Hellion (Rebel Series, Book #2) by Elle Casey

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Hellion (The Rebel Series, Book #2)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: There are three books in this series (Rebel, Hellion, and Trouble). While each of these books have their own leading couple, they all intertwine with one another, so in order to get the full experience, it’s important to read them in the order the author intended.

After reading Rebel and Teagan’s story, you most certainly should’ve been anticipating Quin’s story. Hellion is going to bring that story to you and I promise it is not disappointing. This book will be told through the POV of Quin.

Quin is sassy, mouthy, and has the style to match, I mean, her eyebrows have a personality all their own. Quin meets and falls somewhat in lust with Mick (Hellion) in the first book. While she is very attracted to him, she knows that he lives up to his namesake well and getting involved with him will most likely cause heartache for her in the end. But that of course doesn’t stop him from making his play.

Quin and Teagan are like two peas in a pod, very much the same personality, the same sense of humor, the one thing they don’t have in common however, is Quin has a mother, father, brother, and sisters and they are FANTASTIC. Mick starts to worm his way into Quin’s life by starting with her family, unknowingly. Jersey is Quin’s younger brother, who because of some complications during birth, is somewhat slow, developmentally. Once he and Mick meet, an instant bond is formed. Trust me when I say, you will fall in instant love with Jersey and the relationship between him and Quin.

There is going to be a lot of resistance from Quin where Mick is involved. She does believe that maybe just a “no strings attached” night is all they need together, but anytime she feels that it’s going to come close to happening, her mouth gets in the way. She has a true gift of saying whatever it is on her mind and sometimes that doesn’t work well in her favor.

There are going to be moments where Quin is going to frustrate you. Because of her ability to say whatever it is on her mind, she sometimes hurts feelings, especially when she needs to put up shields to protect herself. It’s going to take a pretty big chunk of this book for her to come to her senses where Mick is involved, but getting there is going to be so much fun.

The first book left us wanting more. Teagan’s situation with the step-mother was still unresolved at the end of the first book, so that gets revisited here and Quin plays a big part in that. She was the one that got the ball rolling to begin with and continues to be a major participant in that dilemma. 

We are also going to meet Alissa in this book and since she is the focus of book #3, it’s nice to get a glimpse of her here. Alissa is an acquaintance of Teagan and Quin, they know her from school. She is also very pregnant. Because of her situation, Alissa has nowhere to go, so Teagan offers her a place to stay. There is a lot going on with this story and since Alissa is the female lead in the third book, that only leaves one brother to co-star with her, Colin. But, we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves, since we’re still with Quin and Mick.

I’m going to discuss it, because, why the hell not? But there isn’t a ton of sex in this book, sexual tension, yes, actual sex, no. Quin and Mick eventually do meet between the sheets and it is very passionate and driven. The author does a really good job here building the reader up with anticipation. In fact, it is so well written, you’re going to wonder how in the hell they kept their clothes on for as long as they did.

The best part of this book? Well, really, everything. But, more specifically, the supporting cast. While each book may focus on a particular couple, it’s really the supporting characters that bring the whole story together. The chemistry is not only on point between the male/female lead, but the way that the author writes it between the other characters as well, makes it very believable. My least favorite part of the book, just the cover, not really a big fan, only because it’s not really how I pictured Mick looking in my head, so really, a personal preference kind of thing.

There are other aspects of this series that makes it so easy to love as well. The humor for one, is fantastically written. Laugh out loud funny. And as funny as these books are, it’s also intriguing to experience the turmoil between the three brothers. So, this book offers it all, the humor, the angst, the sexual tension, the family dynamic. You are not going to be left short of anything here.

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