Lick (A Stage Dive Novel, Book #1) by Kylie Scott

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Lick (Stage Dive Series, Book #1)

This is book #1 in the Stage Dive series and it is a fantastic start. Three books have been released in this series so far, and after reading all 3 I must say that this series is shaping up to be one of my favorites. Book #4 doesn’t come out until March 2015, so it’s a bit of a wait, but trust me when I say that this series is worth it.

This book will focus on the relationship between Evelyn Thomas and David Ferris and is told through the POV of Evelyn. It kicks off in Vegas with Evelyn celebrating her 21st birthday with her BFF, Lauren. The next morning she finds herself on the bathroom floor of her hotel room with a very attractive stranger looking on. After working herself through the confusion and haze of the previous night, she discovers that she is married to the attractive stranger and has a giant rock on her finger to prove it.

It turns out the attractive stranger is no other than David Ferris, songwriter and lead guitarist for one of the hottest bands around. Since, country music is Evelyn’s music of choice, she doesn’t really know who David is and worse, doesn’t remember even getting hitched. So, in true rock star style, he storms from the room, leaving Evelyn alone, where she just wants to get home and put Vegas behind her. One problem with that: paparazzi.

No sooner than Evelyn lands in Portland, that the flashbulbs start going and overnight she is made into somewhat of a celebrity. She makes it to her parents house in one piece, just to face lots of lecturing and disappointment. Even though she thought she would never hear from David again, he comes through and gets her out of Portland and to LA, so the annulment procedures can begin.

So hopefully that gives a little insight to the start of a wonderful book. I mean, this is a love story and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that they will get their HEA, but it is really fun discovering their journey to get there.

I will fast forward a bit and tell you that once the awkwardness of Vegas is pushed aside, they both decide to make a go of the marriage and really figure out if they are meant to be together. That is the fun part of this book, two people really trying to discover one another, while in the process discover who they really are. One just so happens to famous the world over, while the other has some self-image and confidence issues she has to work through. The author did a really good job with Evelyn. She is a very independent character, who didn’t take shit from David, regardless of his celebrity status. 

Of course, with every love story comes some drama. The drama in this book will rock the very foundation that David and Evelyn have/are trying to build. This is also a shift in the book, even though you know, kind of which way it will go, it was written to keep you on edge as issues were worked on and breakthroughs were made. There’s always this part of a book, where the main characters are suffering apart, but it’s just too raw to be together. Most of the time I enjoy/prefer for books to be written from both POV’s, but in this case, especially at this juncture in the book, it was good to only get Evelyn’s view, because you have no idea what David is thinking or doing, so even though this part of the book was predictable, it was really well written and engaging to the reader.

Sex, sex, sex. Really Rock Star Sex. The scenes in this book were well written, but I don’t think they were panty melting hot. That’s not saying I didn’t enjoy them, I did. There were several times in the book that the sex was frantic and uncontrollable, but overall, I believe the scenes were quite tame.

Cheesy as it may be, I really enjoy books that feature a celebrity of some sort falling for the average person. I know a lot of readers dislike this type of plot because of it’s lack of believability, but I think if they are written well, then they can be really good reads and this one is done superbly. 

You will be introduced to the remaining members of Stage Dive, some more than others. Their foundation is being laid for future books, the next one featuring the drummer Mal. He is featured in this book more so than the others and he is super funny, and not to spoil anything, but I have read book #2, and he will become a favorite. As for the rest of the supporting characters, they were very well written. I think the true mark of a well written character, is if the reader is able to love/hate them for the right reasons and the author made sure that the characters were written with the appropriate emotion coming from the reader.

A lot of readers complain that stories become unrealistic because two people can’t possibly fall in love as fast as books have it happen. I am an optimist and believe that you should never say never. This book is a really good love story. It has the right amount of what is needed to keep it a page turner. It has humor in spades, the main characters are both able to show vulnerability when it is needed most, and it runs with a very good emotional spectrum. It hits every checkpoint two people encounter when falling in love and it does so very well. This was a very easy read, but more importantly the author kept me engaged for the entire book, which sometimes is not easy to do. I love when a book can put a smile on my face and this one did just that. Good read.

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