Marek (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #1) by S. Nelson

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BXTCHES Gotta Warn: There aren’t many warnings I need to offer here. But, how fucking fantastic is that cover. Now, I know it’s a stock image (because it’s also the cover of another book in my arsenal), but who really cares when the man candy looks like that. Now to the important stuff. I do need to tell you that there is abuse within the pages of Marek, so if that is something that may cause a trigger for you, well. . .you may want to keep that in mind before turning the first page. Marek is book #1 in the Knights Corruption MC Series and while this is going to sound super crazy, Marek kinda leaves us on a cliffhanger, but doesn’t. . .okay, I know that doesn’t make a lick of sense, so I will just get to that tidbit a little later. Let’s get on with Marek and Sully.

Marek will be told through the POV’s of both Marek and Sully. Let’s start with Sully.

Sully is the daughter of Psych, who is the President of the Savage Reapers MC, so in most MC books she would be hailed as the Princess, right? Not so fast, Psych certainly lives up to his name, so much so, Sully is doing good to just exist. At the young age of fourteen, her dad allows another club member, Vex, to take Sully as his own, and this is after years and years of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her father. Vex isn’t claiming her in an Alpha, “you’re my woman and I’m going to worship you” way, it’s more of a “you’re my woman, I will take what I want, when I want from you and if I find the need to beat the fuck out of you, I will”, so definitely not the usual love story, but no worries, Marek will soon enter and become a very unlikely hero for Sully.

The hate between the Knights Corruption MC and the Savage Reapers MC runs deep and runs red. Marek is the President of the Knights Corruption MC and while the latest raid from the DEA is reason enough for them to have hell rain down on the Savage Reapers, the attack on a brother is the incident that sends the club into full on retaliation mode. 

When the Knights enter the clubhouse of the Reapers, of course their plan is to take out as many members as their weapons will allow, but when they encounter Sully behind a locked door, terrified and crouched down in a corner, Marek knows that he has hit the jackpot. I mean, you wanna hit a MC right in the dick, then take one of their own and claim them as yours. What Marek wasn’t expecting is the response he has to the woman who belongs to the enemy.

While Sully belongs to a club who has and does horrible things to any and everyone, herself included, she has been told her entire life that the Knights make the Reapers look like angels. So when she is taken by Marek and crew, she truly believes that she may very well see the end of her life at the hands of the ones she is supposed to hate. . .so imagine her surprise when she’s not witnessing any sacrificial orgies, or any non-consensual sex (which is really the only kind she is used to), or any women being manhandled. . .but instead she witnesses a pretty laid back MC who likes to have a good time, who enjoys sticking their dicks in a ready and WILLING body and also a club who believes in solidarity. Imagine her further surprise when she finds herself falling for the enemy himself.

Now, there are several things that Sully knows at this point. She is starting to trust the Knights, so she really believes that they are beginning to see her as a part of them, she is also beginning to fall for Marek and feels that he really will protect her from any and all threats, but she also knows that if the Reapers get her back in their grasp, she is as good as dead. So for Marek, it’s making sure that Sully is protected at all costs and for Sully it’s about becoming acclimated to a new club, a new family, and a new life. . .all without letting her guard down too much.

Just a couple of helpful things to know at this point and trust that I’m not spoiling anything for you BXTCHES. While still in the hands of her own club, Sully’s father meets with a member of the cartel and in some sort of a twisted “thank you”, he offers Sully up to this devil incarnate and yes, it’s as bad as you’re imagining. Also, while Marek doesn’t need any additional reasons to make his face the last that the Reapers see, that desire is driven home with even more force when he not only sees the scars that mark Sully’s beautiful body but when she shares the stories of how they got there. Hang on to the cartel asshole, I’m gonna come back to that in a hot second.

Every time I sit down to write about the latest MC book that I have devoured, I always say the same thing. In the really good ones, the foundation for the entire cast starts to get poured right out of the gate and Marek is no different. In Marek, we really get a great introduction to what is going to be Stone and Addie. Addie gets thrown into the webs of the MC because her uncle is a member and also because she is their medical “go to”, unfortunately for Stone, Addie is a brother’s family member, which in turn makes her off-limits, so in Marek we start to witness the tension between the two of them and Addie becomes one of Sully’s only friends, so it’s pretty easy to start to fall for Addie here in book #1. We do get introductions to the entire MC, but I suspect the further we dive into this series, the more we will start to really get to know each member.

It’s hard to know how the sexual chemistry between Marek and Sully is going to play out, given Sully’s past circumstances, but the author here did a really good job of balancing that thin line between managing Sully’s triggers and her sexual need for Marek and Marek’s sexual need for her, including the hunger he has for being rough in between the sheets. Sexual tension is the theme for more than half of the book, and the sexual tension is thick and ripe between the two of them and all it really does is tease until we get to the real deal. There were a few times that Marek frustrated me when it came to the sexual activities of he and Sully, but I think it was important to the meat of the story to have this big bad biker get angry, but then realize the error of his ways. When their good parts finally do get a proper introduction, it does not disappoint and given the abuse that Sully has suffered through, it was refreshing to witness her own her sexuality, instead of having to witness it be forcefully taken from her.

Earlier I said that Marek ends on a cliffhanger, but doesn’t. Let me explain further, again, not really giving away any spoilers here. The Knights are in the process of separating themselves from the cartel, yes the same one with the monster who rapes Sully. Marek has no knowledge of this horrific act. . .so the non-existent cliffhanger is when that same cartel member shows up for a meeting at the Knights clubhouse. Of course, I have no idea how this is going to play out in Stone (book #2), but I can’t imagine it going unaddressed. 

Can’t wait to dive into Stone and see what he and Addie have to bring to this series. If their story up to this point is any indication, then we are all in for a real treat.Bxtches Be ReadingBook Review.4Favorite Quotes TagMarek (Knights Corruption MC Series, Book #1) by S. Nelson | Review on

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