How We Deal With Gravity by Ginger Scott

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How We Deal With Gravity

This is the first book that I have read from Ginger Scott (but will not be the last). This book is told from both the h/H POV’s, and as anyone knows, I LOVE it when an author is able to write from the male POV in a masculine manner.

If you are looking for a book that has a lot of steamy and dirty sex scenes, this isn’t the one for you. But, what this book does have, is a lot of emotion: love, loyalty, heartbreak (there will be tears), it pretty much runs the “emotional board”.

I fell in love with not only Mason, but Avery as well. I usually really like the female characters in most books, but a lot of times they will have some sort of character flaw that will drive me crazy! But Avery, you can’t help but fall in love with her and Max. I wanted so badly to jump in the book and just help her, which is totally crazy, but that is how well this book is written. I think a great book can be measured by how well the supporting characters are written and Ms. Scott did not disappoint. I will warn you however, this was not a book I could read straight through. It did require me to take some “emotional breaks” and catch up on a little light hearted reading.

So here’s the quick rundown without spoilers: Mason is back in town after trying and failing to hit it big with his band. He goes to the one place that has always felt like home to him, Dusty’s, the bar he got his start in. Dusty’s is owned by Ray, the only father figure Mason has had in his life and one of the people who believed in him from the very start. Avery is not only a waitress at Dusty’s, but she is also Ray’s daughter. Avery had a big ole’ crush (like, she was madly in love with him) on Mason in high school, but as usual, he didn’t give her the time of day. Avery has a son, Max, who is Autistic. Max’s father bailed when being a father became too much (don’t worry you won’t like him at all and the hate is well deserved). Avery catches Mason’s attention and since Mason is staying with Avery and her dad Ray, the tension between the two of them is going nowhere. That is all I’m going to give, because you need to read this wonderful book to see how it all plays out.

Sometimes you need to read a good book that just pulls you in and lets you get in a good cry, THIS IS THAT BOOK. On a side note, if you have any personal experience with Autism, this book will definitely touch you. Great read!

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