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#Hater is book #2 in The Hashtag Series by Cambria Hebert

BXTCHES GOTTA WARN: This is not a stand alone novel and should only be read AFTER you have enjoyed #Nerd (book #1).

This book will pick up where #Nerd left off and will be told through the POV’s of Rimmel and Romeo.

Rome and Rimmel are back together and while she’s been away in Florida for Winter break, Romeo has been preparing for the upcoming championship game. With the pressure of the game falling squarely on Rome’s shoulders, he and Rimmel haven’t had a lot of time to spend with one another. Besides the game holding them apart, they have another problem in the form of Zach, who has it out for Rome and knows if he really wants to hit Rome where it hurts, then all he has to do is get to Rimmel.

There’s a lot more happening in this book compared to the first one. But first let’s talk about the good stuff. Rimmel is just as funny and adorable as ever. Her relationship with Romeo is growing deeper day after day. She is looking forward to the Spring semester and is still volunteering at the animal shelter. While her first meeting with Romeo’s mother may not have went well, even she starts to come around and can see that Rimmel is the real deal. Her friendship with Ivy is continuing to grow as well and Braeden has officially adopted her as his “little sister”. So in Rimmel’s world everything is looking up, until it’s not and like the title indicates “haters gonna hate”.

Everything Romeo has dreamed of, is beginning to come to fruition. He leads his team to a championship (c’mon, you could’ve figured that one out) and he is in love for the first time in his life. The only thorn is his side at the moment, goes by the name of Zach (#hater). Unfortunately, with the prospect of the NFL looming and within his grasp, there isn’t much Romeo can do. His protectiveness of Rimmel, while honorable, does seem to piss her off, but only in a “you need to talk to me first” kinda way.

Oh Lordy Lou the drama in this book is going to be in spades. Most of the time, I would say that drama of this magnitude is a bit overwhelming to the reader, but in this case, I’m right on board with it, only because of where it is deriving from. This book is going to ask a lot of questions, with not a lot of answers, yet. But the third book will bring the answers you will desire.

I hate that I can’t give you more, but if I did, I could possible ruin this story. Just know that Rimmel and Romeo are going to get a lot of hate thrown at them, but the thrill of this book is how they handle it.

The only “issue” I had with the story (and it is really a petty one, sorry) is the way the author handled the NFL storyline. I would’ve been able to understand it more if she would’ve used a fictional league name. It’s the way that she that she writes the process in which a player enters the NFL, you will understand more once you read it.

I am so in love with the supporting characters in this book, especially Braeden. They are all written so well that they should get their own books. Well, Braeden is going to, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, we still have book #3 to get through. I absolutely adore the way that Rimmel and Braeden’s relationship is developing. He is really taking the role of her “adopted big brother” very seriously and Rimmel is finally starting to come around to the idea of having a circle of friends.

For me, there are so many things that this author does right by this book. Since there is so much drama happening, I appreciate the fact that she didn’t add any unnecessary headache to the top. I am also loving the fact that with all of the issues that Rimmel’s past provides and add to that her own insecurity (you know, “why me, when he can have someone more his type?”) she stays strong by his side, very trusting in the love she has for him. For being a young couple in love, they are very mature in the way they handle issues that arise.

So far, I think that this is a wonderful series and will only get better with the conclusion of book #3. Take it on, you’ll be glad you did.

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