesn’t really take it very serious, she views it more as a hobby than a career. But all of that aside, Piper knows who she is, what her future holds and what it is that she wants and at the moment, she wants. . .Jake Hyde.

Jake Hyde is the owner of Hyde’s. I’m not going to go into too much detail of what it is he does, just know it involves automobiles and is very successful. Of course, one look at Piper and he is immediately interested, but also can see something in who she is and what she offers and knows that she is a long haul kinda chick, not one you can just “fuck and chuck”. It doesn’t help matters that her personality is the kind that just draws people in and that is exactly what she has done with those who work with Jake at Hyde’s, a new circle of friends if you will.

To speed things up a bit, Jake and Piper eventually get together (surely that’s not a shock), but it isn’t without bumps in the road. With Piper trying her best to grow her business, she finds herself the recipient of some unwanted attention, including some straight up spitefulness from some former bitches, which if this BXTCH is honest, is kinda my favorite kind of angsty drama. 

I’ve already indulged in book #2 and I can already tell you BXTCHES that this series is going to be a fantastic ensemble series. While I don’t lean one way or the other with a book that offers its supporting cast more in the ensemble sense or a book that really just focuses on the main couple. If the book is well written and there is a seducing storyline, I’m game, but. . .I really do love it when a book offers the cast of characters as an ensemble and does it magnificently and Layla Frost did just that. Immediately upon diving into Hyde and Seek, you’re greeted by the cast that is going to really round out the story and be the focus in subsequent books, which is why you should certainly plan on reading this series in order. The main focus is of course, Piper and Jake, but the book as a whole, subscribes to the idea of a series. I have no idea if that even makes sense, so I’ll describe it as this. Imagine Hyde as a TV show, each episode may focus on a particular person(s), but you still know everyone and you will still have your favs, you may just have to wait until the next episode before your favorites become front and center.

Let’s get to the good stuff. . .the sex. I’m about to reveal something that may or may not be a spoiler (I don’t really think it is, but what do I know). Piper is a virgin when we begin her story, of course, she’s not when we end her story. . .but her innocence is very believable. I mean, she’s only twenty (almost twenty-one), she’s super busy with work and school, not to mention her mom didn’t really offer her any freedom in allowing her to hand over that precious v-card, so I know a lot of readers don’t really like the idea of their leading lady still being so pure, Layla Frost pulls it off with Piper. Let’s just get to the action. Holy hot balls, Jake is a beast in the bedroom and once Piper unlocks that sultry side of sexuality, all bets are off. Jake brings the alpha, he brings the dirty, he brings the experience. . .your toes may be curling by the time your done.

Hyde and Seek is going to bring a lot in the way of activating your imagination. It is high on the humor, Piper is delightfully funny and wonderfully gratifying as a leading lady. Even though Jake is a bit moody when we turn the first page, he picks it up and it’s not long before you find yourself swooning over him and the way he just loves and worships Piper. Hyde and Seek may be high on the humor, but it also brings the drama and brings it something fierce, it may even blindside you (which is the best kind). 

I know I really just gave you a round about “happening” of the story, but Hyde and Seek has a lot of stuff going on and I really don’t want to provide a lot of spoilers, so I think it’s best to just keep it short and sweet, no worries, there is enough to keep you captivated and the pages turning. Kase and Harlow are up next in book #2 (Best Kase  Scenario).Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagHyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost | Review on

Goodreads TagAuthor Layla Frost | Reviews on

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Leave A Mark by Stephanie Fournet

Leave A Mark by Stephanie Fournet | Review on

Leave A Mark by Stephanie Fournet | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comLeave A Mark by Stephanie Fournet | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagLeave A Mark by Stephanie Fournet | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
BXTCHES Gotta Warn: There isn’t really any dire warnings to issue here, but since I dole out a warning with every review, I didn’t want to give this book the short stick. I actually read this book months ago, but since procrastination is running rampantly through me, I never got around to writing up my thoughts. The silver lining (you gotta look at the good in everything) is I get to re-read it. So, one thing I can certainly tell you is this. . .there is no cliffhanger, there is no waiting for the sequel so you can learn the fate of our two lovebirds, this is just a really good book, cover to cover.

While the third person POV is not my favorite way to read a book, that is how we must enjoy Leave A Mark. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely worth it.

Let’s start with Wren. Throughout the first half (or so) of Leave A Mark, we get flashbacks to Wren’s childhood, which is heartbreaking at best. Wren’s mother, Laurie, is an addict, who continues to bring men in and out of their home. I’m sure you can figure out where that storyline is going to go, but I’m just gonna leave it right there. The only structure that Wren has in her life growing up, is her grandparents-Mamaw Gigi and Papaw Dale. I don’t really want to go into too much about her youth, it’s tragic and life altering, but it’s also something that needs to unfold for the reader as organically as possible. So, back to the current adult Wren. Wren happens to be a very talented tattoo artist, who during one session, has a cyst rupture on one of her ovaries and will soon find out, that it will certainly leave a mark.

