Hyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost

Hyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

Hyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comHyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comSynopsis TagHyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.comBxtches Be Blogging Book ReviewsBXTCHES Gotta Warn: Lordy Lou, I’ve been horrible about getting right on reviews after reading some kickass books. Case in point. . .Hyde and Seek was released in April 2015, I actually began the book then, but for some reason (I have no idea what that reason is), I never finished the book. So, several months ago, while perusing Amazon, I came across it again and decided to give it another go. . .this time I finished it in about a day and a half, but once again procrastinated and let the review just fall, which led me to reading it again, which led me right into book #2. So, here is my review for this one, hopefully the review for book #2 will be coming along very shortly. Just remember that Hyde and Seek is the first book in the Hyde Series, book #2 is already out.

Hyde and Seek will be told through the POV of Piper (mostly), there are a couple of times that Jake speaks up and gets his voice thrown in.

Piper is twenty years old, a college student, and very busy running her own baking business. The latter finds her at Hyde’s trying to get some work done on her delivery van, and that is where she happens to lay eyes on the very sexy, much older. . .Jake Hyde. A couple of things you should probably know about Piper before we move on. She lives in Massachusetts, her parents are divorced and even though her dad lives in California, they are very close. Her mother however, offers another story. She would like for Piper to be hair up and buttoned up, very country club, very uptight (for lack of a better word). Although Piper is very good at what she does, her mother doesn’t really take it very serious, she views it more as a hobby than a career. But all of that aside, Piper knows who she is, what her future holds and what it is that she wants and at the moment, she wants. . .Jake Hyde.

Jake Hyde is the owner of Hyde’s. I’m not going to go into too much detail of what it is he does, just know it involves automobiles and is very successful. Of course, one look at Piper and he is immediately interested, but also can see something in who she is and what she offers and knows that she is a long haul kinda chick, not one you can just “fuck and chuck”. It doesn’t help matters that her personality is the kind that just draws people in and that is exactly what she has done with those who work with Jake at Hyde’s, a new circle of friends if you will.

To speed things up a bit, Jake and Piper eventually get together (surely that’s not a shock), but it isn’t without bumps in the road. With Piper trying her best to grow her business, she finds herself the recipient of some unwanted attention, including some straight up spitefulness from some former bitches, which if this BXTCH is honest, is kinda my favorite kind of angsty drama. 

I’ve already indulged in book #2 and I can already tell you BXTCHES that this series is going to be a fantastic ensemble series. While I don’t lean one way or the other with a book that offers its supporting cast more in the ensemble sense or a book that really just focuses on the main couple. If the book is well written and there is a seducing storyline, I’m game, but. . .I really do love it when a book offers the cast of characters as an ensemble and does it magnificently and Layla Frost did just that. Immediately upon diving into Hyde and Seek, you’re greeted by the cast that is going to really round out the story and be the focus in subsequent books, which is why you should certainly plan on reading this series in order. The main focus is of course, Piper and Jake, but the book as a whole, subscribes to the idea of a series. I have no idea if that even makes sense, so I’ll describe it as this. Imagine Hyde as a TV show, each episode may focus on a particular person(s), but you still know everyone and you will still have your favs, you may just have to wait until the next episode before your favorites become front and center.

Let’s get to the good stuff. . .the sex. I’m about to reveal something that may or may not be a spoiler (I don’t really think it is, but what do I know). Piper is a virgin when we begin her story, of course, she’s not when we end her story. . .but her innocence is very believable. I mean, she’s only twenty (almost twenty-one), she’s super busy with work and school, not to mention her mom didn’t really offer her any freedom in allowing her to hand over that precious v-card, so I know a lot of readers don’t really like the idea of their leading lady still being so pure, Layla Frost pulls it off with Piper. Let’s just get to the action. Holy hot balls, Jake is a beast in the bedroom and once Piper unlocks that sultry side of sexuality, all bets are off. Jake brings the alpha, he brings the dirty, he brings the experience. . .your toes may be curling by the time your done.

Hyde and Seek is going to bring a lot in the way of activating your imagination. It is high on the humor, Piper is delightfully funny and wonderfully gratifying as a leading lady. Even though Jake is a bit moody when we turn the first page, he picks it up and it’s not long before you find yourself swooning over him and the way he just loves and worships Piper. Hyde and Seek may be high on the humor, but it also brings the drama and brings it something fierce, it may even blindside you (which is the best kind). 

I know I really just gave you a round about “happening” of the story, but Hyde and Seek has a lot of stuff going on and I really don’t want to provide a lot of spoilers, so I think it’s best to just keep it short and sweet, no worries, there is enough to keep you captivated and the pages turning. Kase and Harlow are up next in book #2 (Best Kase  Scenario).Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagHyde and Seek (Hyde Series, Book #1) by Layla Frost | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

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