Jack and Coke (Uncertain Saints MC Series, Book #2) by Lani Lynn Vale

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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: First, I HIGHLY recommend book #1 in this series, Whiskey Neat, however, if you decide by chance, to dive right into Jack and Coke first, then believe it or not, you will be just fine. While Griffin and Lenore (Whiskey Neat’s couple) are a part (somewhat) of Jack and Coke, it’s not too much that the reader will be confused. Even though I have said all of that, my feeling is that this series is going to blow me out of the water and with all great series, you certainly want to start at the very beginning. No worries, Whiskey Neat has a great alpha, who happens to be a Texas Ranger (the law enforcement kind, not bat swinging kind), feisty heroine, a sex toy shop, and phenomenal between the sheets action, so you really are missing out on the action by not falling in love with Griffin, Lenore and everything that is Whiskey Neat.

Jack an Coke will be told through the POV’s of both Mig and Annie.

Let’s start with Mig. Mig is a DEA agent stationed in Uncertain, Texas to help control/watch over the drugs that are filtering in through the local river. Mig is married to Jennifer, but it’s super important to understand how Mig and Jennifer began. Since there really is no smooth way for me lay it out for you, I’m just gonna go for it. While at a club party, Jennifer drugged Mig, then proceeded to rape him, in the process, becoming pregnant. Now, there is a reason behind that craziness and the reason will certainly add to the drama that makes up Mig and Annie’s story, but you will not find out that reason here, you’ll need to crack open some Jack and Coke and enjoy it for yourself.

Annie lives next door to Mig and Jennifer and has been far gone ever since she laid eyes on him. Her marriage to her ex-husband was a marriage not filled with passion or excitement or the kind of sex that had her craving more and more, which is why it ended. But, just seeing Mig has Annie’s body reacting in a way very new to her, but in a way that has her taking notice and recognizing what she finally wanted in her man, so why settle? The obstacle in her way is the little gold band uniting Mig to Jennifer. 

Mig has wanted Annie just as long as she has wanted him. Mig may be a lot of things, maybe even a lot of bad things, but he is not a man who turns his back on his responsibilities. While his baby may have been conceived not with an ounce of love, but full of deceit, his values do not allow him to ignore the mother of his child, so he does what he thinks is the right thing and marries her, which in hindsight, just delays his inevitable union with Annie.

Of course, Mig and Annie get together. It does take quite a few hoop jumps to make it happen though, but thank goodness that is when we really get to the meat of the story and if you thought it was hard to turn your back on Jack and Coke up to that point, just settle in, because once it gets going, it will become impossible.

Not only do you fall head over heels for Mig and Annie, but they’re surrounded with a certain kind of camaraderie that adds a rich layer to an already full story. When you get a series like the Uncertain Saints MC, you need each book to peel back more and more and allow the reader to become familiar with future characters, Jack and Coke will do that for you. There’s also characters in Mig and Annie’s story that we will only get here. For example, Annie’s family and Mig’s parents, who give just enough to complete this book. So, all in all, while this may not be an ensemble type of cast, they certainly add what you need to leave you longing for the next story.

It shouldn’t be surprising when I tell you that the mattress dancing in Jack and Coke will leave you actually needing a jack and coke. It’s everything you want and expect from an Alpha/Law Enforcement/Take Charge type of man. Dressing rooms, poolside, hospital bathrooms, there are no apologies on where or when. . .and there doesn’t need to be. Light the cigarette, pour the drink. . .you’ll certainly need it. Thank you Lani Lynn Vale.

One of the things that Lani Lynn Vale does so well is the balance she brings between humor and suspense/drama. She can have you pissed off at your alpha on one page, the edge of your seat on the next, then have you laughing out loud, all in the span of a chapter. There’s not many stones left unturned. So, regardless what tickles your fancy, she offers you a buffet of different types of excitement. On a side note, please take a moment just to honor the hella hotness that is that fucking cover. Well done.

Vodka on the Rocks is book #3 in this series (look for it July 2016) and that will bring us Casten. We get a bit of him in Jack and Coke, again, just enough to have you anticipating what the next book will bring.

This series just keeps getting better and better. I’m not sure if it’s just because each book is actually better than the last or because I have become so invested in each story. Doesn’t really matter, as long as she writes them, I’ll read them.Bxtches Be Reading5 Star Read for Bxtches Be ReadingFavorite Quotes TagJack and Coke (Uncertain MC Series, Book #2) | Review on www.bxtchesbeblogging.com

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