Lee Hawthorne is finishing up his OB/GYN residency at the local charity hospital. That is his life’s work, to the dismay of not only his girlfriend, but his dad as well. Having a father who practiced medicine and after losing his mother to cancer, Lee knew that adding a Dr. to his name was the right path to go and even though those close to him would like to see him take advantage of the more financial advantages of becoming a doctor, Lee knows that his passion and calling is within the halls of the local charity hospital. 

While being rushed into emergency surgery is definitely not something to be terribly grateful for (being alive after, however, is), it makes one realize that there is a plan in the works for everyone. It wasn’t just Wren’s beauty that captured the attention of Lee, it was everything that she encompassed. That may not make a lot of sense, so I guess the best way to say it is this. . .the heart wants what the heart wants and in this case, Lee knew that while his heart may belong to someone else, it certainly recognized its soulmate.

Once obstacles get cleared (of course, there will be more in the way) Lee and Wren do get their chance at a very happily ever after. The brush that must be cut down in order to get there is pretty thick. Wren feels that she comes from a very different world from Lee, which is true to a degree. The truth that Wren seems to forget is that even though their backgrounds may contrast, the core of who they are, are meant to be. 

The supporting cast in Leave A Mark gives so much depth to an already enticing story and the author does a fantastic job in almost forcing the reader to have a love/hate relationship with these characters (well, most of the characters). For example, Marcelle is Lee’s girlfriend when we kick off the story. They are committed to the point of marriage being in their future and even when she is a raging bitch to Wren and you’re quickly growing to dislike her, when the axe falls and her relationship with Lee comes to an end AND even though you are doing some fist bumps because you realize that Wren and Lee sitting in a tree is about to unfold, you have real sympathy for Marcelle, everyone can understand heartbreak. Wren’s mom Laurie, while only present in the flashbacks, has great love for her daughter, even if  her not really knowing how to “parent” put Wren in danger, her love for her daughter was never in question. But even aside from those two, Leave A Mark offers the reader so much in terms of a very well rounded cast. 

I wasn’t too sure how the sex was going to play out when I first started this book. I knew that I was going to be okay if the story didn’t offer much in the way of bedroom aerobics. Well, I must say. . .this BXTCH was pleasantly surprised when these two really amped it up. What I loved most about what Stephanie Fournet did when it came to Wren and Lee becoming intimate is how well the chemistry (sexual and otherwise) came alive when the clothes came off. I’m more of a fan of the dirty talking, rough, up against the wall sex. . .not so much of the making love, gently sex. But, what was great here is while it gave us the dirty talking, roughness that comes with great “alpha” romances (even though I wouldn’t categorize Lee as “alpha”), you really got a sense of the love from the get go. I’m not sure how hard that is to do when an author sits down to get dirty, but regardless of the difficulty, she did it beautifully.

Leave A Mark is just a good love story. And I say that with sincerity. I mean the backstory that Wren has to work through is intriguing, but all in all, start to finish, this is just a story about two people finding their other half. I’m usually someone who enjoys my leading man to show off a bit of his asshole side, then find his redemption, while the reader falls head over heels. Lee doesn’t offer that. I mean there is a scene or two where some readers may see him as being a bit of a prick, but overall he is just a really good guy, someone who is imperfectly perfect. Wren offers a different take on what a heroine can be. While being fiercely independent, she has her moments where she doesn’t really understand her worth. While being uniquely beautiful, she doesn’t always understand why Lee chose her. I just love heroines who are beautifully flawed and offers the reader a chance to maybe see the world through a different set of glasses. 

I really am not trying to downplay the greatness that is this book, it is so well put together, it is a story that is so well told, that the only way I can think to describe it is. . .simplistically beautiful.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagLeave A Mark by Stephanie Fournet | Review on

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It Ends With Us: A Novel by Colleen Hoover

It Ends With Us: A Novel by Colleen Hoover | Review on

It Ends With Us: A Novel by Colleen Hoover | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comIt Ends With Us: A Novel by Colleen Hoover | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
BXTCHES Gotta Warn: While I have not read every word Colleen Hoover has every written, don’t worry you can hang me by my big toe later, after It Ends With Us, I kinda realize why that is now. There was no doubt in my mind that this book was going to undo me, it is Colleen Hoover after all, my obstacle is figuring out how to put my emotions into words that will do them justice. It shouldn’t be that difficult, right? There’s only 26 letters to choose from. . .well I guess we’ll see how it goes.

It Ends With Us will be told solely through the POV of Lily. Now, usually I’m a dual POV fan. . .but after finishing the entire book, I do think I understand why CoHo chose to only allow the reader residence in one brain (and after reading the story, I suspect you will as well).

