Music of the Soul (Runaway Train Series, Book #2.5) by Katie Ashley

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Music of the Soul (Runaway Train Series, Book #1.5)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: You must read the first two books in this series (Music of the Heart and Beat of the Heart) before reading this one.

This book is really more like a novella, compared to the other books in this series. This book will follow Jake and Abby from the day before their wedding to several years later. It will be told through both Abby and Jake’s POV’s.

This story kicks off the day before Jake and Abby indulge in wedded bliss. They are actually getting married in Mexico with only their closest family and friends, but are having a “pre-wedding” dinner on their farm for those who will not be attending in Mexico. The first several pages are actually quite somber, Jake needs to make a very difficult trip to see his mom and if you remember from book #1, you know how much her death affected him. The wedding is going to fly by here, it’s more of a glimpse, the main focus in this book, is what happens after the nuptials.

It’s no secret that Abby is pretty excited to start a family, especially after Mia brought Bella into the world and Abby was chosen as the Godmother. Jake on the other hand, wants to tour more and really just spend time as a “Jake and Abby” before adding kids to the mix. Truth is, because of Jake’s own father and how his dad’s relationship ended with his mom, Jake is pretty hesitant to start a family and really questions his overall ability to be a good dad. Of course, he hasn’t shared this with Abby. In fact, Jake and Abby have a pretty big fight on just the 2nd night of their honeymoon over having children.

I’ve said about all I can without giving too much of the storyline away. This is a pretty tense book. My feelings definitely went both ways here. I understood where Jake was coming from, especially with what happened during the “honeymoon fight” and the fears that were admitted then. But I really felt for Abby here. She really experienced jealousy when babies seemed to be happening to everyone around her. And then of course, guilt would overwhelm her because of the jealousy.

Overall, this was a very quick read (finished in just 1 day) and it really gave a fantastic glimpse into the first several years of Jake and Abby’s married life. Since this is a really fast read and the main focus is Jake and Abby, there isn’t a whole lot of visits from the other Runaway Train members. There are some, so don’t freak out, just not what you are accustomed to.

Keep going with this series, the next book, Strings of the Heart, will move the focus to Rhys and Allison (you know, Jake’s little sister), so that one should really be a page turner.

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