Never Too Far: A Rosemary Beach Novel (Rosemary Beach Series, Book #2) by Abbi Glines

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Never Too Far: A Rosemary Beach Novel (Rosemary Beach Series, Book #2)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: This is a continuation of book #1 (Fallen Too Far), not a stand alone. So please do yourself a favor and be sure to dive into that book BEFORE you take on this one. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

First things first, this book will be told through BOTH Rush and Blaire’s POV (YAY!!).

When book #1 ended, Rush had went to Alabama to try and smooth things over with Blaire and they ended up tangled in the sheets together, Blaire’s way of saying goodbye. Even though it killed Rush to leave her there in the hotel room alone, he followed her wishes and went back to Rosemary Beach.

This book is going to pick up with Blaire having to purchase a pregnancy test. I know you may think that I’m giving something away, but I promise it’s revealed very early on the book, so yes, she is pregnant with Rush’s baby. Currently, she is living with Granny Q, Cain’s grandmother. She knows that she can’t stay in Sumit, but she also knows that she can’t go back to Rosemary Beach. Cain does try and convince her to stay in Sumit with him and they can have the happily ever after that Cain has always wanted. Blaire however is ready to get out of that town and start a life of her own. Bethy does show up and tries to convince Blaire to come back to Rosemary Beach and live with her, but Blaire isn’t biting. Interestingly enough it is because of Cain that Blaire winds back up in Rosemary Beach.

Rush is torn to pieces over the loss of Blaire and is taking it out on everyone around him. He refuses to speak to his mother and is very seldom leaving his house. Once he finds out that Blaire is back in Rosemary Beach, he uses that as his opportunity. The only person in Rosemary Beach that knows about the pregnancy is Bethy, well at first anyway. Once Blaire gets her job back at the Country Club, it doesn’t take long for Woods to find out, but both have agreed to keep her secret, even though they don’t necessarily believe that it’s a good idea.

It doesn’t take long for Rush and Blaire to get back together and for Blaire to let Rush in on her secret, which he is thrilled about. Not only is he excited about the baby, but the pregnancy has Blaire ready to tear the clothes off of Rush every time she sees him, so not only does he have Blaire back, but he’s getting it on the regular (well, overtime really) so it’s a win-win for him.

This book is really just about Rush and Blaire coming back together and trying to figure out a way to balance out being together, mainly it’s the relationship of Rush and Blaire then the relationship of Rush and his family, which is a tough balance to maintain for him. Rush doesn’t really understand the dynamics of having a relationship and even though he may be madly in love with Blaire, it’s not going to come without issues, so suffice it to say, Blaire is a very understanding girlfriend, because there are some things that are going to occur in this book that as the reader you are going to think that maybe Blaire needs to give him a little taste of his own medicine, but being vindictive is not in her make-up, unfortunately.

You’re probably wondering about Nan. She’s back and bitchier than ever. She is going to make it very difficult for Rush by laying on the guilt of choosing Blaire over her. But there will be a couple of times in the book that he certainly chooses Nan. Even though she is the “token” bitch, I really love what her character brings to this series. When you can dislike someone the way she is disliked, then you know that character is written very well.

The supporting characters are back and continue to add to the depth of this series. We will get a little glimpse of Bethy and Jace’s relationship, which is fun to read. But Bethy really shines here as a true friend to Blaire. She says what needs to be said to Rush, which may not always be nice, but it is certainly necessary. In the beginning of the book, we get a little more of Cain, which I must say that I’m glad the author wrote him the way she did, which for me, was not very lovable. I believe he loves Blaire, I just think in his eyes, they were supposed to wind up together without him having to do a lot of work for it. And with Blaire being so forgiving, he always thought she would be there for him when he was ready. So, I’m glad he wasn’t written to conflict the reader over who Blaire should be with, Rush or Cain.

The sex here is hot, but it is pregnancy hormone sex. That being said, it’s written very well, it was kind of nice to see Blaire become somewhat of a sex fiend, it made the scenes much more thrilling, in a sexual way of course. All in all, I enjoyed the sexual scenes in the first book better (even though there is not as many), I wasn’t disappointed with them here.

I’m not sure how you’re going to feel about Rush in this book. He is most definitely more vulnerable here, which adds an interesting facet to his personality, it does make him much more lovable for the reader but, there are also moments where I feel that he takes advantage of Blaire’s kindness. Especially since she goes back to him, with the knowledge that his mom and sister hate her. Not only does she recognize it, but she also knows that she can’t expect him to eliminate his relationship with them, because her of all people know how important family is. I love Rush, but there are going to be moments where you wonder if Blaire should just cut her losses and do everything on her own.

This book is not as good as the first book, but I don’t really think it’s supposed to be. It’s more of a bridge that will link the story together. So while it may not be as great as the first book, it’s still a really good read and a necessary one.

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