I finished this book the night before last and even though I tried to get the fingers flying across the keyboard, it was hard. So, while trying to find sleep, my brain was trying to find the right words. . .while taking a shower, my brain was working overtime processing. And the only thing I took from any of my alone time (because let’s face it. . .sleep and showers are the only alone time moms actually get and even that’s a crapshoot) is I still don’t know what to say, but here I am now and I am going to give it my best.

Lily is our leading lady in It Ends With Us and her story kicks off the very same day that she buries her dad. Sounds pretty life changing, right? Well, it was, just not in the way one would think or would be expected. She wasn’t sad to see her dad crossover to the other side, because she grew up as an only child in a house where the norm wasn’t family dinners around the dining room table discussing your day, the norm was having to watch your mother suffer at the hands of your father. So when Lily’s mother asks her to stand in front of everyone that believed Lily’s father was a good man and just say the best things about him. . .Lily was at a loss for words and said nothing.

Back home in Boston and trying to put the conflicting day behind her, Lily finds herself on the roof of an apartment building, one that she doesn’t reside in, but one that she is envious of. While trying to find a moment, her peace is forcefully interrupted by Ryle Kincaid. Ryle, a neurosurgeon who had a pretty craptastic day himself, someone who is just trying to enjoy his herbal high and withdrawl from the reality that he can’t save every single life. So, a conversation strikes up between two people who are attempting an escape from life for two different reasons. They discuss a lot. . .Lily’s childhood. . .Lily’s passion. . .Ryle’s disposition towards relationships. . .Lily’s disposition towards one-night stands. Hint: He’s against relationships, she doesn’t do one-nighters. All in all, the newly struck up, albeit temporary, friendship offered them both what they needed for the night. . .a bit of a rescue. And even though Ryle confesses, very bluntly, to Lily that he would really like to fuck her, hence the relationship/one-night stand convo, they go their separate ways, without any sort of information exchange.

At this point, I should probably share some “Lily Learning”. While a teenager, Lily started herself a diary, however her diary wasn’t a traditional “lock up your secrets” type of journal. She wrote letters to Ellen. . .yes, Ellen Degeneres. And it’s via these Ellen Diaries that we learn about the teenage Lily. The most significant being the abuse her dad delivered to her mother and the ones about a boy named Atlas. While I won’t go into every detail about Atlas, I will tell you that Atlas was not only Lily’s first love, but he was a homeless boy who Lily befriended and lended a much needed hand to, at a time when he needed it the most. It is really through these entries that we discover what shaped Lily into being the woman she became.

Months after Ryle and Lily’s meeting on that rooftop, Lily has finally brought her passion and dream into fruition and it’s through that dream that she runs into Ryle once again. Ryle can only take so much as Lily the friend and eventually he decides to give the ole relationship a try, much to Lily’s excitement. Even with two very busy schedules, Ryle is a neurosurgeon and Lily is starting up her dream business, things are going very well. 

Much to Lily’s shock, she runs into Atlas once again. . .c’mon now, you didn’t think he was going to just be part of her past did you? I won’t tell you anymore, you will have to unlock the greatness that is It Ends With Us yourself. Just know, it will take you down a very unexpected path, so brace yourself.

There are several very significant supporting characters within the pages of this story. Lily really believed that after the way she delivered her father’s eulogy, it would take a chunk of time for her mother to forgive her. . .and while reading her diaries, I wasn’t too sure of how the relationship was between a teenage Lily and her mother. I never questioned whether or not Lily had love for her mother and vice versa, it was just a difficult relationship to piece together, mainly because the father was the pillar that stood between them, so after the funeral, her mom does begin to play a bigger role in Lily’s life. Ryle’s sister, Allysa and her husband Marshall, play more than just a supporting role (in my eyes, anyhow). The relationship that grows between Lily and Allysa (especially) is not only one of BFF’s or one of a boyfriend’s sister and his girlfriend, it is really much deeper than all of that and really becomes a relationship that Lily or Allysa can’t live without.

Of course there is some mattress dancing in It Ends With Us and while this BXTCH gets happy when the action really heats up. . .that’s not what this book is about, actually that’s not entirely true. The sexual tension prior to a Lily + Ryle was very thick and very hot. . .and when they finally decide to relieve the tension, it is most certainly steamy. What I should’ve said is that the greatness of the storytelling is bringing every aspect together to where it’s not just the sex that’s going to have your heart rate increasing.

It Ends With Us is going to test your emotional limits. It will make you laugh, it will make you smile, it will make you cry, it will piss you off, it will force a couple of deep breaths here and there and here again. It will have you thinking that CoHo is the greatest thing to ever happen and then you’ll turn the page while muttering “Goddammit, Colleen Hoover”. 

