Knight (Unfinished Heroes Series Book #1) by Kristen Ashley

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Knight (Unfinished Heroes Series, Book #1) by Kristen Ashley

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: The sex scenes in this particular book are not like any that I’ve read in any other KA novel (I haven’t read them all, so I could be wrong). There is a dominant/submissive relationship between Knight and Anya. Now, I don’t know whether or not she depicted the lifestyle correctly, and honestly, I don’t really care. This is a work of fiction and I don’t think that is what she was going for, in my opinion she was going for “hot”, and she achieved that. She wrote it well, but know that in other books, where the submissive may call her dominant “sir”, Anya calls hers “daddy”. I only say this, because I know it weirds some people out and you should know this bit of information going into the story. KA does it well, the sex scenes in this book are pretty steamy.

This isn’t a “typical” KA book and while that my upset some readers, I actually enjoyed it being outside of the “KA box”. I’ve said before that I believe that KA is EXCELLENT at writing the “Alpha Male Hero”. If you need evidence, just reference Max, Tack, Shy, Tate, and now of course, Knight. I also think that KA’s ability to balance out sex scenes in her books is phenomenal. She is able to “dirty” them up in the absolute best of ways, but add the sensuality when needed.

This book is told from the POV of Anya Gage. She is a beautiful, 27 year old nail technician and beauty school student who dreams of one day owning her own spa. Anya was dealt a crap hand at life, her parents were both murdered when she was just 7, and she was sent to live with her alcoholic aunt. As soon as she was of age, she moved out and never looked back (except in her dreams at night). Knight is a 35 year old, very successful business man, with demons of his own. He owns club Slade, with some business on the side (won’t spoil that for you, you will have to discover on your own).

Anya reluctantly attends a party with her BFF Sandrine one night. Thinking that the party is at Nick Sebring’s home (Sandrine’s latest interest), Anya finds out, thanks to a faulty cell phone, that the apartment is actually owned by Nick’s brother, Knight. And so their story begins.

Fortunately, there is not much to spoil here. Shy timid girl, who doesn’t recognize all she has to offer someone, meets a very dominant, controlling, beautiful man. He scares her (in a good way, of course) and like all other dominant/submissive books I have read, she is confused that she is turned on at all by his dominant ways. She definitely makes some sexual self discovery in this book and her character traits really help you appreciate who she is. She is determined to earn her way, because of her past and he of course, being very wealthy, would like to nothing more than take care of her.

I said that this book is different than I’m used to with KA. One of the things that KA does SOOOOO well is the development of the supporting characters. You don’t get that as much in this book. You meet Anya’s BFF’s, Vivica and Sandrine, you will also meet Knight’s brother, Nick. But really other than that, other characters are mentioned, but you don’t really meet them, which, is a little disappointing.

While I do think that the dominant/submissive storyline has been done, I thought that KA wrote it well. The chemistry between Knight and Anya is good, and they are lovable characters. And in my opinion, it’s good to read a “non-traditional” KA book. I do recommend this read. This is book #1 in the series. Creed (book #2), Raid (book #3), and Deacon (book #4) are currently all available.

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