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Okay (Something More Series, Book #2)

BXTCHES Gotta Warn: It should go without saying that it is of the utmost importance that you first read Normal before jumping onto the intense ride that is Okay, but just in case you’re not sure, now you are. Read Normal first.

I already knew going into this book that I was going to have to somewhat psyche myself up, emotionally that is. This book was everything I hoped, desired, somewhat feared, and wanted it to be. Okay will pick right up where Normal left off and will be told through the POV’s of Sam and Rory.

We all know how the first book ended, with Rory leaving Sam in Miami, rewinding their relationship back to “friend” status. Even though Sam doesn’t want to go back to being friends, he reluctantly agrees, knowing he will do whatever it takes to keep Rory in his life. Trying to somewhat get her life back to a familiar semblance, Rory continues to go through the motions. Still hanging out with her friends, going to lunch, tutoring with Sam, all the while knowing that she wants more with Sam, but feels that it is safer to keep him at a friends length.

Leaving Miami in the middle of the night, without so much as a goodbye to Sam, was a very difficult decision for Rory. But from her perspective and thought process, she feels that Sam had already put himself in danger because of Rory and they hadn’t even been a “them” for more than 48 hours. So she did what she needed to, to protect Sam and Sam’s future. Of course, this theory never occurs to Sam and he sees it as her not feeling the love for him the way she declared.

On top of everything that Rory is going through, Sam has decided to forgive Chelsea and actually gets a little frustrated with Rory when she is a bitch towards Chelsea. Rory being female and having that radar that all females have towards other females, knows that Chelsea is no where near over her feelings towards Sam, and while Rory knows that Chelsea is most likely up to something, she decides to go with the flow where Chelsea is concerned. And trust me when I say that the storyline that is Sam/Rory/Chelsea was a little shocking, I didn’t even see it coming until the last minute.

I’m not going to give too much away, because this book is just too beautiful to ruin with spoilers. However, I can tell you that we haven’t seen the last of Robin, he will have to answer for his actions in Miami. We will also see old relationships healed (I can’t digress further) and new friendships blossom. The main focus of this book is really the relationship between Rory and Sam. We will see lots unfold, some that will bring a smile to your face and others that might make a tear fall, but I think that the most important thing that can be derived from this book is this: True love knows no age. True love is worth fighting for, regardless of where it may leave you in the end. True love will withstand anything and come out stronger on the other side. True love truly knows its counterpart, its other half and it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 88, when you find it, you should most definitely hold on with everything you have.

I’m so glad I happen to run across Danielle Pearl. She brings a gift to the written word. I’ve said this before about another author and I don’t really throw out this compliment often, but putting words on a page and having them engross the reader in a manner where saying “just one more chapter” isn’t even realistic, and as the reader, being able to read a story and try to capture it in your imagination and knowing that no movie will ever compare to what this story has given you, is a true talent and gift and one that this author should be so proud of. But more importantly, this reader would like to give a huge thank you to Danielle Pearl, because I read a lot and true enough a lot of stories stay with me. But this one, this one touched me in a way that is very difficult to do. I read books or choose certain books because they appeal to me in whatever fashion I desire at the time. Very rarely am I looking to learn something. This book can and will teach many lessons. So THANK YOU, Danielle Pearl. I cannot wait to read more from that wonderful mind of yours, it is truly a gift.

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