Unlike other readers, I wasn’t able to finish this book in one day, I wasn’t even able to finish it in two days. Here’s the thing, I’m not a big fan of horror movies, not because I think they’re crap movies, I actually think they’re great. I don’t usually watch them because of how they make me feel. That’s not to say I won’t watch them, I do, especially at the appropriate time(s) during the year. What brings it all back to center is I have to watch some sort of comedy after I watch the offending horror movie. In fact, as a teenager, I was at my older sister’s house and we all decided to watch one of those fucking scary movies from the eighties and I kid you not, we actually watched “The Brave Little Toaster” after because we were out of our minds with fear. You’re probably wondering why in the hell this BXTCH is talking about scary movies, well right before I started It Ends With Us, I got a wild hair and decided to re-read (for like the 100th time) the Rock Chick series (Kristen Ashley) and good gracious I was so glad I did, because like watching horror movies, I needed a counter balance of sorts. I needed to feel the other side of the emotional spectrum. I was the reader who needed to take mini breaks from Lily’s story and when overwhelming emotions began to sweep over me, I was able to turn to Indy Savage and take a much needed breather. The best way I can describe the feeling to you is actually a quote from the book, one I didn’t include in my “Favorite Moments” because this quote may sum up It Ends With Us like no other line could’ve.

“My heart is pounding like it wants out. I wish I could give it a way out. I’d set the mother-fucker free right now if I could”

So, it is with complete sincerity that I can say. . .Fuck you, Colleen Hoover. Fuck you for making me question everything I thought I would feel, fuck you for making me re-evalutate my reactions and fuck you for opening my eyes and really forcing this BXTCH to view the world through the eyes of Lily Bloom.

P.S. I really mean “Fuck You” in the nicest, most wholeheartedness way imaginable.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagIt Ends With Us: A Novel by Colleen Hoover | Review on

Colleen Hoover | www.bxtchesbeblogging.comWebsite/Amazon/Facebook/Goodreads/Twitter

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Jack and Coke (Uncertain Saints MC Series, Book #2) by Lani Lynn Vale

Jack and Coke (Uncertain MC Series, Book #2) | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comJack and Coke (Uncertain MC Series, Book #2) | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagJack and Coke (Uncertain MC Series, Book #2) | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
BXTCHES Gotta Warn: First, I HIGHLY recommend book #1 in this series, Whiskey Neat, however, if you decide by chance, to dive right into Jack and Coke first, then believe it or not, you will be just fine. While Griffin and Lenore (Whiskey Neat’s couple) are a part (somewhat) of Jack and Coke, it’s not too much that the reader will be confused. Even though I have said all of that, my feeling is that this series is going to blow me out of the water and with all great series, you certainly want to start at the very beginning. No worries, Whiskey Neat has a great alpha, who happens to be a Texas Ranger (the law enforcement kind, not bat swinging kind), feisty heroine, a sex toy shop, and phenomenal between the sheets action, so you really are missing out on the action by not falling in love with Griffin, Lenore and everything that is Whiskey Neat.

Jack an Coke will be told through the POV’s of both Mig and Annie.

Let’s start with Mig. Mig is a DEA agent stationed in Uncertain, Texas to help control/watch over the drugs that are filtering in through the local river. Mig is married to Jennifer, but it’s super important to understand how Mig and Jennifer began. Since there really is no smooth way for me lay it out for you, I’m just gonna go for it. While at a club party, Jennifer drugged Mig, then proceeded to rape him, in the process, becoming pregnant. Now, there is a reason behind that craziness and the reason will certainly add to the drama that makes up Mig and Annie’s story, but you will not find out that reason here, you’ll need to crack open some Jack and Coke and enjoy it for yourself.

Annie lives next door to Mig and Jennifer and has been far gone ever since she laid eyes on him. Her marriage to her ex-husband was a marriage not filled with passion or excitement or the kind of sex that had her craving more and more, which is why it ended. But, just seeing Mig has Annie’s body reacting in a way very new to her, but in a way that has her taking notice and recognizing what she finally wanted in her man, so why settle? The obstacle in her way is the little gold band uniting Mig to Jennifer. 

Mig has wanted Annie just as long as she has wanted him. Mig may be a lot of things, maybe even a lot of bad things, but he is not a man who turns his back on his responsibilities. While his baby may have been conceived not with an ounce of love, but full of deceit, his values do not allow him to ignore the mother of his child, so he does what he thinks is the right thing and marries her, which in hindsight, just delays his inevitable union with Annie.

Of course, Mig and Annie get together. It does take quite a few hoop jumps to make it happen though, but thank goodness that is when we really get to the meat of the story and if you thought it was hard to turn your back on Jack and Coke up to that point, just settle in, because once it gets going, it will become impossible.

Not only do you fall head over heels for Mig and Annie, but they’re surrounded with a certain kind of camaraderie that adds a rich layer to an already full story. When you get a series like the Uncertain Saints MC, you need each book to peel back more and more and allow the reader to become familiar with future characters, Jack and Coke will do that for you. There’s also characters in Mig and Annie’s story that we will only get here. For example, Annie’s family and Mig’s parents, who give just enough to complete this book. So, all in all, while this may not be an ensemble type of cast, they certainly add what you need to leave you longing for the next story.

