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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man Series, Book #4)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn:Let me begin by saying that I first read this book in July 2013 and truth be told if I had purchased the actual book (not the e-version), then it would be worn out with as many times as I’ve read it. I’m not sure what in the world possessed me to skip right over the first 3 books in this series and dive right into Motorcycle Man, but I did just that and I am not one bit sorry that I did. I haven’t read the first 3 books and I honestly don’t think I will. Not because I don’t think that I would enjoy them, I mean, c’mon, this is Kristen Ashley after all, it’s just this book does it for me. In fact, Tack is probably one of my all time favorite “Alpha Males”, and why ruin a good thing. This is not suggesting that you shouldn’t read any of the others, go ahead, I’m sure you will fall in love. However, it is not a requirement to read any of the first 3 to enjoy Tack and Tyra. The others will make appearances in this book, but no worries, it will not throw you off for a second. So, if you have read this series in order, then congratulations, you have made it to the final book (and in my opinion the best), if this is the first book of this series that you are enjoying, then get ready, because the ride is phenomenal. 

There are so many positive descriptors I could use when talking about the writing of Kristen Ashley, but if you have read her, you already know how fabulous she is. But let me get some out of the way. In a lot of KA’s books (not all), her H/h are usually of the older variety. Now, I’m not talking about medicare age, but they are hitting mid-thirties, early forties. As a female in that age range, I appreciate this very much. It just makes it a little more relatable. Another think I love: I have several favorite authors that I adore when it comes to their ability to write that typical badass alpha male, but no one does it better (again, in my opinion) than KA. I could give you a list that proves my point, but that will have to be another post.  One more then I will get on with it. KA can write funny, without it being “sitcom like”. I’m not sure if that even makes sense, so let me try it like this. Her series, “Rock Chicks” is funny, it is written to be funny, in fact, you will be laughing out loud, that is how funny it is. This book has humor throughout without it being “funny”. It’s written in a way that makes scenes lighter. The humor of this book always falls when there needs to be a lighter moment and KA does it so good. Let’s go on with it.

This book will focus on the relationship between Kane “Tack” Allen and Tyra Masters. It is almost 100% told through the POV of Tyra. This book will captivate you from start to finish. I liked Tyra and I suspect that you will as well. My issues with her were pretty typical. Like a lot of women do, I felt that she needed validation that Tack was interested in her, which I know is pretty normal, but the ways she went about it were irritating to me, but my guess is, that part was/is necessary. As the story progresses, it is refreshing to see how much Tyra grows and becomes the woman she was destined to be. KA has a gift of developing her characters that pull you so far into the story that you actually begin to think you know them and it definitely makes it to where you want to take the journey with them. Like I said previously, she is VERY good at writing the strong, alpha male, and Tack does not disappoint. Sometimes when reading a book that features a strong male character, it’s sometimes easy to see the female influence that the author has on that character. Not here, there is nothing that indicated Tack is nothing but ALL MALE and ALL BADASS! That’s how good KA is at writing her male characters. The way Tack speaks, carries himself, his entire disposition will have him at the top of your “list” in no time. I did enjoy Tyra. Her idiosyncrasies aside, I think that Tyra is a very strong female. She stands up for herself when she believed that she was being wronged. She holds her own in the badass category she refused to be a doormat, but is also able to discover so much about herself in the process of growing her relationship with Tack.

Tack is the President of the Chaos MC. You should know that this book doesn’t present itself as a “typical” MC book. The club is there and while it is some of the focus of this book, don’t expect a Madeline Sheehan or Joanna Wylde style MC book. Don’t worry, there is drama, there is adventure, there are hot motorcycle men, and it has comedy, all of which balances this story out to perfection.

There is A LOT happening in this book, so I really just want to give you a quick rundown to just give you an idea of the greatness that is this story, if I haven’t already convinced you to purchase this book.

Tyra Masters has decided to forge a new path in her life and it starts with a new job and what she thought was meeting “THE ONE”. Since childhood, Tyra has had the idea of a “dream man” and never wavered from what she wanted in her perfect man and wasn’t going to just settle. Tyra meets Tack at the Chaos MC Clubhouse and has the best night of sex in her life. She is the new office manager for Ride Custom Cars and Bikes and couldn’t be happier. That is until her first day. “THE ONE” is no other than Tack Allen, Tyra’s new boss and President of the Chaos MC. Unfortunately for Tyra, Tack believes that you don’t get your pleasure from work. Since he already received lots of pleasure from Tyra, he doesn’t want her working for him. Words are flung, stands are made, and in the end, Tyra gets to keep her job as the new office manager, however, Tack is not her favorite person.

Eventually Tack sets his mind on making Tyra his, it just takes Tyra a little while to catch on to this. There is a lot of confusion, two teenaged kids and a bitch for an ex wife that comes into the picture. But, Tack will worm his way into her bed and eventually her heart.  

There are a lot of stories/relationships working in this one book, so no skimming pages. The supporting characters in this book seem to have their own story unfolding at the same time that Tyra and Tack’s relationship is attempting to be put in cement. Tyra BFF, Lanie, is in a hot mess with her fiancĂ© and the Russian Mob. Tack’s kiddos are dealing with a mom who is more concerned with money than being a mother to her children. Like I said, lots of stuff going on along with this book, not just the story of Tyra and Tack. It is not difficult to keep up with, but it is fun. Like I have said to the point of beating a dead horse, KA is super talented at writing drama mixed with humor. Not many people can write something as serious as getting kidnapped by the Russian mob and make the reader laugh, while worrying. 

Oh the sex. I really don’t know if even given the best porn as reference, I could come up with some of the scenes that KA does. The sex in this book is panty melting, sheets on fire, HOT!! It is going to give your imagination a work out and hopefully other things as well. I recommend you have someone laying next to you to use that imagination on. There are times in books that I have to skim through the sex. The book may be well written, but the author may be pretty clueless on how to set the loins on fire. Don’t worry Kristen Ashley does not have this problem, in any of her books. 

If you have read KA before, buying this book should be a no brainer. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet of enjoying a KA novel, no better time to start than now. 

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