Music of the Heart (Runaway Train Series, Book #1) by Katie Ashley

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Music of the Heart (Runaway Train Series, Book #1)

Music of the Heart is book #1 in the Runaway Train series and a wonderful start to a fabulous series. This book will focus on the relationship between Jake Slater and Abby Renard and will be told through both POV’s.

Jake Slater is the lead singer of Runaway Train and is everything that you would imagine the front man of a rock group to be, mainly, a womanizing man whore. Abby is a young nursing student, trying to decide on whether or not to continue her dream of nursing or to pursue her dream of music. She has an opportunity to join Jacob’s Ladder, her brothers’s band. So how does a sweet and angelic girl (who happens to also be a virgin) wind up the object of Jake Slater’s desire? Well, she accidentally winds up on Runaway Train’s tour bus.

The plan was for Abby to meet up with her brothers at a music festival. While searching for their bus, she runs into a roadie, who happens to be putting the moves on a groupie, when she asks for assistance in finding the bus for Jacob’s Ladder, the roadie thought she said Jake Slater and then proceeds to guide her to the bus of Runaway Train, where she then finds herself in the bed of one hot rocker.

This is really where the story picks up. Once Abby realizes that she is in fact on the wrong bus and is not in the middle of some practical joke, she freaks out a bit. Once she calms down and speaks with her brothers, Jake then throws down the challenge: he bets her that she couldn’t handle living on a bus with Runaway Train, even for a week. Well, Abby has never been one to back down from a bet, so she happily accepts.

She immediately hits it off with the other 3 members of the band, AJ, Rhys, and Brayden. However, it’s Jake that she feels herself drawn towards. Even though he is known for his womanizing ways, he too, feels a connection towards Abby. But this connection is somewhat foreign to Jake and he has no idea how to process what it is he’s feeling. So much so, that the first dinner Abby shares with the band, Jake claims that there is no way that he could “get it up” for a virgin (yes, she did let that little bit of info slip), to prove him wrong, Abby takes to the karaoke stage to perform “Like a Virgin” in a very seductive manner, just to prove Jake wrong. Needless to say, he very much could “get it up” for a virgin. Being frustrated, he excuses himself to the restroom, only to be accosted by his waitress, pushed into the storage room where she proceeds to take care of his erection problem that was brought on by Abby. As fate would have it, he runs into Abby as he and the waitress are coming out of the store room. This is Abby’s first glimpse of the rock and roll lifestyle that runs Jake’s life and the first time that she feels that any sparks that may have flown between her and Jake, are irrelevant, there is no way that she can see herself falling for someone who lives the lifestyle he does. All of that changes when he gets some pretty devastating news from home and finds himself needing a shoulder to cry on.

I thought that this story was well told and even though there were parts of Jake that were very assholeish, the author still managed to make the reader fall in love with him. I know that it’s hard to believe the pace at which these two fell for one another. The book expands past the initial week Abby is on the bus, but by the end of the week is when the connection between the two is solidified. But here’s what I think about the “love at first sight”, Katie Ashley manages to latch on the readers’ imagination and captivate you to where you don’t think about the timeline, you just focus on the passion that is on the page. That’s what made this such a great read.

There is some serious sexual tension pouring from this book. Abby may be a virgin when this book begins, but she most certainly isn’t by the last page. There’s not a whole lot of sex in this book, but the sex that is written, is very carnal. It definitely fits into the “rock star” intensity that readers are accostomed to.

This is the first book in the Runaway Train series, so you will of course meet the other members of the band, to set you up for subsequent books. Get ready, this is a wonderfully written series. I can usually predict my love for a book by how often I’m grabbing for my iPad to get back to the story and even though this is the 2nd time I have read this one and I found myself not only reading it every opportunity I could, I also found that I enjoyed it much more the 2nd time around. Book #2 will showcase A.J., which after this book, you should already find yourself falling for.

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