It shouldn’t be surprising when I tell you that the mattress dancing in Jack and Coke will leave you actually needing a jack and coke. It’s everything you want and expect from an Alpha/Law Enforcement/Take Charge type of man. Dressing rooms, poolside, hospital bathrooms, there are no apologies on where or when. . .and there doesn’t need to be. Light the cigarette, pour the drink. . .you’ll certainly need it. Thank you Lani Lynn Vale.

One of the things that Lani Lynn Vale does so well is the balance she brings between humor and suspense/drama. She can have you pissed off at your alpha on one page, the edge of your seat on the next, then have you laughing out loud, all in the span of a chapter. There’s not many stones left unturned. So, regardless what tickles your fancy, she offers you a buffet of different types of excitement. On a side note, please take a moment just to honor the hella hotness that is that fucking cover. Well done.

Vodka on the Rocks is book #3 in this series (look for it July 2016) and that will bring us Casten. We get a bit of him in Jack and Coke, again, just enough to have you anticipating what the next book will bring.

This series just keeps getting better and better. I’m not sure if it’s just because each book is actually better than the last or because I have become so invested in each story. Doesn’t really matter, as long as she writes them, I’ll read them.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagJack and Coke (Uncertain MC Series, Book #2) | Review on

Goodreads TagLani Lynn Vale


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Kill Shot (Code-11 KPD SWAT Series, Book #6) by Lani Lynn Vale

Kill Shot (Code-11 KPD SWAT Series, Book #6) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comKill Shot (Code-11 KPD SWAT Series, Book #6) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagKill Shot (Code-11 KPD SWAT Series, Book #6) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Here we go again. We are now six books into this series and it just keeps getting better and better. Once again, I feel it is my absolute duty to go ahead and let you know that Kill Shot is a book that can be read as a stand-alone. This book is going to feature Bennett and Lennox. And truth be told, Bennett is not someone who has been featured a lot in previous books. So, while the rest of the gorgeous gang and their woman do make appearances in Kill Shot, the true focus is on Bennett, Lennox, and the people that surround their lives. While I may say that it is okay to read this book as a stand alone (and I think you will enjoy it if you do), I don’t necessarily recommend it. And this is only because I am such a lover of this series and I have read each book in the order in which they were written and I can only assume that Lani Lynn Vale wrote them the way she did for a specific reason and her expectation was that the readers were going to enjoy them in the proper order. But, to each his own and all that. This BXTCH is for sure not going to tell you how to live your life.

Kill Shot will be told through both Bennett’s and Lennox’s POV.

I usually start with the lady when I head into my reviews, but this time I’m gonna start with Bennett. Bennett is part of the Kilgore SWAT team and is the single father of an 8 year old daughter (Reagan). His daughter was conceived when he was just 17 years old and she was very much unwanted by her mother, Corrinne. In fact, if Corrinne had it her way, Reagan would’ve never even seen the light of day. Bennett however, was prepared to do whatever it took to make sure that his daughter was brought into this world and was surrounded with love, unfortunately he had enlisted in the military prior to her birth, so he came to rely heavily on his family during his time away. So now, he is a member of the SWAT team, he has a very witty albeit somewhat of a she-devil (not my words, I promise) 8 year old, a wonderful family, so life is good.

Lennox is a physicians assistant and is doing well. Her two BFF’s are keeping her life full of laughter, her mom and dad are both surgeons and very well respected in the medical world. The only prickly think hindering her well-being is a pesky person from her past. In fact, she has had to move, change her phone number, really just upend her life whenever this person makes the decision to come lucking back around. The problems started in college when the two of them were roommates and Lennox tried to warn a guy from dating her pyscho roomie. Ever since then, this nutbag has made Lennox’s life hell. But other than that, Lennox doesn’t have too many complaints.

Bennett comes barreling into Lennox’s life via the hospital. After some bitch literally attacked him, he finds himself on the receiving end of some sutures. They don’t immediately hit it off and things get strained further after Lennox’s crotch was hit by a french fry covered in ketchup by Bennett’s daughter (see, she-devil). It settles down after Lennox invites Bennett to her house to have his sutures removed (after a second incident). After that encounter. . .all bets are off.

Like I said earlier in the post, we don’t get a lot by way of the previous books in Kill Shot, we get more from Michael than anyone, but most likely because his book is next. I did enjoy the supporting cast in Kill Shot though. Bennett has a wonderful family and a enviable relationship with his sister Peyton. His daughter Reagan isn’t a prime presence in the book, but she certainly plays a pivotal role. Lennox has a wonderful circle surrounding her as well. She has her two BFF’s, Paxton and Melissa. Her parents and the whole SWAT crew, which she does a really good job in inserting herself into. So all in all, a very rounded out cast.

