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November 9: A Novel by Colleen Hoover

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: I have to admit several things here. #1: November 9 wasn’t originally on my TBR list. I know, “How could I?”. But here’s why. After I read the blurb, I thought it sounded interesting, I just didn’t know if it appealed to me the way I needed it to. Then, after reviews began to filter in, and with the way readers were describing the book, I thought it was going to be too emotional for me, the kind of emotion that I just knew was going to gut me. And, reading reviews is sometimes a double edge deal because they’re so vague you begin to assume you know what the reader is trying to say, which could be dangerous. #2: I actually LOVE Colleen Hoover (although, you wouldn’t know it by my reviews). I just  haven’t gotten around to re-reading any of her stuff yet (on my to do list, I promise). I’m expressing my affection for this woman, because I should’ve known better. I should never doubt greatness and realize that you can’t go wrong with a sure thing. #3: This isn’t going to be a detailed review (for me anyway), because this book is so fantastic the only justice I can give it, is by telling you to read it and only then will you understand why a lot of the reviews for November 9 are emotional but vague. Enough truth, let’s get started.

November 9 will be told through the POV’s of Fallon and Ben.

First let’s just start with the date or the things I can tell you regarding the date. The book starts on, you guessed it, November 9 and we originally meet Fallon and Ben when they are both 18 years old. Two years prior, when Fallon was just 16 years old, she was caught in a house fire that left her with burn scars all down the left side of her body. Besides the obvious physical changes she went through, she also lost her position as the lead actress on a popular T.V. show, which brought about the end of her career. Up until the fire, her father (an actor as well) was her biggest cheerleader when it came to her career, after the fire, their relationship is strained at best. It’s during a lunch date with her father that Fallon meets Ben.

Ben happens to be sitting in the booth behind Fallon and her father when he hears her father giving Fallon career advice. You see, Fallon has made the decision to move from L.A. to New York in order to pursue her dreams by trying her hand on Broadway. The problem is her dad is almost too honest by telling his daughter that since the fire, she really isn’t pretty enough to act anymore and she should probably have a back-up plan. Ben, no longer being able to stand hearing this, slides himself into the seat next to Fallon, pretending to be her boyfriend. She catches on and goes with it. They spend the one night she has left in L.A. together.

You need to understand that Ben is an aspiring writer and Fallon believes that one shouldn’t fall in love between the ages of 18-23. Her mother has drilled into her that those five years are pivotal in finding ones self and falling in love would hinder that. So, instead of exchanging phone numbers/emails/social media information, they decide that instead they would meet every year on November 9, that is, until they turn 23. And during those meetings it it agreed that Ben and Fallon would get to know one another and Ben would use that to write a book.

So, that’s it. November 9 only takes place on November 9. I know that sounds kinda crazy, but it works. It will span years of Ben and Fallon meeting up on that one day of the year and each year it gets harder and harder for them to play by the rules and for me, that is the beauty of this book. CoHo managed to merge beauty and pain so wonderfully together, that one page you find yourself with a goofy grin on your face, just to turn the page and be on the verge of tears. Even around the “Fourth November”, I knew what was coming, I could just feel it and even though I knew it was coming, I still found myself with my eyes closed, head back and hand at my heart because that’s how much I felt it. 

The supporting cast is existent and very well written, but it really isn’t about them. Their presence is certainly important. Fallon’s relationship with her father OR Ben’s relationship with his brothers, while they all add an important element and necessity to November 9, it’s not that story you will be craving.

Of course November 9 has sex. I cannot believe I’m about to declare this and it could be the first and only time I say this. CoHo could’ve left all of the sex out of this book and I would not have been the least bit disappointed. Now, I’m glad she didn’t. The scenes between the sheets with Fallon and Ben are certainly love making, not fucking, but that is how it needed to be. I don’t think I would’ve bought into it if she had Ben throwing Fallon up against the wall, ripping off panties and taking it to town. He worshipped her and that in itself was so beautiful.

It’s very few and far between that I will take to the keyboard right after finishing up a book. In fact, a lot of times I go back to re-read just because I procrastinated and waited too long to write about a book after finishing one up. I finished November 9 in one day, I didn’t do the laundry or wash the dishes, I read November 9 and I don’t regret one page of it. This is a story that will not only stick with you, but will have you telling anyone who will listen to you to read. I’m not sure how someone does it, I can’t conjure up the idea of even having the imagination to write the way CoHo does. She has an ability to string together words and create a story that you are forced to become so engrossed in that nothing else at that time matters but getting to the next chapter and then the one after that until you realize there are no more pages to turn.

The love story that lies within the pages of November 9 is expected, it’s the spectrum of emotions and the way that the love unfolds that took me by surprise, even though I was anticipating an emotional read, makes no sense, right? Envy, that’s the one feeling I wasn’t expecting and it wasn’t envy in a sinful way, it was pure.

So, get ready to shush a lot of people during the falling of love with Fallon and Ben. I wish I had more clever ways to convince you to take on this read, but I don’t, so I will leave you with this. Read it, just do it, Amazon one click it, get to Barnes and Noble, whatever it takes to get this story into your hands. Trust.

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