Mid-Life Love: At Last by Whitney Gracia Williams

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Mid-Life Love: At Last by Whitney Gracia Williams

This is the follow-up to Mid-Life Love, which means that you MUST read that book prior to this one or you will not enjoy this book as much as it was intended. So, please do yourself a favor and read the first book, then come back and enjoy this one.

This book will actually begin with the epilogue of Mid-Life Love. The epilogue may be included in any new edition of the first book, but I purchased mine back in 2013 and it wasn’t in that edition. The epilogue takes place 8 months after the ending of Mid-Life Love.

This book will still be told through both, Jonathan and Claire’s POV. This book will focus more on the relationship between Jonathan and Claire, but the main focus is the planning of their wedding. No worries, I’m not spoiling anything, it’s written in the synopsis.

Claire is finally making her interior design dream come true and with the twins away at college, life is going really well for her and Jonathan. Jonathan is still working through the issues he has with his mother and all of the problems that she caused and because of these problems, she has worked herself out of an invite to the wedding.

Because Claire’s first wedding was really just a formality, there wasn’t any lavish plans, her nuptials to Jonathan will be nothing less than spectacular. In fact, a good part of the story line is the actual stress over planning this wedding. Jonathan, of course just wants to be married, but he also wants Claire to get the wedding of her dreams. And nothing will hold Claire back from achieving this. The one thorn in her side is no other than her ex husband, Ryan.

His sudden presence in San Fransisco has Claire bewildered and Jonathan with a sudden urge to make very clear that Claire no longer belongs to Ryan, but in fact is Jonathan’s in every way. There is a reason for Ryan’s sudden materialization in the Bay Area, but it is a doozy and I refuse to give it away. Know this though, he will cause some serious drama and the bitch in you, you know, the one you hold way down deep, is going to be saying “Karma’s is truly a bitch” after everything is revealed.

The twins make a return, not often, but when they do rear their heads, they are spot on hilarious. Jonathan’s sister now works for him and is starting up a little something with the best friend Casey, much to Jonathan’s dismay. I already mentioned the mother, and as much as you probably hated her in the first book, she is trying to redeem herself.

There weren’t too many things that I can say I disliked about this book, but there were a few. First, I thought that Claire was going a bit overboard on the wedding planning. I only say this because in the first book, she was adamant about people not thinking that she was after Jonathan’s money. Well, the wedding she is planning could rival that of the Royal family. Jonathan was also a little frustrating at times in this book. Not really anymore than the first book, it’s just a scene goes down with Claire and her ex-husband outside of a Starbucks, and I think that Jonathan overreacted and that overreaction causes some things to happen. I know, I being very vague, but you will know what I’m talking about when you get there. Even though I was frustrated with him, he is still the very sweet, protective, very loving man you fell for from the first book.

This book flowed very well. Again, I love the chemistry between these two characters. And really, you want just happiness for Claire after everything that she has been through. Regardless of who you are, you have to appreciate the May-December romance between Claire and Jonathan. And yes, I will be a hypocrite, because I don’t know if I would appreciate it as much if the roles were reversed.

I think that this series was very well written. It reads very easy and the author has created characters that you become very invested in. You love the ones you are supposed to love, you loathe the ones you are supposed to loathe, and while you know that these two are going to reach their happy ever after, it is written in such a way that has you on edge and wondering “what if”. So, I say, take the plunge and fall in love with Claire and Jonathan. You will not be disappointed.

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