Once again, Lani Lynn Vale has done a great job in creating a very explosive sexual relationship between two characters. The sexual chemistry between Bennett and Lennox is dynamic. Part of it is because of the time between partners for each of them, but I think the other part is because their parts were made for each other. The positions, the dirty talk, the passion, the love. . .it’s all there and it’s all fucking hot.

Kill Shot is going to throw a lot at you. It has a lot of drama and suspense happening, while still trying to maintain the developing relationship between Bennett and Lennox. But no worries BXTCHES, Lani Lynn Vale does a superb job in putting it all together, cover to cover, to keep you captivated until the very end.

I loved Bennett and Lennox, they aren’t my favorite couple of the series, really though, my love for all of them is great, but Kill Shot was my favorite story to date. This series keeps the creativity going and each story offers another glimpse inside a family that I for one am growing to love more and more.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagKill Shot (Code-11 KPD SWAT Series, Book #6) by Lani Lynn Vale | Review on

Goodreads TagLani Lynn Vale

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The Gentleman Mentor (Lessons of the Dom Series, Book #1) by Kendall Ryan

The Gentleman Mentor (Lessons of the Dom Series, Book #1) by Kendall Ryan | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comThe Gentleman Mentor (Lessons of the Dom Series, Book #1) by Kendall Ryan | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagThe Gentleman Mentor (Lessons with the Dom Series, Book #1) by Kendall Ryan | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews
The Gentleman Mentor (Lessons of the Dom Series, Book #1) by Kendall Ryan

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: Well, first I’m not sure how I missed this book, it came out back in May and I just now ran across it, I must be dropping the ball somewhere. But, let me tell you this about The Gentleman Mentor: this is a book that somewhat centers itself around the BDSM lifestyle. Whether or not this author gets the lifestyle down accurately, I don’t know, it’s not a lifestyle that I practice, but funny enough, I don’t really care, it is well written and sexy as hell. So, my suggestion. . . just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fuck out of this book.

The Gentleman Mentor will be told through the POV’s of both Hale and Brielle.

Brielle is a single woman in her late 20’s, who has been pining after her best guy friend (Kirby) for 5 long years. She has only had 2 serious relationships, but lots and lots of failed first dates. She comes across an ad for The Gentleman Mentor on a dating site. An ad that promises to teach a woman not only seduction techniques, but guarantees to teach a woman how to achieve climax with and without a partner, basically he’s going to teach a woman how to be irresistible and extremely fuckable.

Enter Hale, actually, Cameron Hale. He is a senior associate in a law firm, who has kind of been dealt a crappy hand in life. His parents were killed in an accident when he was just a teenager, leaving him and his sister in the care of a family friend and as he entered his adulthood, he got kneed in the balls with another crappy hand. Because of that incident, he entered the Dom lifestyle and The Gentleman Mentor was born.

So, emails get exchanged and agreements get made. Before Brielle realizes, it’s time to meet up with The Gentleman Mentor. Once they meet one another, it’s agreed that they will meet for 6 lessons and by the end of their sessions, Kirby will be falling head over heels for Brielle. However, without telling her, Hale believes that if Kirby hasn’t yet noticed her, no amount of lessons are going to change that. “He’s just not that into you” and all that. Regardless, Hale is super stoked with the idea of getting Brielle ready.

Obviously, feelings change and the stakes grow a bit different as Hale and Brielle move further and further into their lessons. But as with any well written story, there are some secrets that will need to be let out of the bag before any relationships can actually move forward.

The supporting cast here is very minimal, but does well at making a presence. The most prominent character, for me, is Reece. He is the owner of the BDSM club that Hale is a member of, as well as a long time friend. His story is next in the series, so it makes sense that his foundation has been laid.

Get ready, The Gentleman Mentor is not only going to melt your panties right off, but it’s going to go straight for your lady bits as well. I must say, I would’ve been very disappointed if the sex here was mediocre, I mean the whole plot of the book, is sex driven. I don’t necessarily rate a book based solely on the sex, but if the sex is poorly written, then I’m not going to get the tingles and all around I won’t be too terrible happy. But, you BXTCHES need not worry, Kendall Ryan has got one hell of a sexual imagination here, so much so, you may be taking notes yourself and pulling some plays out of The Gentleman Mentor’s handbook. 

All in all, this is a really captivating story, even knowing that love would be found in the end. I can even say that you’ll probably figure out what the secret is before it’s actually revealed in the book, but for me, that made it even more enthralling. What I loved most about The Gentleman Mentor was while it was very sexual and somewhat taboo, it features a character (Brielle) who thinks she knows what she wants out of life, but Hale pushes her past what is comfortable and because of this she really figures out her true self. I love a leading male who can talk dirty with the best of them and Kendall Ryan does a fabulous job of writing from the male perspective and accomplishing this. I think a true test to a great book is how difficult it becomes to put down. The Gentleman Mentor was definitely a page turner and very hard to take a break from, it will grab you from page one and not let go until you’ve turned the final page.

Well, I will be diving into book #2 (Sinfully Mine) very soon and I can’t wait, because I already know that the story is going to revolve around Reece (as mentioned above) and Hale’s little sister and this is one BXTCH who loves the best friend/sister stories. Stay tuned.Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagThe Gentleman Mentor (Lessons with the Dom Series, Book #1) by Kendall Ryan | Review on

Goodreads TagKendall Ryan | www.bxtchesbeblogging.comWebsite/Amazon/Facebook/Goodreads/Pinterest/Twitter


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Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre

Hollywood Dirt review on

Hollywood Dirt review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comHollywood Dirt review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagHollywood Dirt review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book Reviews

Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre

I read A LOT of books. Some are good, some are not so good. Some are great and some are so well written that the story captivates you from page one and stays with you long after the last page has been read. Hollywood Dirt was one of those, captivating, sleep losing, can’t get out of my head books. 

This book will introduce us to Cole Masten and Summer Jenkins and will be told through first person POV when telling Summer’s story and third person POV when telling Cole’s story (which isn’t my favorite way to tell a story, but it does get the job done).

Summer Jenkins is twenty-nine years old and living with her mother in the small town of Quincy. Quincy is a small, sleepy town in Georgia that is known not only for the amount of millionaires (and a few billionaires) that call the town home, but also because Hollywood is about to move in and start shooting The Fortune Bottle starring the now very eligible bachelor, Cole Masten.

Cole Masten’s world has exploded, and not in an orgasmic way. Arriving home early, he walks in on his wife, Nadia, wife of five years, wife he is madly in love with, having some serious, hardcore, passionate sex and since he’s on the outside looking in, it’s not his marital dick fiercely plowing into her. Even in that moment, one that crushed him, he is still willing to work it out. That is until she serves him with divorce papers. So he does what any hot, recently single, Oscar winning actor would do. He takes his single dick on a tour of Hollywood, well, Hollywood pussy to be exact. After some back and forth with his lawyer, it has been decided that it’s best for his manhood to go on hiatus and for him to get his ass to Quincy and start work on his next project. A project that he is involved in, in every facet.

Summer needs to get out of Quincy. Three years ago, the town that she has called home since she was a small girl, turned on her. This left her with no one to call a friend except her mother. Once production begins in Quincy, she finds herself on the inside for once. I’m gonna skip over some details here, but once Cole arrives in Quincy and meets Summer, he knows then and there that she is the essence of the female lead in his film and decides that he has to get her cast.

Cole and Summer certainly have a sexual attraction to one another, but it is one that is fueled by a hate, well at the very least, a strong dislike for one another, okay, really more of her dislike for him. It’s going to take a pretty big chunk of the book for them both to pull their heads out and realize what it is that they see in one another could be it. Don’t worry, the journey they both take to reach their HEA is a journey well worth the ride.

You must know that there is somewhat of an underlying story here with Summer’s past. And you’re going to be disappointed if you think that I’m going to let you in on it. While I was worried throughout reading Hollywood Dirt that the “secret” was going to put me off of Summer, I was mistaken. The “secret” is fantastic and to the author from this reader, very creative.

Hollywood Dirt gives a very well written supporting cast. While the obvious main relationship focus here is that of Summer and Cole, the book wouldn’t have been nearly as captivating without the addition of certain relationships, especially that of Cole and his rooster, Cock. Get you mind out of the gutter, I’m actually referring to an actual rooster. This is the first book I’ve read by Alessandra Torre, though I could’ve sworn I have enjoyed her writing before. Turns out, I was getting her mixed up with someone else, foolish on my part, but true nonetheless. Anyways, if you are someone who has read this wonderful author religiously, then you will recognize Brad DeLuca. He happens to be Cole’s attorney and the focus of Alessandra Torre’s, Innocence Series, which I think I will be enjoying very soon.

What can I say about the sexual story of Cole and Summer. There’s not a lot of sex in Hollywood Dirt, but there is. I know, it’s like I’m talking out of both ends. Well, let me start here. The sexual tension that Alessandra Torre builds in this book is so tight, I’m not sure how Cole’s dick even penetrated it. It will have you on edge, while really rooting for some happy action to take place. Without giving too much away, I want to at least say this. There is a scene, it’s really “The Scene” for their relationship and after all of the back and forth and sexual tension and “that can never happen again” moments, this is the culmination of it all and to say that the connection between the two of them was searing, well, that’s not even giving it justice. Let’s just be frank, it will have you taking notes and cleaning off the counters in your kitchen. Don’t worry, you’ll understand once you get there.

I don’t know how many more positive accolades I can bestow upon Hollywood Dirt. It was a fantastic read with easy to love characters. Summer represented the South very well. She was honest, witty, hospitable, with a little bite of bitch, and of course, sexy. In my opinion, Cole is imperfect perfection. He is what you want in your male leads. He’s able to offer the type of asshole that you love. He’s funny, confident, knows how to deliver every aspect of his sexiness, but the best of all, is going after what he wants. You can really not go wrong once you open up this book. Hollywood Dirt was worth my lost hours of sleep. And I’m sure once you’ve completed it, you’ll be decorating a brown paper sack and making a Wal-Mart run. Great read.

Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagHollywood Dirt review on

Goodreads TagAlessandra TorreWebsite/Amazon/Facebook/Goodreads/Pinterest/Twitter

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Jack Who?: A Storm Rock Star Romance (Silver Strings Series G-String Set, Book #1) by Lisa Gillis

Jack Who? (Silver Strings, G Series, Book #1) by Lisa Gillis | Review on

Jack Who? (Silver Strings G-Series, Book #1) Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comJack Who? (Silver Strings G-Series, Book #1) Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagJack Who? (Silver Strings G-Series, Book #1) Review on
Jack Who?: A Storm Rock Star Romance (Silver Strings Series G-String Set, Book #1) by Lisa Gillis

BXTCHES Gotta Warn:I remember when I first read this book back in October 2013 and I fell in love with it. So, when I decided to give it a re-read, I was a little worried that it wasn’t going to be as good as I remembered. Needless to say, it was just as good, if not better than I remembered. I do really enjoy the Rock Star genre and this series is pretty high up on my favorites list. Having said that, this is the first book of the series AND to get the fullness that the series offers, you need to read all of the books, starting with Jack Who?.

Jack Who? will be told through the third person POV of Marissa, our female lead.

The beginning of Jack Who? finds our female lead, Marissa, and her BFF, Olivia, at a rock festival. This isn’t really Marissa’s speed, but Olivia is dying to get backstage so she can meet some rock gods. Somehow Marissa and Olivia get separated and instead of Marissa searching for the debauchery that Olivia is sure to find, she comes across a dog. Yes, a dog. The owner of the dog is no other than Jack Storm, the lead singer for Jackal. I should go ahead and point out that while the world may know who Jack Storm and Jackal is, Marissa does not fall into that particular category.

Let’s cut to the good stuff. Once in Jack’s trailer, quips get exchanged, consent form gets signed, and sex gets had. One would think that this is just a one time thing, but they do exchange phone numbers, however, several months down the road and Marissa finds herself expecting a child, Jack’s child to be exact. In her mind it is best to not say a word to her baby daddy and when he texts her and asks her to fly out to L.A. to visit, she kinda has to give him the ole’ blow off, which pisses Jack off and in turn, cutting off all contact between the two. 

Fast forward 5 years and she is left with no choice but to make an attempt to contact Jack. Their son, Tristan, is in need of surgery and Marissa is in need of money. After some back and forth, surgery day has arrived and so has Jack, much to the shock of Marissa. Well, really to the shock of everyone, because Marissa never disclosed the identity of Tristan’s father, not even to Olivia.

Even though their was an order for Marissa to get a DNA test, once Jack lays eyes on Tristan, he knows without a doubt that he is now a father. At this point, the majority of the remainder of the book is really focusing on Jack and Tristan developing a relationship as well as, Marissa and Jack trying to rekindle what they felt between them five years earlier.

There are so many great things about this book, where to begin? First, let’s start with Tristan. He is so wonderfully written. He is witty, funny, smart, and not at all hindered by his disability. Then of course, there is his relationship with those around him. He is very inviting to Jack and Jack to Tristan. I mean, it can’t be an easy day when you meet your son that you didn’t know about for five years, but Jack handles it very well. And while you know that Jack is a rock star, his only focus is really getting to know his son and Marissa. All in all, I think that Marissa was a very well rounded character. There are flaws that may aggravate some, but I almost fell that they are necessary flaws. The chemistry between Marissa and Jack is very profound from the get go, immediately you understand that it’s more than groupie/rock star and while the Tristan was the catalyst that brings them back together, you almost know that even without an unplanned pregnancy, they would’ve found their way back to one another eventually.

The supporting cast of characters here are really, really in the background here and this is one time that I am perfectly okay with it. I think that this is one of those storylines that needs to put all of the energy into the main characters. That’s not to say that there isn’t any focus on the secondary cast, there is, it’s just not in your face.

What would a Rock Star romance be like without discussing the sex? The sex that is written is spicy enough, but like the supporting characters, it isn’t one of the focal points of Jack Who?, it is part of it though, and I do wish there was a little bit more sinning. Having said that, the times that Marissa and Jack tangle up, it was certainly done in true rock star fashion.

This is a pretty quick read, it’s only 266 pages and it will certainly captivate you and keep the pages turning. I have read the next two books in this series and as a whole, this is a fantastic series. Like I said, it is one of my favorite Rock Star series and if this is your genre, even if it’s not, give it a go.

Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagJack Who? (Silver Strings G-Series, Book #1) Review on

Goodreads TagLisa Gillis www.bxtchesbeblogging.comWebsite/Amazon/Facebook/Goodreads/Pinterest/Twitter

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